Monday, April 19, 2010

A Disturbing News Story: On My Heart

Usually, I make it a point to keep this a cheerful, lighthearted place. Other than an occasional political post I try to make it a fun and happy place to be.

Not today. My heart has been heavy for days now; heavy and fightin' mad, if that's possible!

Last week in Michigan, a very disturbing crime took place. A little boy who lived with his mother and her drug-addicted boyfriend was beaten and tortured over a period of days, and he finally died as a result of the severe abuse and even torture suffered at the hands of this animal; which all started when the little guy wet his pants on the couch.

I unquestionably find the actions of this pig reprehensible, and hope that in prison, he learns the same feeling of helplessness, defenselessness and desperate humiliation that he put into the heart of the precious little blue-eyed boy.

I am sorry that this state does not have the death penalty. I am sorry that our hard-earned money will go to the defense of this animal and that time and energy will be wasted to try to defend his actions in a court of law. But, that's the law and he has a right to a speedy trial.

I have the proper amount of revulsion that a grown human being could actually do this to another person: and a little person at that.

BUT. What's even more sickening, it literally DOES make me SICK to my stomach is this: his mother did not come to the aid of her helpless, defenseless little son. What's worse is, all the while it went on and on, she not only knew what was happening: she got ready and went about her daily business as if this torture and abuse was NOT happening.

She went to a medical appointment with her parents, who picked her up and dropped her off at the VERY HOUSE where this was taking place and didn't alert them or anyone else while she was gone! She was willing to turn her head and act as if it wasn't happening.

She makes me more sick than the man who actually did the torturing and beating and eventual killing of this little boy. She deserves twice the penalty of the man whom she called her boyfriend because and only because...

SHE was the only line of defense this little one had.

The only one who could step up and make a difference, and she let him down.

You see, God gives children a mother and a father for a reason. That way, the child has a CHANCE that at least one of them will love and protect and make sure that the child has an opportunity to grow up safely.

And for most of us moms, we will love and protect, and someone would have to KILL US FIRST before they could get to our babies-- like this man did to her child. Someone would have to kill me before I'd allow any of the unspeakable things that happened to this baby. She has not yet been arrested! How can this be?!

I have a theory on child abuse and that is this: God doesn't allow child abuse, PEOPLE DO. I know that might seem harsh, but people have a free will. They can choose good, or evil. And too many choose evil. This mother was WORSE than the perpetrator, she was the basest kind of evil: she had a cold and unfeeling heart, unwilling to see, unwilling to respond, to take action.

I can imagine what this little boy was thinking as his eyes were poked repeatedly and his mother pretended it was not happening. I can only imagine him calling for her and she turning her face away from the wreck that his body had become.

He was repeatedly hit about the head, kicked in the groin, burned in the genitals, and poked in the eyes repeatedly for days.

I can't imagine what Dominick's older sibling felt and heard and saw while all this played out. Sometimes the damage is lasting and severe to those who merely observe this sort of trauma. He may suffer for life because of it.

Dominick was removed from life support after being declared brain-dead.
The only reason he was found and received any medical attention at all was because his mother's sister came to the house to buy her drugs!!

I think that once God sees that the abused little child has NO ONE willing to do the right thing to protect him or her, or that the child is not strong enough to survive in spite of all the abuse that he must suffer, it is then God decides he must bring this child back to heaven to live with Him, so He can look out for the little one. That is the only comfort one can take from a pathetic story like this one.

My heart breaks for little Dominick Calhoun and it seethes with righteous anger at the mother for allowing it to happen and looking away, pretending that it was all okay with her, in effect, giving the man permission to continue to do what he was doing; being an accomplice to his crime.

May she burn in hell alongside her boyfriend.
I do not want to hear one word of sympathy or the usual story about her being a victim which the media began to repeat the day the story broke.

That's when I got MAD.

She was not a victim: she allowed her son to become one: literally.


Old Road Primitives said...

This same thing happened in Boise last summer! Only the little boy was beaten and dumped in a local canal! The mother and her boyfriend are in jail waiting for their trial! So SAD!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Joni, this breaks my heart, too.
We had a similiar story happen here a couple months ago.
Both the parents are out on bond!
And get this-they asked for visitation rights with their 2 other children, who are now in foster care!!
I think our judicial system sucks.

And to think...I can't have children, but these monsters could!
I just don't get it.


adsgram said...

I can't even make a decent comment...they both should be tortured by someone that much bigger and stronger than they and THEN left to rot in jail...if they can't be 'treated' to the death penalty!

So horrible...


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Makes me sick...
Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord...
you can take that to the bank.
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Artful Gathering said...

Oh my how sad... what is happening to our civilization when parents do such awful things to their children... I just don't all... I am a foster parent and have been for years and you would not believe the things I've heard and learned about parents, the system, etc. It is just awful. Makes one sick to their stomach. All we can do is try to help those who are survive the abuse...

morninglorycottage said...

Oh that just breaks my heart. Really they should have the same torture done to them that they inflicted on that poor, helpless little boy. That mother ought to be punished also. She allowed it to happen but she'll play the victim card and get away with it. Oh that just gets my goat. I don't think hell is a bad enough punishment for them at all.

Fran. said...

Joni, I live in the Flint area and this story has just been so heartbreaking! I agree with everything you say! Being a Mother is a gift from God!! He was precious. I have no words just prayers for the families that this is happening to all the time and we don't know about it! May God somehow bring it to our attentions!! Fran.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Joni I heard this story!
It broke my heart! I actually got sick to my stomache and hubby turned the tv off!
{I can't watch the news any more}
I told hubby I wish if people decide they don't want their children they'd drop them off at my door!

There is not excuse for the abuse and torture children go thru in the hands of their own parents!
God gave us children to nurture and love, they are a gift......

I hate to hear stories like this!
There are so many people out there that would love these children!
Oh gosh I could go on and on!

I hope and pray justice is served in this poor lil angels name! Rest in peace you sweet angel baby!
God bless you!

Hugz, Dolly

Cousin B said...

I'm just so sick reading this...Our system does fail us. My husband was with the Sheriff Dept. for 30 years. He removed several chidren from homes only to see them put back into drug infested or violent environments. They were just as frustrated. It happens all too often. As a grandmother of 4, I agree he AND the mom should be tortured slowly then put to death. Why we waste our money supporting, defending and "rehabing" them is beyond me. Sad thing is, she will only have other bums around her other child in the future.

Anonymous said...

Awful sick people out there in this beautiful world aren't there.. I agree -- your words nailed it!

Laura said...

I heard this on the news also and just felt sick...
Unfortunately, we have heard this kind of story way to many times in recent years.
Did you happen to hear the story of Prhaze Galvan in Port Huron? I look at the picture of her little face and just feel so awful. The two people that should have been caring for her and loving her were monsters. Her mother is in jail and she was given back to her unfit father and stepmother only to be beaten and tortured. Over and over.
I agree with you 100%

Unknown said...

Children are a gift from God, and today that little boy is with Him in heaven. I find comfort in that.

Kathie Truitt said...

Not only did God see fit to bring that baby home but I believe 100% that our Father also wiped his little memory clean. All that precious one will know from here on out is how very, very loved he is cherished.

I so don't understand this. I just don't understand it.

Catty Wampus said...

I agree with all of you. I live in the Thumb of Michigan and lately it seems as though so many in this state are up to no good! I think that this "mother" should be locked up for murder as well. She could have put an end to all this. What a pair of lowlifes. There is another MI story that is making me sick as well; the little girl named Calista whose idiot stepmother and father chained her to her bed all the time and she died in a fire during the day! They are on trial in Kalamazoo on Court Tv; they make me sick; but the blame in this case also lies with DHS/FIA; I have worked with this agency before and I can tell you the rules are absolutely stupid! I know funding is an issue; but these people were TOLD she was being chained and did nothing but pass the buck. I am further sickened by these "parents" defense attorneys portraying this kid as a monster when all the evidence shows she was a very sweet kid. There is no amount of punishment great enough for these people. We as a people have lost our way; we don't teach and model ethics and morals anymore. No one is responsible for their own behavior; no one is held responsible by their community. The govt continues to subsidize people who do not want to contribute to society in any meaningful way. This is just another example of how depraved this country is becoming. We need help now.

Anonymous said...

It so sad that this happened. I can't take those kind of storys:( I did not hear of this story but about a month ago did you hear the story of the boyfriend that killed the little girl and threw her body in a dumpster? Never found her. Sooo sda theses girls take in these worthless boyfriends and chose the boyfriends over the babys. They will have alot to answer to the Almighty king himself. Elma

Jeanette said...

This story made me sick too. I will never understans why some women are so desperate to have a boyfriend that they expose their kids to monsters! Like there is a special place in heaven for these poor innocent babies, my hope is that there is also a special place in hell for people who harm innocents!

FHCS said...

How disturbing...and very, very sad. There are so many people in this world that want and cannot have children it saddens me to think that this goes on.

I'm sorry to say that an eye for an eye would be great satisfaction in this case. You are so any mother could bear a child and not protect every inch of their being is beyond me. Someone would have to kill me in order to harm my children.

I hope that justice is served, one way or another, be it here on earth or when they meet their maker. There has to be a special hell for people like that.

Tanya said...

I am sick to my stomach and the emotions that this causes for so many people is unbearable. The ONLY way I can think about these situations is knowing that that precious little soul is sitting with God and Jesus and in a place of pure love. God is good and we have to remember that. Dominick is now in the best place he can be. As awful as this was to read, I appreciate you sharing it to remind us of what Satan is doing. I teach 3rd grade and look at my students and pray I'm not missing any signs to protect them.

Erin said...

You go girl. What a detestible story.

mary your sis said...

Sick, sick, sick! That EVIL man and APETHETIC, WEAK, HELPLESS woman are the very worst type of scum. Both of them. Despicable. And, her manipulative, weak excuse for allowing this to happen is that, apparently, SHE was a victim! Like we're supposed to feel sympathy for her????? She made a CHOICE to be with that vile man, she CHOSE to stay and subject her own children to his violence and sadistic actions. Indefensible. SHE is no better than he is. And it is ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVEABLE that Genesee County Prosecutors haven't hauled her butt to jail. She should NEVER have any more rights to any other children she may have. Ever. She deserves worse than prison. Thank God that poor little baby is in heaven: I'm so happy for little Dominick and I hope his big brother will be given to loving parents who will show him there is a better way.