Friday, March 27, 2009

Seriously! A Friday Flasher & Other Absurdity...

I loved this picture, it just hit me right. I laughed so hard, tears squirted out of my eyes and hit my glasses. Geesh! I must have needed the comic relief. So I thought I'd share, a little bit of humor for all of us adults today, it's been a LONG WEEK, especially in the NEWS DEPARMENT, right?
So's alright, that IS, seriously,a very funny picture. My daughter sent it to me first thing this morning.
And, on the email was the name B-u-f-f-y B-u-t-t-s. Buffy. Butts. For real. No kidding. My daughter has a co-worker who is in the email loop and that is really her name. So, more laughter followed after my first attack from the sight of the flashing banana man. It made me think of absurd names I'd heard before.
I once knew a girl named Penny Money. Come on. Why would a mother allow that? I always wonder, did she go into the oldest profession on earth?
My sister not long ago heard a mother calling her daughter to come to her in the aisles of a mall one day. She thought she was imagining things, but no, the mother repeated the name so often and so LOUDLY that there was no mistake: she'd named her daughter Chlamydia. Stop laughing, that POOR GIRL! Wait until a certain subject somes up in the serious sex education classes in fifth or sixth grade and all the kids find out what that name means!
I have a friend who is a nurse, and sometimes venturing into the nursery where the bassinets lay with all those sweet babies can turn from the emitting of all those natural "oooh"and " awwwws" into a nightmare. The names some of the mothers allow their children to carry! Like Necrophilia. I'm not kidding. Look that one up and find out the meaning of that moniker. Oh. That's the worst. Can you beat that? (necrophilia is a mental illness of some sort that involves s*x and corpses. EWWW!)

Let me know in the comments section...and I'll add them to the list.
Here's a few, so far, submitted by email or comments:
Barry Barefoot
Crystal Chandelier
Anita Miracle
Anita Pea
Candy Cane
Cindy Pigg
Buck Pigg
Patty Cakes
A girl named Charmin
A man named Shirley
Penny Nichols
Buck Service
A woman named Female' (wow! pronounced Fee-Mall-A)
Monica Moose who lived on Buck Trail!
Milton Born With A Tooth


Sparky said...

The picture is hilarious! Thanks for the jolly today. :o)

I'm over here from Linda's blog "Life's A Calling, Who's This?" I like you blog. It's cute.

Here in Georgia they're bad about making up names. If I was their kid I'd be very unhappy with my parental units. But names can be legally changed for a nominal fee at a lawyer's office. I used to work for Vital Statistics office in Jacksonville, FL and handled all that. :o)

Unknown said...

My husbands name is Jack Frost. His parents were not trying to be funny.....he's named after an Uncle. He's 6'5" so no one makes fun of him.;D
My daughter went to school with a girl named Anita Pea. Say that really slow...and she had a teacher named Candy Cane.
When I worked at the bank we had a customer who named her baby Charmin and a man whose first name was Shirley. The first time I waited on him I refused to let him withdraw from his savings account until he showed me his ID.:(
He wasn't happy with me!

Donna said...

HAHAHAhaahaaa..I went to school with Ima Hogg...(I kid you Not!!)

And I started "one" to...It's all Your fault!!!Hahaa

It's also on my sidebar...
I'm lovin' the picture!!!Hahaaaa...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my gosh. That picture is the funniest thing I've seen since my over-the-washer shower!
SO FUNNY - My sister has to see it. She'll scream!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a teacher named Penny Nichols, my mom worked with a man named Buck Service. Other names I have heard of are:(Pronounced)
and his twin Lee-mon-jell-o
(Orange and Lemon jello)
and a girl name Fee-mall-a
spelled Female.
and Tom Tompson-thats imaginative!

savvycityfarmer said...

I knew a lady named Monica Moose...she lived on Buck Trail...NO LIE

Farmgirl Cyn said...

No funny names in my repertoire, but I DID find the photo funny!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Oh my, I am crying, thank you for the hilarious pic and post. LOL!!!
Okay, so I knew a girl that worked for CPS and she swore to us that there was a brother and sister by the names of Pajama pronounced Pa Sha Maw and her brother Pe*is, pronounced Penay but when the judge called their names he called them as they were spelled. Ack!
Thank again for the hilarious post and if you would like them, I have two awards for you, just pick them up at your leisure. Have a super evening.
♥ Teresa

English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL!!!! I would be running with Ms. Pear and Ms. Strawberry :-)
Thanks for the laugh.

Linda said...

LOL. Thanks for the laughter. NO funny names yet, I am sure if I thought hard enough, they would pop up in my head ☺.

dawn said...

How funny. I knew a Pat Cake and knew of a Patty Cake. Both Cakes were their married names. There was a guy in the news in Southern Alberta named Milton Born With A Tooth. I also spent some time with a guy in New Zealand named Mylton Clyde Smythe, spelled that way. It is amazing the things parents call their kids, but there are laws here against names that aren't nice. Thanks for the laugh.