Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inbetween Seasons on the Porch...

Click on photos for a larger view. In the foreground is an old nail keg. This corner has an old wooden ironing board, a scrub board, and old iron, an old galvanized pail, and a feedsack towel.

A ceramic chicken, a basket of brown wooden eggs, a child's hoe (I had one like this when I was young), a child's barn made by husband's grandfather at least forty years ago, and an antique pedal tractor.

The sleds had to go...but the porch looked so bare and empty. Hmmm.... Well, I did a little diggin' ( my husband likes to say " 'rootin' around", gotta love those southern boys!) in the basement and attic and came up with a couple of displays to stop things from looking so bare until spring has truly arrived and is not just teasing us for a bit and I can pull out all the stops and bring the wicker, cushions, planters, garden flags, and all things spring and summer from the barn to the porch.
I know we're due for a few more snow storms and weeks of consistently cold weather so this will do until we're in a steady stream of sunshine and the cushion of green grass appears and the flip flops come out of storage.

For more front front porch 'scapes, hop on over to "Front Porches, Sweet Tea and Old Aprons" and click on her sidebar where it says "WATCH THE CHANGING SEASONS ON THE PORCH" for photos of her porch in all seasons. She's great at making her front porch look so welcoming and beautiful! Tell Shanda I sent you!
Oh, but before you leave, how do you cheer up your porch between seasons?


Chanda said...

Your farm house is jusr glorious and I want to walk through it everytime I see it. I would like to curl up there and do some sleeping during a thunderstorm in the early morning hours. I always say that a morning like that is sent straight from heaven. Your house looks so peaceful and full of love. You are quite the gardener also huh? I see a beautiful lush garden. Can't wait to start mine.

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

Oh, so your porch is so beautiful...I just want to come over and have a glass of how you have decorated it, Such a beautiful place you have been blessed with!

Anonymous said...

I love you porch--so envious!
I just added you to my blogroll, finally! what took me so long?

Donna said...

....sweep it...Hahahahaa...Love your porch!!!hughugs