Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peek Into My Guestroom & Creative Workspace....

The nightstand contains some of my favorite colorful petite tins, a goofy picture of my son and my niece, a gingham lamp, a glass paperweight and a Martha Stewart dishtowel for a background. (Click on any photo to enlarge, but don't be surprised if you see dust bunnies!)

I snagged a couple Mary Engelbreit prints (from notecards) and put 'em in some brightly-colored wooden frames for above the headboard.
This room is upstairs, tucked into a cozy corner under the eaves. You can see the sloping ceilings in some of these pictures; it's a nice little spot, very little . It's quiet, and as I'm sewing, I can look out the window at the farm fields that are spread out in front of us. I put a DVD in, and go to it.
When I use the ironing board, it has to be set up in the hall outside the sewing room, it's so tiny. But it's bright, and it's cheerful, and it is fine for a guest room whenever we need it. (Don't just show up, though, because more than likely this room would need a good cleaning before I'd want anyone to see it. Being creative REALLY is a messy enterprise....I know all of you understand that, right? (Wink, wink!)

I have some white laminate storage shelves that I'd love to get rid of someday and put a hutch here instead. But it's here I have my lined baskets (from clearance at TARGET) of ribbon, more Martha Stewart dishtowels (I hoard them!), quilt squares, yarn and trims and all sorts of fun colorful stuff.

Some more colorful tins that I like....

Don't ask me why I like all this stuff/junk but I do...I have metal trimmed round tags, old fashioned manila tags, these little paper clips...junk like that!

Colorful ribbons and trims....

Some stuff on top of another cabinet that I'd like to get rid of and replace with an old-fashioned hutch of some kind. The little clay flowerpot was an art project from my youngest son when he was little. Inside is a set of toddler's chubby garden tools. I just can't resist kid stuff.

This is my entertainment center, and in it are all my chick flicks I like to watch while I sew....the whole entertainment center has these Martha Stewart dishtowels on the shelves. Soon, I will add a set of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES to my collection and also the JOHN ADAMS Series by HBO. I have SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL (the series), several seasons of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, movies like October Sky, Sweet Home Alabama, Holiday, Runaway Bride, Fools Rush In, a Hallmark movie called "THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS (excellent vintage-lover's movie!) and more, old movies and a couple series of I LOVE LUCY! I love my having my own little movie stash.

Red metal bins full of yarn...I crochet once in awhile.

A favorite tote bag on display.

An inspiration board with some of my favorite little bits, and pictures that I love.

My six foot banquet table is skirted in this Mary Engelbreit fabric...and my chairpad, too.

Yes, my ironing board cover matches my other stuff! I had fun making it myself.

I put a black and white quilt on the bed that I found on clearance at Sears, then made the red plaid bedskirt myself. The afghan was a bright and colorful find at a garage sale last summer.

Always have to hang a Mary Englebreit calendar up on the wall. My ric-rac trimmed gingham curtains were a find at Kmart several years ago.

These letters are on the dormer wall by the bed.

Have a great and DREAMY day!


Anonymous said...

What a cozy, adorable space to create in. I love Mary Engelbreit's designs and your ironing board cover is so cute. Hope you are having a great day.

Anne Marie said...

Hi- it's Anne Marie from Na-Da curtains are you looking for? In your living room? bedroom? If you don't mind some 'feeback' I would love to help :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

Wow!! Where do I start. I love the cheerful colors, the white baskets, the ironing board, the school clock. I am sure there is more but that is all my mind could carry over to this page. What a sweet spot to dream and create. I loved it!

Have a Thankful Thursday
from Roberta Anne

Monica said...

So cheerful! I do love ME!!

Linda said...

So...when I can move in? LOL..Nice, very nice. I am so jealous..and your hubby doesn't complain about the "girlie" stuff. AMAZING. (more laughter)--blessings

Donna said...

You are SO Organized!!!! How Ever do you manage!!!hughugs

Mama of 4 Blessings said...

Very colorful! I love it:) I am a huge I love Lucy fan as well. I actually didn't see anything on your list I don't like movie wise. I have a huge collection of Hallmark movies.
Gina Jo

Anonymous said...

I want to live at your house.

Unknown said...

Joni -- My Rachael could get lost in all of your creative doodads. What a sweet room!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. And, I want to say that my husband IS a good sport about this room, but he rarely enters it. It's tucked away upstairs, out of sight, out of mind, and the door is rarely opened; the reason? To keep our big furball of a cat out of my fabric and from batting around all the fun stuff in there. And, just to KEEP IT REAL, one day, I'm going up there with the camera to show you all the AWFUL parts of that my jammed drawer carts full of scrapbooking and sewing stuff, a wrapping cart full of ribbons and trims, and then you'll know that's why you only got a PEEK into this room! Hehehehahahahohoho! (SMILES, WINKS!) It still needs more work, but it's not a high priority...but CHEERFUL it is, so that's why I thought I'd share it. My daughter, when she came back home again after I claimed this room for my own, asked me "MOM, is this room BRIGHT enough for you?" Yes, it is, thankyouverymuch! (It's on the north side of the house, therefore not much natural light...sooo bright yellow walls do the trick!)

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

I think you forgot to mention that this 8' x 12' room was your daughters room for 13 years... and I pained the walls yellow Joan - balogne! : ) ha ha -- Or did you mention it is cold b/c there is not vent in there and it is like 40 degrees in that room first thing in the morning during the dead of winter in Michigan -- maybe that is the main reason I moved to Alabama?? : 0 ha ha -- the FREEZING winters in Michigan! I just couldn't take seeing my breath when I woke up!! He he --- Everyone it used to be decorated in The Wizard of Oz... it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

It is a WONDERFUL space and I'm so happy that it is YOURS.


Busy Little Quilter said...

I came here from Dear Daisy Cottage.

I love your creative space. I laughed when you said you loved making your ironing board cover. I recently made an ironing board cover and I was giddy for days! It just makes me happy when I walk into my quilting studio.

Thanks for sharing your space with us. It's beautiful.