Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Aboard for a Baby Shower!

The Freight House C. 1915

It seems like major events in Jamie's life have taken place in historical buildings, surrounded by OLD. We like OLD.

Jamie's wedding, was in a beautiful old plantation home, and because of that, memories of her wedding are just extra special because of more than the wedding: we remember the place, and how special it felt to be there.

For this baby shower, there was a restaurant in a small nearby town in a neat old building by the railroad tracks, called the Freight House. It stands just across the street from the historical old Depot, above.

I didn't even have to step inside to know I'd LOVE it. Jamie had visited and eaten here before and told me it was really neat, and a plus? The food was GOOD!

The attention to detail in the restoration shows even on the outside. The beautiful old lamps...

The porch, the gigantic wrought iron brackets, the brickwork.

Inside was an even bigger treat. The inside still looked much the same as it probably did back then, and lots of detail from the days of moving freight around is still here! Here's an old scale.

These I imagine were "dock" numbers, and they were all the way around the big room the made up the main dining room of the restaurant.

I was dazzled by the big old clock and the old, worn bench for waiting customers.

I loved the creative seating areas, made with aged wood, colorfully and cleverly done.

Here you can see the huge old doors, and chains for loading/unloading.

I loved this old trunk and the old railroad arrows/directional signals?

The clock sat above the hostess desk, what a great piece of furniture!

This is the part of the dining room where you can sit to be able to watch the trains roll by. During Jamie's shower at least three went rumbling by, much to the delight of my little two-year-old great nephew! He kept saying "It's THOMAS!" If you're brave, you can even step out onto a porch for the full-blown sound, smell and feel!

This was the private dining area where Jamie's shower was held. I loved the stained concrete floors.

And yes, I was even enthralled with the restroom. It was gorgeous, and just from looking at the door and the hardware, I knew it was going to be something, and it was!

I was just using Jamie's small purse camera, so the quality of the pics isn't that great but what a room! The little sink was something everyone who came out exclaimed over! It was glittery and gold!

This is the "mirror" in the bathroom, and old four-pane window that had the glass replaced with mirror, so clever! This framed photo of a girl's basketball team from the 1920's sat there in the extra deep sill.

These were the exteriors of the stalls, bead board galore and six-pane windows overhead.

Some gorgeous tiles....

A look out into the Alabama sunshine.

A beautiful afternoon, spent with a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate this new baby boy...

Jamie's cousin Laura and her little guy, Aiden, her Aunt Lisa, her grandma, and a family friend Judy.

I remember Thad's mom saying to me that day "This is a big deal, this is something I thought might never happen for them. I'm so glad we got to see this happen." Indeed. Thank God and the doctors at the infertility clinic for this little miracle.

There was a lot of stress, and lots of medication taken that had to be remembered and taken at just the right time, a lot of testing, more testing, lots to go through for the possibility of a pregnancy, and this outcome could not be more welcome! I just have to say that I'm glad Jamie's a go-getter because that's the attitude you've got to have to be able to get through fertility treatments. Synthetic hormones are awful to live through and I'm sure some of you know what I mean!

Jamie was pretty excited about the chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting...

Can you see why? Actually, all the food at the Freight House was really good! (It's the best way to throw a shower, not worrying about the food!)

We played a couple games, this one was cute, our estimate of the size around Jamie's middle, lots of laughing. One person was really close, most of us estimated wayyy too big!

And Amber checks the size (remember her? She stood up for Jamie in her wedding and Jamie stood for Amber last fall when she got married).

32 weeks along...

Little mama looks so cute. I thought she looked great, she's had many laughs over her "cankles"...something every pregnant mom just cannot believe happens to them!

It was lots of fun opening the gifts, especially the cowboy themed ones!

The moms...Thad's mom is just the tiniest thing you've ever seen.

Jamie shows a "kerchief" quilt that her Aunt Lisa (my husband's sister) made for the baby, so western! The backing and the trim are retro cowboy flannel. Just as cute as can be...

Even after the shower, and we went and did some antique shopping for the baby's nursery, we fit all that stuff into the Suburban and got it home all in one trip! YAY for Suburbans! (Jamie could do commercials for Chevy Suburbans if they'd let her!)

And now...we just wait and it won't be long until we get to see this little guy! Can't wait to meet this little cowboy, and kiss and hug and squeeeeeeeze 'im!


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

Looks like a super fun place to hold a party!! LOVE those historical buildings soooo much!! They took the train holding area in our town and made it into an historical themed WENDYS!! It is really cool and so non traditional for a fast food place. It is OUR tradition to grab lunch their on the weekend as a family. Jamie looks SO cute and TINY for that far along!! I think they used a clothsline to measure me at that stage HAHA!! You look supercute too and such a proud grammy to be!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh my word! What a wonderful place for a most memorable occasion!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Too gorgeous! What a great place for any event!
I know you just cannot wait for the little guy to get here :)
Blessings for your family, Joni!
xo, misha

jamjar said...

Goodness, I wish I could have gone to that shower with you!!!I love it when an old building grabs my heart before I even step a foot inside and then when it lives up to expectation!!Fab!
Next..I am so so so happy for Jamie and Thad..I've been there. SonMarie was my only birth but not my only pregnancy...Thank you God for all miracle babies! Even the "babies" that come when they are 15 years old!!!

Donna said...

Super place for a party! I love how they restore old places like that. And your daughter is looking wonderfully fit and happy! Glowing, LOL.

savvycityfarmer said...

oh my goodness gracious ... i can just see you all excited ..

you're gonna be a changed woman ... for the better

Unknown said...

What a super fun place to have a shower, and all the memories. Next baby pictures!

mary your sis said...

What a wonderful place to have a memorable, sweet and fun baby shower! Jamie looks like she's about 4 months along, she's tiny! I'm so excited for all ya'll and can't wait to see the little guy! I would have loved to be at the baby shower and the shopping trip afterward; the dresser is gorgeous! How nice to shop at nice, small town full service stores instead of big chain stores! Something about that photo of Grandma Joni reminds me of your Dad! (Well, it's not so bad to LOOK like him! LOL)

Teresa said...

What a fun day, fun place, and fun event to celebrate. It will be really fun when the baby arrives!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

What a perfect place to create perfect memories Joni! And being that I'm a new grandma (Nami)myself, all these photos of family and friends gathered to celebrate a new little life kinda choked me up. Funny how that happens... just lovely~ Congratulations to you and your beautiful daughter! xxxVicki

Kathie Truitt said...

First of all I think you are so cute! We don't get to see enough pictures of you, so that's a request. More of Joni, please. I noticed in yesterdays post that from the back Jamie doesn't even look pregnant. Thank you for the picture tour of this great place. And Joni I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this 'grandma business' is. I can't wait until I wake up one morning and I see the most precious little cowboy face all over the computer screen. Can. Not. Wait.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I so enjoyed your post, Joni! Jamie's shower turned out so lovely. LOVE the bandana quilt, too! Awesome!

That building is incredible. I want a house that looks like that.

LOVE the photos of you, too.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a great time I've had looking at this post today! Y'all had such a wonderful time at a beautiful place.
BTW, send me a note, Joni. I've something to e-mail you that will please you greatly -grin-.