Monday, October 8, 2012

Start to Finish: A Photo Essay

It is a pleasure when nothing else is on the agenda for a sunny Saturday but getting the tomatoes done, and I can enjoy the whole ritual.  Today I am sharing that with you in photos.  

There are so many lessons in gardening and canning:

Initiative. Starting hard things.
Perseverance. Work from months ago eventually pays off.
Dependability. Doing it whether you feel like it or not.
Planning. There is reward in being prepared.
Freedom. Making your own food is being independent.
Tidiness. Clean up is part of the process, just not part of the fun.
Reward. Satisfaction usually comes at a price!
Payoff. Completing a task is often its own reward.
Appreciation. Simple things make one feel the richest.

I also am happy that I am and have been imprinting my children with the rewards of hard work, and that they will always remember late summers when the house smelled like tomatoes!  

Life sometimes is a grind...but it's worth it all in the end.

In coming winter days, I can look forward to soups and stews 
blub, blub, blubbling away on the stove.  

In other words...


One of the sure signs of late summer is tomatoes coming in and the kitchen full of canning supplies.

I try not to can unless I have a whole bushel ready because the mess just isn't worth it otherwise.  :)

Assembling and gathering all of the supplies and getting everything ready to be organized and make it all go smoothly, is part of the process.

I am thankful for the changes of the seasons we can mark our years by, aren't you?


Echoes From the Hill said...

We didn't have tomatoes this year, because of the drought, but I've processed apple butter, applesauce, pear butter and picked gallons and gallons of raspberries.

Your tomatoes are beautiful, and you and your family will enjoy the the results of your canning in the months to come.

I love the change of seasons, except that this year we literally went from summer to winder in 24 hours. Eighties one day and thirties the next and twenties two days later. I'm hoping Indian Summer will arrive soon!

Anonymous said...

Work is good.

Anonymous said...

Today's blog was so homey and comforting. Loved seeing the beautiful tomatoes going through the old fashioned sieve. You sure are a hard worker and deserve every bit of God's plentiful bounty.

Anonymous said...

Canning is hard work and very time consuming, but so worth it! It tell people I am making my own fast food. I can go out to the pantry pick a jar, pop it open and I have a meal! Working on tomatoes and apples in my little corner of the world.