Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sally Goes to a Wedding

My sweet niece got married this weekend. That's where I've been, my daughter came home for her cousin's wedding all the way from Alabama (LOVED havin' her home!) and we loaded Sally up on a car-hauler and headed north to a little paradise carved out in the middle of the north woods for a beautiful wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, indeed, and a beautiful bride, handsome groom, and lots of work by family and loved ones to make this day special.

One of my contributions was Sally for the retro theme of the wedding and I must mention that Jamie took all these (and more! She shot 500 altogether!) photos and my younger sister Pam did all the gorgeous flowers....we kissed Jamie good-bye and said our tearful farewells this morning and life will get back to normal now (boo hoo!), but I thought you might like to see the wedding photos. I don't think Sally has ever looked so good as she did on Saturday, but she wasn't the only one! My niece, the bride, her sister who was the maid of honor, and my sister Mary looked so beautiful, too and I was so proud of Mary for working so hard to make this wedding so special and make Autumn's dreams come true...great job, Mary and Ken!

Clint & Autumn....on their special day.

Looking forward to marriage...

The just married sign here was made to look retro and it was so adorable!
(Click any photo to enlarge!)

The wedding party...

A beautiful day and a beautiful place for a wedding....a little paradise in the pines! My handsome nephew Casey, (the bride's brother) and his wife, Ashley are the second couple in from the right hand side.

The groom is on the far right and his groomsmen...

My other niece, Autumn's sister Katie, is on the left, third in...I swear she looked like she was 12 going on twenty that day...she's too cute!

Some retro sunglasses in raspberry....

Best of luck to you in your marriage, Autumn and Clint!

Sweet sisters...Katie was Autumn's maid of honor!

The parents of the bride. I have to say this: my sister looked so wonderful that day and she worked SO HARD and made everything so beautiful!

My mom looked really pretty that day...

Little McKenzie, the most beautiful little flower girl EVER.

She's the perfect little poser...smiling for the camera and for her daddy!

The tent, all ready for the reception...all of the tissue paper flowers hanging were made by the bride and her helpers!

The Sweetheart Sweet Shoppe Candy Bar: my sister created this and each guest filled a small box to take home for a wedding favor!

All floral arrangments were in thrifted milk-glass vases, my sister Pam did all the gorgeous arrangements, she's very talented.

Mini sweetheart roses and hydrangeas were the flowers chosen.

The bride made all those in her wedding party these matching necklaces with a bracelet!

Saying their vows...starting a NEW LIFE and a NEW FAMILY: God bless them!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Bug's Journal

Well, I've been here around two weeks, and I've grown so much, learned to discipline the BEASTS who lived here before me, and I've tamed one to the point where he's totally under my spell. See here, how mommy captured his shame: I've actually taken over his NEST...anytime I want to, I just hop up in there and take a nap, too. It's so soft and he has too many blankets for one little weenie dog, so what's the big deal? Meow.

(I secretly think he enjoys having someone his size around for a change, but little does he know, I
WILL BE BIGGER than he is, and soon. MEOW!)

So, while I inhabit the house, I have total dominion over the dogs, but haven't quite brought myself to snuggle up with the BIG DOG just yet. (To small animals, small challenges, but when I get bigger....WATCH OUT, then I'm checkin' out the big dude's bed.)

This is June Bug, until next time, I'm signing off...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sally Hits the Road

It's eighty degrees, the sun is shining, and there's a light breeze. It's time to get her out of the barn and take a ride. Let's start her up....where would you like to go?

Hop in...top down or up? Which would you prefer?

Don't burn your fanny on those black vinyl seats...they get purty hot when the top's down..and, I should warn you....no air conditioning!
Your ride today was made by Ford, old Henry's bunch...they've got a big old place down in Dearborn, see the nameplate there?

Your seatbelts are down low and behind your seat...no shoulder straps in this ride!

Crank your window down, there's no power controls in this baby for that!

(Remember when speedometers were actually ROUND? And there were numbers, not a digital readout, and switches were actually a switch, and not a button with a little light behind it? At night you had to remember where each switch was located because they weren't all lit up!)

And what would you like to listen to on that old radio? How about OLDIES?!
Oh yeah! I think my favorite old song by the Eagles is on right now...
"Take it Easy"...let's sing along!

We may have to stop to top off the tank...

Let's go...we got yard sales callin' our name, and after that...

We'll pull in and order under the awning a burger or a coney dog at the A & W and top it off with a ROOT BEER FLOAT in a frosted mug, how's that sound??


If I really could do this with you, we'd have SO MUCH FUN!