Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer Request Update...

June 2007

I wanted to be sure to thank all of you who prayed for Jamie today, I am so humbled that so many of you cared. She spent about six hours today at the medical center where she met a new doctor, a female, who really listened. That was my prayer, that someone would listen and try to find out the root of the problem of the myriad of different symptoms she presented.

She had various tests today, and a diagnosis (Praise God!) and now she knows the name of what is wrong with her, and will go back for more tests in the morning. She has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

What is so strange is that while she was waiting for one of her tests, she picked up and bought Kate Gosselin's book "Multiple Blessings" in the hospital gift shop. (Kate of "John & Kate Plus 8" fame.) Kate had polycystic ovarian syndrome and Jamie knew within the first few pages of that book that Kate was describing were her symptoms exactly.

So I just wanted to say that your prayers really made a difference and that they were very appreciated! There is no "cure" but now she can proceed with her life and getting on with it and she and her husband will go forward with starting a family.

Thanks again. I'm still amazed at the caring, sweet friends made through blogging!
Jamie says THANKS TO EVERYONE who was thinking of and praying for her today. *Ü*


Sit A Spell said...

Hi...I've just left a comment on you last post ands this one went up...

That is great that you have a starting point now with your daughter.


Unknown said...

I've had ovarian cyst that come and go, but on two occasions I had the most excruciating pain with them. I feel for her because you never know when it will strike and believe me it is crippling.
I love that she found that book, God is so awesome.

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

I just want to Thank everyone who was thinking of me and all the comments!! : )

Valerie said...

I am so gald to hear that Jamie received a diagnosis. Sometimes the lack of knowing causes more anxiety and fear than the actual diagnosis.

Best wishes to your daughter as she now moves forward with treatment. From experience, I know that PCOS can and does interfere with fertility, but I have two precious miracles to show that with good medical intervention and Faith it can be overcome!

Blessings to you and your whole family from Kansas,

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Good good good. I think I just read about that the other day. So happy you have answers.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

This post gave me goosebumps. Our Lord works in such mysterious ways. So glad for a diagnosis...not knowing is difficult. Imagination scenarios are so much worse than reality.
My goodness, I never realized how frequently you posted until I was off the computer for 5 days. :-).