Friday, April 16, 2010

Repurposing Castoff Baby Quilts

It's that wonderful season of the year for us Midwesterners; who must abandon almost all things outdoors for what seems like six months! It's the time of year when we get the chairs out of the barn or the shed, and we pull things back onto the porch to make it comfy.

For a season or two, we can watch the world go by occasionally, listen to the birds singing, enjoy the sound of rustling leaves, watch a squirrel scamper up the tree, smell the newly-mown grass, wave to the passersby (that doesn't happen too often out here!).

Another thrill for us Midwesterners is a chance to garage sale! It makes me want to shout....I know, I'm weird.

(Something I've always wondered, do milder-weather states garage sale all year?)

While you're out making your rounds, don't overlook the baby clothes tables. That's where I happened to spy these two baby quilts...different sales, different years, but their colors each managed to catch my eye. I snatched them right up, and couldn't believe that someone would part with them.

One reason colorful, scrappy quilts appeal to me is because I know the work that went into them, and you just can't have too many quilts around, can you? They're our preferred blanket, handy in so many ways!

(Oh, and the scrappy lil' rag rug above came from a garage sale, too! Only $3! The reason it was sold so cheap is that it was d.i.r.t.y. But, I came home and threw it into the front-loader with Oxy Clean and some detergent and it came out looking bright and beautiful. I'm sure it would have choked a top-loader, and that's why it got sold dirty.)

The other thing is that my porch gets morning sun and sits under a shade tree, and even if the sun fades the squares a bit, who cares? That makes the quilt even sweeter, in my book.

They quilts are easily dried if the rain gets to them, too. Even though we live in a "windy prairie" sort of area, to date, I've never had one blow away; I leave them out from spring until it's time to decorate for fall.

These little "lap size" baby quilts (one priced at $3, one at $1!) make it possible to sit out here and enjoy a visit with my husband after sunset to talk over our day, or snuggle under for a book and a cup of coffee on the chillier days that are a guaranteed part of our spring, summer, and fall seasons.

In a pinch, these can be grabbed for a quick picnic under the maple tree, or spread on the table on the porch for an outdoor lunch with a friend.

The scrappier, the better. This little nine-patch has stolen my heart and fits right in on the old porch here at the farmhouse. It makes my porch a warmer, happier place, just by sitting there, waiting for me, on the back of the wicker rocker.

While you're here, I should tell you that PVC wicker is wonderful stuff: I love it. Easy to maintain, easy to clean, and lasts forever. My husband special-ordered these through the hardware store where he works, which is a Do-it Best store.

Although we got these several years back, your local Do-it Best store should be able do the same for you!

OH, and isn't fresh, new spring grass the most wonderful creation? It smells great, is a balm to the soul after the gray dullness of winter. It's beautiful green velvet laid out for your feet to enjoy and your eyes to caress. I'm enjoying it before the onset of dandelions ruin it for me! ; -)

Enjoy rockin' on the's good for what ails ya!


Unknown said...

That little quilt is darling! I can't believe they sold it for $3! Looks perfect on your white rocker. I haven't been to a garage sale yet this spring, hopefully I'll get to soon.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your porch looks lovely and the quilts cozy and homey. Like you, I enjoy sales and the good buys.

Jackie said...

The quilts are adorable! Love your porch!!

Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

oh, yeah, we garage sale all year here near Houston, TX. Love it!

Angela said...

One of my posts this week shows a quilt I too bought at a yard sale Childs' quilt, for 25 for being weird for garage sales..Oh girl...the treasures we find!!! The deals! The joy of the hunt! I'm SO praying that tomorrow won't rain because I NEED to go garage saling TERRIBLY!! Now is that weird? lol

Donna said...

You got some great little treasures there! We have a pretty tough winter season here, so garage sales just go on for 3 seasons.

★Carol★ said...

I think you just opened up a whole new world for me! That sounds very dramatic, but now I'm so excited to check out the baby section of garage sales! Those quilts are so pretty. Who needs a big quilt, when a teeny weeny one will do just fine!

Anonymous said...

Quilts, say welcome -- don't they -- also with the flag near by! Love to sit and chat and watch the day slip on by..

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Wow, today I went thrifting! And I always check out the baby stuff. I use baby blankies and quilts on my porch rockers, keep a couple in the living room for chilly laps, and to put in pet beds! I have 3 adorable wicker pet beds and baby quilts are perfect for them. Collect a bunch and you can constantly change them!

Have a wonderful weekend, Joni!
xo, misha

Unknown said...

yep, I just love garage sales too, my favorite thing to find is an antique that is a garage sale price! Then I won't feel bad using it, that's what I really want to do anyway. Haven't been to my first of the season one yet, but saw one today, I'm itching too now!

Beck said...

I love your little quilts, aren't they sweet? Your house is super gorgeous too, I'd be sitting out on your porch too if mine looked like that. It's funny hearing about your spring when we are heading into autumn here in Australia. Bye for now xo

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I love the catalogs from the Do It Best store where I work. I have picked out way too much in my head than I can afford. But there are alot of great choices.

I love the little quilts you found. So fun! Have a good weekend!

FHCS said...

Your porch looks so colorful and inviting. I love the quilts too, what great deals you got on them. I love a garage sale myself, they thrill me too, (I'm easily pleased). What a great post with your great pictures. Thanks for sharing.