Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Refreshing Summer STRAWBERRY Salad!


And Mine....
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It's a hot and steamy day. You've worked outside and you're ready for supper. But you don't want anything too heavy. You have fresh strawberries. You have chicken you can grill (or even better, leftover grilled chicken!). You are ready for a REFRESHING SALAD that is Chicken-Strawberry Salad!
(Now, ladies, even my husband, picky eater that he is liked this one!) It's sweet, fruity and meaty! What more could a person want. And it's strangely refreshing and not complicated but looks beautiful when you're done. Usually I get out the glass plates and fuss a little more but tonight we had too much going on for me to take a lot of time, and it all went together quickly!

Summertime Chicken-Strawberry Salad

You will need:
Romaine lettuce, torn
OR even better...
Combination of romaine and fresh spinach
Grilled chicken, chunked or sliced, your preference
Mandarin oranges, chilled then drained
Strawberries, sliced
Coconut to sprinkle on top of it all
Red onions, sliced, optional!
Honey Mustard salad dressing
Dried cherries or cranberries (the chewiness is so good in this salad!)
Pecans or walnuts, chopped

Use as much, or as little of your ingredients...experiment and add your own's fun!

Serve it up with some crackers and it's the perfect hot summer night supper! It looks so elegant, it would be great to serve to company! YUM...nothing like summertime and fresh strawberries and simple suppers!

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