Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day in Lynchburg, Tennessee...


You are so gorgeous...

And so much there is about you to love...

Especially in the spring time, when you're dressed in emerald velvet and your hills are decorated with blooming trees...

This day we left Alabama in the morning to have our "adventure". Each time we go south to visit family, we try to set aside at least one day to go see something we've not seen before. We've seen a lot of wonderful things and some beautiful country this way.

Tennessee is long (or wide?) and narrow. But packed in there is so much beauty. From East to West, it's simply GORGEOUS.

The drive up to Lynchburg from Alabama was beautiful! It was a perfect spring day, not too hot, but sunny and beautiful and we enjoyed the blooming countryside!

Is there anyone who can not be cheered by the beauty of spring in those hills? I know a certain winter-weary Midwesterner who is thrilled with open car windows and balmy breezes and scenery to feast her eyes and aim her camera upon.

Lynchburg is snuggled in the "holler" of mountains there, and built around the Jack Daniels Distillery.

I got to know Jack a little.

(I don't like Jack! At all! It's a man thing, I guess, but Jack's place is really pretty!)

Before Lynchburg, I "didn't know Jack"!

The town is old, tiny, quaint and very beautiful. And did I mention tiny?

That's the simple charm of it.

You can't get lost.

You don't see weirdos.

You don't get run over by bicycles or taxis.

My kind of place.


And friendly, very friendly.

That's what brings people back, Jack.

This was a gorgeous building (courthouse? town hall?) and I particularly loved the stars built into the brickwork and the paint colors.

Soon, I'll take you on a little tour of the distillery.

It was velly intellesting.

And smelly.

Velly, velly smelly.

And we ate some goooooood bbq. You know, don't you, that all across the south, there's a ton of different kinds of bbq and I want to taste them all? I could really get behind that show "Good Eats" or whatever it is where they chase categories of food around the country? I would do the bbq category, free.

This was classic "red" bbq.

Vood smoked, velly velly goot.

For now, I'm hoping you have a wonderful day and a great weekend.

I VILL be back! Have to tell you about how dey make da stinky viskey.

There's more to explore in those thar hills!

I am going on Saturday with a friend to an 84-mile-long garage sale! There is a state highway nearby that runs a garage sale from Bay City south to Clarkston and it's my first time going.

I am gassing up and taking the Suburban (choke, choke, have you seen the price of GAS lately?!?! I think a Congressional hearing is in order!) so in case we find extra big goodies, we can pack them in! The weather, fortunately, looks PERFECT!

(And no, I DO NOT plan to make all 84 miles, I'm not that crazy!)

What do YOU have planned this weekend?


Unknown said...

You have found a wonderful little town to visit. Have fun with the garage sales!

Faith said...

My son makes his first Holy Communion on Saturday. I work every
Fri,Sat & I don't really get to do anything.Tennesee is beautiful, we went on our honeymoon 14 yrs ago..that was our first and last vacation. Have fun at the 84 mile, ought to be some goodies there...

Faith said...

ps I made the strawberry cream puff
last night..big hit! Your right I don't think you would come home an empty is all but a small portion left....thanks for the recipe.

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

They do a sale like that here on US-12 (the old Chicago Rd) and the only problem is the traffic and distracted drivers HA! Have a GREAT time and hope you land some GREAT finds!! I also hope the little book and tomato can show up!!

Valerie said...

I swear I have EVERY exact photo you've taken of Lynchburg! Love that place.

My next door neighbors here in KC (Miss Sheila and David) were from Shelbyville, TN...just a stone's throw from Lynchburg. Well, David passed away and Miss Sheila's children came and packed her up to move back home. Sniff. Sniff.

We have remained close friends with her to this day and now, every summer when we make our annual pilgrimage to Gulf Shores, AL, we overnight in Shelbyville. The next day usually involves a tour of Jack Daniel's (it's a man thing I'm sure!) and then of course the town of Lynchburg.

Last year I managed to convince my husband to skip the distillery and instead spend time on the square. Did you happen to visit the TN Walking Horse Museum? Mary Catherine loved it as she loves all things horsey! Then that afternoon, Miss Sheila arranged for Mary to ride on a REAL TN Walking Horse. Mary was in hog (horse?) heaven!!!

Yes, I find amazing beauty in TN...whether it's the foothills and mountains of Chattanooga or the city of Nashville or close to the AL's all good!!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

O my -- goodness -- your making me want to head out there tomorrow. Tennessee has been a place I've thought of moving to and I've visit there too and agree with you it's beautiful and a lot of friendly, friendly people.

Anonymous said...

** I fell in love with the TN walking horse some years ago and still hope to ride one and even own one..wink

Patty said...

I am partial. I live in East Tennessee, about 40 minutes from Gatlinburg. I have a beautiful view of the Smokey Mtns. :)

I am glad you enjoyed your visit to our state. Come back soon. :)

This weekend is the weekend of garage sales and that is what I am doing all day tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!

Connie said...

Looks like a wonderful town! I've only driven through TN once and didn't have time to stop anywhere but I remember thinking how beautiful it was. KY was too! Can't wait to go and vacation there. Daughter is really looking forward to visiting Nashville too. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

We loved our trip to Tn. We stopped at Jack Daniels and George Dickel. The people are indeed friendly. It was a great time but it was several years ago--before my digital camera.
Your pictures are just awesome.
This weekend-May 1 is May Day so flowers for Mom--my sisters and all our daughters and grand daughters are getting together with our Mother at a swanky hotel for a sleepover. Celebrating Mother's Day early with the most important women in our lives. I can see us now--sitting in the hot tub, sipping beverages and reminiscing about our childhoods, our daughters childhoods and our grand daughters childhoods and best of all, Mom's childhood and her perfect memories of our childhoods all! ★ Linda

mornings322 said...

Thanks so much for the tour. Traveling is one thing I do not get to do. I love the countryside pics. Looks so peaceful.

Have a great day


Donna said...

Oh, you bring back some memories of mine a year and a half ago, when we visited Lynchburg too! I have featured the courthouse (a door) and Jack's statue on blog challenges in the past year, LOL. And did you see Miss Mary Bobo's restaurant? I used to work with a Bobo decendant. Aren't small towns great? And Tennessee has such great countrysides. If you ever make it up to the east side, you'll have to stop by and see me and Misha!

jamjar said...

O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h!!! An 84 mile garage sale? Sounds too good to be true. But then I would probably be so overwhelmed and in such a hurry in case there is something better at the next place and I would need to get there before someone finds it...On second thought I'll stay in Kansas and give my niece a bridal shower. But I do want to hit Lynchburg sometime...Looks absolutely darling and I don't even drink the hard stuff!

Aimee said...

Thanks for a wonderful post! Some of my ancestors lived in Tennessee and I LOVE getting to see photos taken there! Yours were beautiful:)

Sarah said...

Your photos are a feast for the eyes! YEAH...SPRING!

Deanna said...

Such fun pictures!!!

This week-end I'm still cleaning and preparing for company.

I need some prayers answered because it's taking such along time to clean...yikes.

God bless,
d from homehaven