Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coloring Brown Eggs for Easter

The little egg cups and Easter (basket) pail were finds from Target a few years back, in the background is the "best coconut cake in the whole wide world", which makes a wonderful Easter dinner desert!

Brown eggs, fresh from the hens in the coop!

Dying brown eggs for Easter requires some forethought, as fresh brown eggs tend not to peel well when they're ready to eat--all because they're just way too fresh (which makes me wonder how old rather than how fresh store bought eggs actually are!).

So if you'd like to experience the richer dyed colors of brown eggs when they're plopped into the cupsful of dye on Easter weekend, buy your fresh brown eggs NOW and let them age for Easter and they should be good to peel when it's time to eat them.

If your dyed eggs never get eaten and peeling them is not an issue, well, have all the fun you want with the fresh brown eggs: they dye in a more rich tone than your average white eggs.

(If pastel is what you're going for, stick with the store-bought white eggs.)

Here is how to make your own egg dye: (And be sure to dye completely cooled eggs.)

To dye with food coloring, start with hard boiled eggs. For every 1 c. of hot water, add 2 T. plain white vinegar, and drops of food coloring to the color intensity your desire. Be miserly with your drops. One drop of red food coloring can go a long way. By the way, it's fun! You know that red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green (but you should know that from Ziploc!), red and blue make purple. Mix them all together and you get "mud."


The Raggedy Girl said...

What a nice lesson to share. Thank you so much.

Roberta Anne

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

Wow, something I never knew! Thanks for the tip! This year my little man and I will use fresh brown eggs from the farm and I can't wait to see the bright colors!

Briklyn said...

As a chicken mom, I learned to steam fresh eggs to make them peel easier.

Briklyn said...

As a chicken mom, I've learned to steam fresh eggs in order to be able to peel them easily.

momo7 said...

If you bring your water to a boil first and then carefully slip the eggs in for 10 minutes, they will be easy to peel, every time.....
Happy Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

I have found that pouring salt into the water before boiling freshly laid eggs helps them to peel. Also, thank you for the info on dying brown eggs. We are anxious to try that this year!