Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vintage Pendleton

ONE day, my sisters and I had a few hours in Old Town Bay City, Michigan, a beautiful little bay side town, where Lake Huron meets the thumb of our state's mitten.

The old downtown was revitalized and is filled with lots of unique shops and antique stores and restaurants.

While I was browsing, I found a vintage Pendleton red plaid pleated skirt.  I was so excited, but it was too small!  

Turns out it fit my niece.  The sales lady was waiting on us and led us to another rack with a vintage Pendleton black watch plaid suit.  It was a skirt and a blazer.

Turns out, the blazer fit me, and the skirt fit my sister.

We got each piece for $15 as the set was marked $30, my niece only had to pay $20 for her gorgeous skirt that I later saw on eBay for $97!

I am now on the "hunt" in thrift stores for vintage Pendleton.  I've discovered the sizing is MUCH different, and I wear an 18 in the old sizing.

I have found a few more pieces, but I'm not done yet.

I use DRYEL when I get home and I'm happy with the results!

I thought I'd mention this as these classic plaids are everywhere in the malls, and they are the patterns from the sixties and seventies.   Vintage Pendleton is far superior to anything new, in my view.

There are so many gorgeous patterns and adorable styles.  One of the jackets I bought is the red, black and yellow plaid with a Peter Pan collar!  I can't wait to wear it.  

My favorite way to wear this blazer is a long black skirt (calve length) and black hose, black heels, and a long scarf at the neck.

This scarf in this photo was made for me by my mom and is royal blue (it photographed a little more purple than it is) and that matches a stripe in the plaid.

Do you have a vintage piece of clothing you watch for when you antique, yard sale, or thrift?  


Mary Ann Potter said...

Joni, that blazer is so beautiful! I "shop" every now and then over the internet for a specific Pendleton jacket style; it's from the '40's and has a blousy waist. I'd take any color. Your post has inspired me to "shop" today! Have a blessed day!

aimee said...

Beautiful jacket Joni! I like the black watch tartan and, being a good Pacific NW resident, love Pendleton woolens.
Regarding vintage---I have many of my mom's clothes from various decades. LOVE the styles of years gone by but I will have to lose a bit of weight before any of them would fit me. I also own one antique Norwegian ski sweater which I love. No more room in my closets right now:)
PS: Isn't wool in the winter wonderful?

Lisa B. said...

Beautiful jacket Joni! I love plaid! My favorite vintage item is a 1950's style full length, black cashmere coat from Neiman Marcus. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. I never got to meet her, but he says that we have the same personality and petite body style. The coat fits me perfectly. I sure wish I could have met her.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Love the blazer, Joni. You look nice! I have a long plaid kilt I bought in Scotland years. Can't wear it right now but it's still in my closet...maybe someday. Vintage clothing is cool. I remember my mom having some nice dresses in her closet but of course she doesn't have them now, sigh! I like vintage aprons and will buy something vintage if it fits me!

Tammy said...

Your blazer is very nice. I like it alot. I made a trip to Pendleton Oregon last weekend It's about 4 hrs from where I live and went to the wool mill there. Beautiful material got enough material for hubby 3 new shirts for 31.00 not to bad. I was looking at shirts there and nothing was priced under 115.00. Very expensive. How i love Pendleton wool.