Thursday, December 27, 2012

Show 'n Tell: Audrey's Dollhouse

Audrey says "You want to see my dollhouse?"


It's something that's really nice and will last her (and possibly little sisters, too) for years!  (It was $95.99 and now it's on sale for $79.)

 You can see her motor home she got from us for Christmas in the background.

She got the dollhouse and dolls for her birthday in October, but it's really fun to add things to it for Christmas...

It comes from either (here) or Bed, Bath & Beyond, online.

The house comes with the wooden furniture (shown) but not with dolls.  Wooden dolls that KidCraft makes for it just aren't as much fun.

After looking around, my daughter settled on the Fisher Price Loving Family dolls (like this) and extras (like this) because the family of dolls are jointed and pose-able, and will actually sit at the table and on the couch, in the car, etc.  

Those Loving Family dolls are easily available at any major retailer that carries toys or again, from, although on Amazon the dolls themselves seem to be very expensive, at places like Meijer or Wal-Mart are very affordable.

It's fun to add to her house for birthdays and Christmas, and mom has even made her a few things to go with it.

It's well-constructed and very tough, and will more than likely be kept as an heirloom.

The doors and the windows open and shut.  Above you can see how well the Fisher Price Loving Family dog house and dogs fit in with the scale of the Kid Craft house.  We like this house much better than the Loving Family doll house, which is gaudy and plastic.

I found a Christmas tree for Audrey's house!  It's the perfect scale and size and she loves it.  Right away she said "twee!".

The bathroom with tub, toilet and sink that it came with.

The kitchen table.

The groceries on the table came with the Fisher-Price Loving Family Mini-van.

So the KidCraft house and Loving Family dolls and extras like the minivan and pet furnishings all work well together!  

Soon, I'll show you the Fire House that KidCraft makes and Levi got for his first birthday.  It's another well-constructed piece that would last through several kids and be kept for an heirloom.

It's always good to know a quality toy that's worth spending your money on and this one is for sure in that category!

Hope your Christmas was great, and you're enjoying your family and the holidays.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miss Audrey...

I got one of her vintage dresses of her little hangers and put her in it.
The quilt is a flannel one her mommy made her for her birthday.
The vintage rattle is one that we bought to decorate her room with.

THE afternoon....was sunny and the baby had just woken from her nap all smiley and cuddly and sweet.

So we were silly for a minute and then I thought...hey, sunlight as a backup and a cuddly sweet girl, time to get the camera out.  Someday, Miss Audrey will learn to bargain with me and get a bribe for posing...right now she's pretty good about it!

She put up with me for about twenty minutes or so, and mommy came into the room and posed with her for a few toward the end, too.  

For those of you that want to photograph babies, the best time is just after a nap if they're not hungry, and also it's nice if they have an object to play with, too.  Toward the end, when she got fidgety, to get a couple more photos, I got her one of the vintage Little Golden books to see and play with.  You can easily use that as a photo prop!

She's just such an angel and I love her dearly.

I had a lot, lot, lot of fun shopping for a little girl for Christmas again!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas at the Farmhouse....

It's a'snowin' and a'blowin'...
and seemed the perfect time 
for my Christmas card from me to you....

A Merry CHRISTmas from our house to yours...
And wishes too for a beautiful New Year.