Friday, October 26, 2012

Farmhouse Porch: Autumn in Orange!

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year with its golden light, soft blue skies, whispering leaves, and quiet busy-ness of nature.

Crows are flying around squawking about the coming change in the weather.  Squirrels chirp and chatter as they work to deposit acorns in many spots to come and hunt up again in winter.

The leaves float to the ground on a gentle Autumn breeze to sprinkle our lawns, just so.  A beautiful smattering across a rich velvety, emerald green lawn.

Autumn is a last effort to please you mightily before you get your hands on the handle of a rake and perform the ritual of raking leaves--one that excites kids to jump into the pile to be buried multiple times before you can carry them away to burn them.

Autumn has a special scent, one that is like nothing else.  It is exciting, and makes one want to scruff up those leaves again with your foot, just to sniff it in one more time...

I pay special attention to the smells of Autumn: one of rotting leaves and the rows of crops as they dry up in the fields, waiting for excited farmers to harvest.  

Autumn's very own scent and it is one of richness, of the earth: one last memory of what was another beautiful season:  summer.  An end to the work of producing, and now moving on to the season of rest.

Autumn will leave us one day before we realize what happened, but suddenly we will miss her:   because winter will have arrived, to lay a blanket over our world, and tell it, finally to have a nice snooze and rest to come alive in living color once again next spring.

All hail to the kale; it's not orange but it worked its way into this post anyhow! 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All in For Orange

The trees turn and I just love the mellow soft oranges that come with Autumn!

But yesterday, I stopped in at the grocery store and they were marking all their "sweetest day" flower arrangements down to $1.

So, I brought some soft orange into the house.

Enjoy Autumn!

PS:  Fall decorating post coming up soon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo Essay: Sunset

Let's go on a little walk.

It's windy, hold onto your hat! 

We are going to take a nice, long stroll out there on that breakwall.

Do you like lighthouses?

Do you like the water?

Do you like sunsets?

Well, today, I have all three!

And I am sharing...

On September 30, Luke and I went to Grand Rapids to the ArtPrize show.  

Since we were SO CLOSE to the lake shore, we took a few minutes and drove out there and found ourselves the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The water was lively.The sunset was gorgeous.And the waves crashed up on the pier.

It was sort of like being on the bow of a ship heading straight for the sun. 

(Except I wasn't seasick.  And I slept in my own bed that night!)

If you live in Michigan, you're never too far away from a lake shore.

And that's great!

Because the beauty of our Great Lakes is unmatched.

This particular sunset was brought to you by...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Precious Milestone...

Someone turned ONE yesterday!

And this dear little girl is such a little sweetheart, and we just love her to pieces, can 't imagine our family without her in it.

We took her out with the washtub for some pictures with her little pink Osh-Kosh overalls ... and a well-worn, well-loved little vintage flannel quilt.  

Jamie shot the pictures and the kitty cat cooperated nicely.

Isn't it amazing how these little ones are the light of our lives?  It's a wonderful thing to be able to see your grandchildren come into the world and watch them grow.  

Little chubby elbows that are dimples, really. 

So thankful, ever so, for the chance to do this.

It's a blessing to have this sweet little girl in our lives.