Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Vintage Farm Table for Sewing...

Now that Christmas is over and done with, I have a big bunch of stuff to catch up on:  the main one is sorting to do in my sewing room.  It's sorting like thread, fabric, doodads and whatsists, stuff that is super-dee-dooper annoying to think about sorting.


Yesterday, I got some inspiration started for that when I accidentally bumped into this table at my favorite antique mall.  It's a little porcelain-topped farmhouse table, painted in brilliant red, glossy paint.  It came with two solid oak chairs, also red.  What a set!  And under $75!

It's a sweet lil' thang...

All red and white and cheery.

Even the man that helped me load it into the truck asked me if I planned on leaving it red and white.

I told him yes.

He said "Well that's good, because it's so cheery."

A man.

Said that.



I was amazed.

And then, of course, I recovered from the pure shock of his observation to me and agreed with him --"It IS cheery!"  I said, and then, like a good girl, I helped him load it, said thank you, waved and was off to home.

I lugged it in the house and up the steps after I took out the old table and unloaded the stuff that lived underneath it.  (Like I said, I must SORT.)  

The old table is a 6' white plastic banquet table I made a skirt for from Sam's Club.  It worked for a long time, but it took up way too much room in my small area.  I'd been on the lookout for a little farm table like this.  

After I moved the old table out, I vacuumed up three complete generations of Asian beetles that lived (and died) under my sewing table.   

(Oh, have I mentioned that I would like to personally wring the neck of the brilliant governmental official who thought it would be beneficial to import these ANNOYING, USELESS bugs into our environment to drive every housewife in the state INSANE!??)

This little set has to remain red.  Besides being cheerful, it matches the curtains!

MOTIVATION, that's what this little set is.  Now I am obligated to sort and organize because my old table was WAY bigger and hid way more under its skirts.  

My sins are all out in the open now, with this little number.  I don't think it will wear big old long skirts well like my big table did.  She's a petite little thing, and her legs should be shown off.



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Please tell me that you hate Asian beetles, too, Michiganders?!  


Laura said...

Holy Cow! Hate, hate, hate Asian beetles! Even more than earwigs!
One thing I love is your little sewing table and those curtains. I LOVE those curtains!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oooooh, hate them!
But, love this sweet post. You made me smile and giggle. Always good in the a.m. :)
xo, misha

Unknown said...

I hate those nasty beetles too!

I'm coveting your red table, I also have a 6' plastic table but I'd love to have a cheery one like yours.

Linda said...

The table is beautiful...I am trying to sort through my much needed sewing and craft stuff also. I have so many things I need to get done, sometimes I feel like a puppy chasing her tail in circles. Love your blog!

Kerin said...

What a great find!
I love the table and the curtains are pretty adorable too :)
Happy Wednesday

Farmchick said...

I L.O.V.E. your cute red table...I have been looking for one just like it!!! LOVE IT!! Looks great with the curtains too. Come say hi. :)

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

What a pretty table! I love it! I also loathe the asian beetles! We have them here in Norhtern Indiana, too. Blech!

Elenka said...

What a find!!!! It is just wonderful.
I don't know what those beetles are? I guess we don't have them in Maine that I know about.

Elenka said...

OOOHHHH....I just look them up. Lady bugs!
Oh yeah, we have 'em.

Lori said...

Illinoisians hate those darn beetles too! and what a great find in that table! Lovin' the red!

Lori said...

Illinoisians hate those darn beetles too! and what a great find in that table! Lovin' the red!

Teresa said...

Oh, you scored big time on that table, girl. It is just gorgeous and a perfect match with the curtains. I would have snapped it up myself, for that price!
Oh, and ladybugs? They're my number one favorite bug ever. They take care of the aphids in my greenhouse, and they're cute.
Sorry. Am I allowed back? =)

Keggy said...

I love that table! I currently have my sewing machine setting on my dining room table along with the Walmart placemats and rice to make your theraputic rice bags. Hope to get to that today.
I must look for a small table for our office/bedroom/sewing/craft room. Which by the way is home to many, many dead Asian beetles. Hope that you can view this. I usually comment on FB. Love,Love this blog.

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

I haven't been on blogger for awhile but stopping by to say "Hi". Love the cheery table and curtains but don't like them beetles!!! Luckily we don't get too many of them in our house. I bought a new "old" table this past Fall for my sewing machine and hoping it motivates me some???

Take care,

Tanya said...

How adorable is that table and chair!!!!! What a fun room! Is it an extra bedroom...I would love to have an extra room to set up sewing shop in! Enjoy!!