Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool & Colorful Summer!!

What is it? Hmm....

Well, it shore is purty...

Do ya know yet?

I'll give you a hint: it's COLD!
(In fact, it's freezin'!)

Baby, it's HOT outside!
Yup, it's ICY POP time!
Keepin' cool is so TASTY...
I try to keep
icy pops
ice cream sandwiches
ice cream bars
in the freezer
as well as regular ice cream:
(superman and vanilla)
this time of year.

What are YOUR favorite

(I hear it's hotter than the hubs of hell down south lately...!)


Ali said...

I LOOOVE me some ice pops and ice cream sandwiches! I am having an ice cream cone right now actually, what perfect timing! When I was younger, maybe 10-12, I wanted a mini fridge in my bedroom so I could have ice pops whenever I wanted one (and I still think that would be awesome!) I do keep some in our barn fridge though ;-)

Deanna said...

I love ice chilled water, cold lemonade, ice cream. And these freezer pops are great as well.

So nice to have air conditioners that work.
Blessings from hot 'ole Kansas,

Chanda said...

I knew those where Ice pips when I saw them. WE are huge fans of them and we can' seem to eat only a couple at a time. It's more like 10 or twelve. I simply can't stop once I start in on them.

Unknown said...

I knew what they were right away! We call them Chilly Willys and the grandkids know Pa always has them in the freezer!

And you're right--it's HOT down here in Tenn!

Anonymous said...

Grandkids will be here next week so thanks for the reminder to stock up these treats.

As for my favorite...I love ice cold watermelon but I've not had a really good one in a long, long time....

Anonymous said...

Oh my, it is really hot in Arkansas. I pray my AC doesn't got out or we lose power.


Donna said...

104 here today...and DRY! We really need rain!
Those pops look Wonderful!!hughugs

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Those have been our favorite summertime treats for a long time. Unfortunately our kids react badly to the food coloring used. So this year we have to find an alternative :( Bummer. Love the photos you took, who knew a row of freezy pops could look so pretty.

morninglorycottage said...

Well of course ice cream. Wonder what they did before ice cream? Swimming, swimming, swimming and oh did I mention swimming. With triple digit days very common where we live swimming is a great past time.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I used to make juice popsicles with those ol tupperware thingies. The kids loved them. (: