Thursday, April 30, 2009

You'll LOVE The Puppini Sisters!

Watch out, you'll get hooked! The PUPPINI SISTERS have got me! ALL THE WAY.... hook, line and sinker! Gals, you'll find it hard NOT to toe-tap while you're listening to these chicks! Hit END on your keyboard, and click on all the tunes on my PLAYLIST by the Puppini Sisters and I'm sure you'll love them all!

GO here for lots of fun videos!




So what do you think about my newfound FAVORITE Gal Group?

Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies!

For no apparent reason, just for fun, my sweet sister gifted me with this beautiful robin's egg blue bowl last time I went up to see her. Along with the bowl, she gave me this beautiful apron she made herself! Check out the cute embroidered puppy chasing a ball! Red 'n white gingham (oohlala!) and aqua rick rack, what a combination! LOVE IT!

Jump, Scottie, Jump!

(Mary told me that she found the Robin's Egg Blue Martha Stewart bowl from Old Time Pottery for under $5! It stands almost 9" tall and is a whopping 11" across! It will hold a lot of potato salad or anything else I can take to a potluck!)

Thanks, Mary, for this beautiful gift, nothing I love more than bowlies and aprons!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

And the winner of the Amish coloring book drawing...the one with all those sweet pictures is....

Donna! Sweet Donna, From Cottage Days and stop over and visit the blog of this sweet southern woman who is always there with a cheerful, kind word and her HUGS! And for those of you whose name wasn't drawn (there were 35 entries!) I am going to do more drawings for more Amish coloring books! You'll have more chances!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What's Talladega? It not just a race track. It's a SUPER SPEEDWAY, an atmosphere that's festive and bright, swarming with happy people everywhere at 7:30 in the morning, a sport that is like no other whose fans are like no other. Some get there days ahead and camp through Monday! The smells of all sorts of delicious food waft over the air, some from those taligating and cooking over charcoal on grills, some from vendors who show up each year.


The sounds are music (always there is Sweet Home Alabama playing somewhere!) and there are multiple helicopters flying overhead, a blimp sometimes buzzing slowly shooting video for the television coverage, and there are the numerous private jets flying in for the landing, to deliver their drivers to the raceway.


You'll also hear policemen's whistles as they direct six solid lanes of traffic inching into the huge complex four HOURS ON END...all to make a crowd of more than 140,000 souls in one place for one reason: to watch men race their amazingly fast machines against each other in a frighteningly bizarre, gigantic (2.66 miles!) racetrack that is as wide as a four-lane expressway, very steep on both ends: the turns are from four to six stories TALL and the pitch of those turns are as steep as an old farmhouse roof!


The huge complex that is the raceway, is over 2,500 acres and all around it are privately held parking lots and campgrounds. It is something that has its own museum, its own airstrip, and an infield that is larger than some racetracks on the NASCAR circuit! (If you are ever able to take a tour, or to do the PETTEY Ride-Along, do it! You'll learn a ton about this track that you never knew, and the ride around the track at 170mph is something you'll never forget! I did it and I loved it!)


There are miles of campgrounds on the roads leading into the track facility.

We always start the day with a little shopping at the huge food/merchandise markets set up in the open air across from the track complex. You'll see EVERYTHING there...take your, merchandise (some naughty, most nice) of ALL kinds and food!

After a little shopping for a new t-shirt of our favorite driver, a new dog collar and leash, we turn around and head back to the old farmhouse parking lot and then....

it's back to our yearly "parking spot" where we always meet our friends from Georgia, (at $20/day, it's well worth it to not get caught in the raceway parking nightmare) for our tailgate "morning lunch" before we head into the track complex itself to find our way to our seats. The walk in is about a mile or more from here. We prefer our own food to the greasy fast food offered in the booths or on the huge concourse at the track. We pack our soft coolers and our clear backpack with drinks and provisions for 4-5 hours of racing and slather on the sunscreen and go...

We find our seat and enjoy what we can see of the pre-race show, driver introductions, and then once the men remove their hats and the National Anthem is sung, we are treated to a huge semi driving the whole track with the most enormous American flag you've ever seen flying proudly on the back of the truck to the cheers of the crowds, with the finale being flyovers from the Air Force and a case of intense pride and goosebumps happen to me EVERY single time!

This man pictured here in the foreground, spotted a race fan heading up the steps of the stands during the National Anthem with his hat on his head. He took his own hat, smacked the man on the arm with it and said "Take off your hat!". The man sprinting up the steps, removed his hat, but kept on going. I wanted to go hug this man for standing up for his country! (Click on photo to see each of the race pit crews in perfect formation for the National Anthem and flyover!)

Then, (I wish you could hear it!) all the cars start their engines and it's a roar like you wouldn't believe to have almost fifty of these powerful engines running at once; it'll shake you in your seat! But that's nothing like it will be in a few minutes when they all get up to full speed and run that track at almost 200 mph!

Here's a really good telelphoto shot of the camping area of the infield. As you can see, the track site is set into a very beautiful spot in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. You feel like you're sitting on top of the world. Our seats are directly across from pit road.

When Junior's in the's a real crowd pleaser! They go nuts when he's out front or getting ready to pass someone for the lead.

The race was very good, loved it even though our favorite wasn't the winner (he was second!) he led a lot of laps and pulled some of his "smooth moves" to get back to the front each time he was shuffled back in the pack. (We've been going to 'Dega for seven years and in the eight races we've been to there, we've only just now--this time-- had a bad experience in the stands with out-of-control drunk college-age fans who must have thought they were there for a "girls gone wild" shoot. I wanted to smack them down because there were children (one oif whom was my 13 year old son!) in the audience who could see all their filth and it's a long story but I'd sure like to have been the sherriff instead of a spectator! For the most part the fans are very family-oriented and nice.)

The weather was perfect (sunny, breezy, temps in the mid eighties) and we weren't seated too far from the Big One at the end...but the smoke and debris stopped us from seeing too much of the accident, but we sure did hear it. I taped the beginning and the ending of the race, and if I can figure out how to post a video, I'll show you both and then you can hear my scream when the accident happened there at the end. We're glad everyone is okay and that the fence did its job; if it hadn't, the outcome would have been much worse!

This was taken by Suzie, after our long day at the track, the race is over, and we've taken the long walk back to the parking spot, and had something cold to drink from the cooler and wiped our faces with an iced-down washcloth. We discuss the race and visit awhile, then say our goodbyes to Brian and Suzie, our friends from Georgia, and tell each other that we'll see each other again, at the same time next year! Then, we get in the Suburban to take the two hour trip back to Jamie's house, exhausted, but happy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Race Weekend Report Coming Soon!

From high up in the stands on what looks to be the top of the's Talladega Spring race, 2009! What a wonderful weekend: perfect weather (breezy, sunny, high eighties) and really good racing. Of course, it's always a bonus when our favorite driver (Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who else?) is doing well. Kerry Earnhardt raced on Saturday and for just a little while, it was a thrill to see Dale Jr. and Kerry running together. Kerry had a fast car and ran well, got dumped in the draft late in the race but it gave us all a thrill to watch him do so well. Dale Jr. finished well Saturday but didn't end in the top spot, but the finish was exciting, which is always a plus for the fans in the stands so they feel like they got their money's worth! And, Sunday's race was awesome and Sunday's finish was beyond crazy, as I'm sure all of you that follow it, by now know! I will have more to show when I can get all my photos uploaded and edited...I ended the race video taping with my small Kodak, and wow...did I ever get a surprise at the finish line!

The fans are always colorful characters....(if you click on the photo it will be easier to see the beer can necklace this crafty fellow made to wear, and I'm sure it made for some interesting tan lines...!)

The scenery in the retail area isn't too bad, either. The shopping's fun!

My daughter, Jamie chooses her race shirt for the year at the #3 trailer...yes, there are still numerous Dale Earnhardt outlets.
Tomorrow is the trip back home to Michigan! I'm sad to leave Jamie and the wonderful summery weather we have here. I've been thrilled, hanging laundry on the line, going out in flip flops, having to use sunblock! Wow!

Spaghetti Pie Made in a Cast Iron Frying Pan

Spaghetti Pie
(Even better in a black fryin' pan!)

I cook slightly more spaghetti than this recipe calls for when I make this in the old cast iron fryin' pan also add an extra egg and maybe one extra Tablespoon of butter, slightly more mozarella for the top.)
The recipe below has not been modified to show the changes for the black frying pan. The recipe below is for a glass or ceramic pie plate-sized recipe. But when you make it in your old fryin' pan, I don't think you'll go back!

6 ounces spaghetti, cooked and drained

2 T. butter or margarine

2 well-beaten eggs

1/3 c. parmesan cheese (fresh or in the box)

1 c. cottage cheese (optional)

1 lb. ground beef, browned and drained with onion (onion optional)

14 oz. jar spaghetti sauce

1/2 c. mozzarella cheese (I use more)


Brown the burger, with onion if preferred, drain, mix with spaghetti sauce, and set aside.

Preheat oven to 350.

Spray your black fryin' pan with PAM for easy cleanup

Place fryin' pan in oven to get nice and HOT!


Stir butter or margarine into the drained, hot spaghetti. Stir in parmesan cheese and the beaten eggs, stirring well. Get a potholder and remove fryin' pan from the oven and pour into pan:

first: the spaghetti/egg/parmesan cheese mixture.

Next, the cottage cheese, if you're using it, spread on top of spaghetti mixture

Then, add the spaghetti sauce mixture.

Now, put on the mozzarella, I like to lay it on pretty thick.

BAKE , uncovered, FOR 25+ minutes, until bubbly and the cheese is nicely browned on top.

Serve with a nice antipasto or garden salad, and a crispy garlic bread!


**This pie is great to take to a shut-in or for a family for dinner while mom's in the hospital or just arriving home with baby, etc. It's a great looking and great-tasting filling and hot meal! Tastes even better reheated!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scenic Sundays: Outside the Back Door....

We don't live in a remarkable or spectacular scenic area...we are surrounded on four sides by farm fields, there are six houses in the whole mile, and the fields in the winter are either white or mud, depending, or as shown here in early spring, a combination of both. (Of course, in the spring, summer and fall, I think the farmer who farms all the land around us does the best job at providing beautiful scenery: my favorite crop to be surrounded by is corn!)

But, to make up for the lack of geographical scenery that some of you enjoy, we do live in a place that sits in the wide open, there is a big sky, and the sunrises and the sunsets are easily seen and some not to be missed. (At night, a lot of stars are seen due to the lack of outdoor lighting. One of our favorite things to do is have a campfire, and sit around it and stargaze.)

For now, just enjoy an early spring sunset with me!

I looked out one evening week before last, and I literally sucked in my breath at the sight of this sunset and made a mad dash for the camera, because opportunities like this one are lost in one single minute, as any of you would know who have photographed sunsets. This was a particularly brilliant one and I hope you enjoy scenery from my backdoor today!

What's Cookin'?

I finally found the apron hanger I'd bought a few months had fallen down behind my old pie safe. And now my aprons finally have a well-deserved home, and they can easily be grabbed when I've got to get busy!

And on top of that pie safe, sit some of my very favorite cookbooks!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Howdy, Where Ya'll From?

I'm from Michigan. Today I am in Alabama...and while we're here, just about anytime we order in a restaurant, anyone on the waitstaff can tell that I'm not from here(especially when I decline the offer of grits with my breakfast). And being the friendly people they are, inevitably they always say "Where ya'll from?"


Well, of course, we always tell them that we're here from Michigan, that Lem is originally from here, and that we're down visiting my daughter and her husband. (Not to mention the granddoggies {Bryant, Josie, and Dixie} and grandkitties {General Jackson, General Lee and Lucky} and the grand-pottbellied piggy named Suzie!)


This weekend we'll be at the NASCAR race at Talladega, which has now become a spring family tradition. We meet some good friends there from Georgia and have a good old time. (I am, among other dishes, making Pioneer Woman's beef brisket for the tailgating on Sunday...recipe here. The whole process is shown, then at the bottom of the post, there's a printable recipe. It's worth EVERY bit of the work involved!)


So....WHERE YA'LL FROM, dear readers? I sure would love it if you just tell me your name and where you're from! And, have a glass of sweet tea while you're at it!


(My husband is originally from this great state in the Heart of Dixie...and maybe, after thirty years of coming here, I actually should order those grits, what do ya think? I should be a little more adventurous! Oh, and a weather report for my friends in Michigan who may be reading this...I know ya'll were supposed to have great weather the whole weekend up to Sunday....but when we got to TN it was high eighties. I looked mighty silly in my jogging suit with the fleece jacket. Now last night we slept all night with the windows open, today it's mid seventies with a gentle breeze blowing and all the windows are still open! And, I busted out the flip-flops...that in itself is a cause for celebration! It feels WONDERFUL! Now I'm off to the store to get some of the ingredients I need for the tailgating on Saturday and Sunday! See you soon!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thriftin' on a Thursday: A Treasure From The Past!

This Bing Crosby album made me squeal, and it was open, but still in its cellophane wrap!

FIFTY CENTS. A half dollar is all that I gave for this sweet treasure in a little thrift store called "The Strawberry Patch" a couple of weeks ago when I was visiting my sister. It'll be such a nice album to listen to as we trim the tree (on this record player that my daughter bought her dad one Christmas not long ago)!

I was so pleased, and even though my sister doesn't have a record player she got a very nice-looking jazz album with a cover (a black and white beauty) that is frame- able as art.

I think the thrill of thrifting, garage-saling, and antiquing is that you never know what is hidden inside even the most dreary little places. You can leave with a treasure that may be only fifty cents but it will make you smile for years to come!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Amish Coloring Book Giveaway! A DRAWING!

I brought something back with me (to share with a lucky blog reader) last time I ventured north and went to the Amish store, Pioneer General. I thought my blog readers might enter the drawing to win the coloring book and a new box of crayons for their child or children....but then...

I opened up the new box full of possibilities, sniffed very deeply...and decided that perhaps an ADULT reader of my blog may want the crayons and coloring book for themselves! (I am always a sucker for a new box of crayons...never have outgrown that, and coloring is just plain fun and relaxing!) And then...

When I opened up the Amish coloring book to look at the hand-drawn pictures to be able to show you a few of them, I knew for sure that the grown-ups would definitely want to color in this book, too. And perhaps even trace a few of the pictures (like the wringer washer, above!) onto a flour sack towel to embroider as many of the drawings would be so cute on an old-fashioned dishtowel!

And then when I saw this page, it was all I could do to NOT sit right down and color this garden during a spring rain....too sweet! You will not see any "images" of the Amish people themselves in this book. That goes against their teaching, so most of it is scenes from an Amish point of view: from around their farm. **Edited to add: these pages are heavy white bond paper instead of the low-quality manila paper you're used to in a coloring book.

I can always go back and get myself one of these another day but I want all of you who love to color, or who would like this for their little one to enter this drawing...and there is even more cuteness and a whole bunch of farm animals and more in the pages of this sweet coloring book. Send your friends over, too!

(I can't be the only one at age 47 who likes to sit down and color every now and then, right? Who can open a fresh box of Crayons without thinking of that first day of school long ago in elementary school when a fresh and crisp package of crayons sat on your school desk with a new Dick & Jane workbook on top of which sat the Dick & Jane reader?)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The"Bowel" Cabinet

Ayup! You read that right.

That's the label on one of the cabinets in the church kitchen.


MmmmmHmmmm....appetizing, isn't it? I know it makes me silently cringe but then I can't help but giggle every time I see it!

It's actually the BOWL cabinet.

Poor Bowls.

I don't have the heart to bring it up to anybody...who knows who did it?

(It had to be a man with a runaway DYMO labelmaker, remember those?)

Cracks me up.

But it shows....that ONE LETTER can change the whole meaning of a word!

That's the funny for the day....

PS: What movie is the "Ayup" quote from?

Did you remember?

Sarah, Plain and Tall!

Ayup! Now you remember! (LOVE those movies!)

PSS: Now, you may be wondering if today's adorable photo and "The Bowel Cabinet" have anything to do with each other. Could it be a strange coincidence that I posted a cute picture of our big redbone coonhound, who was once a former cutie patootie puppy?

Or, perhaps there is a remarkably ridiculous story about this puppy's bowels when he was a mere babe on his de-wormer medication. Do you want to hear it? Are you SURE?

It's not for the faint of heart. (Don't worry, no pictures...just a description, I was way too busy muttering various things under my breath while I was doing the cleaning and scrubbing to think about a camera, aren't you lucky there!?)

Okay, well, I don't want to run on...pardon the pun! I know you're dying to hear it.

Well....I discovered one day very vividly that the de-wormer gave him very liquid bowels..if you know what I mean. And, one day, he had a sudden urge and with absolutely no warning: squirt! It hit the wall! Squirt! It hit the carpet! Squirt! It blasted against the baseboard, AND then squirt! It ran down into the heat vent that was in the FLOOR! Now THAT was fun to clean up! It took a lot of love not to throw that puppy out with the mop water that day!

Poor baby.

Poor Bowels.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Days & Wellies

From T. J. Maxx-imus for $19.99

It's a DREARY rainy day. It began last night and has rained all day long and there are mud puddles everywhere. The grass, however, is turning a nice green and the flowers are loving it. And I'm sure when the sun comes out in the next couple of days we'll see the leaves poppin' out from their little protective covers on the tress and the forsythia will bloom! (Tonight, though, there will be a little snow mixed with that rain!)
Soon, I will be wearing the newness off these; and they're so cute they almost make me wish for puddles!

A Few of my Favorite Things

newborn babies::grandpas::grandmas::courage::clotheslines::the sound of Bible pages turning when the pastor announces the text::the way my husband's strong arms feel when they're wrapped around me::getting away::the feeling of satisfaction i have when all my kids are sleeping under the same roof::the smell when the farmer next door turns the dirt for the first time in spring::the way a fresh fall apple from the orchard sounds when you bite into it::my sentimental husband::the smell of the beach::the sounds of the waves::the good feeling after a hard day's work::crawling into bed when sheets are freshly-laundered and line-dried::rocking on the porch and visiting with a loved friend or sister or my husband::violin music::old aprons::a good dance tune::people that dance whether they're good at it or not, but smile the whole while::ladies who probably shouldn't wear bathing suits but do it anyway so they can play in the water with their children or grandchildren, bravo to them::sundays::coming home::freshly picked black cherries::work-worn hands::a long, warm hug from someone you haven't seen in a long time::the way a mother looks at her newborn baby::the way a father ruffles his son's hair::the smell of a horse barn::the way animals prance and run in the springtime::my husband offering to make dinner::campfires::a good hearty laugh::amazing grace::the first quiet magical and sparkling snow of winter::old-fashioned Christmas lights on a real tree::grandpa's plaid wool hunting hat::a hard-working man with a farmer's tan::payday::the look of concentration on a child's face when they're really trying to learn::blue eyes::my daughter's spirit::my sons' strong sense of right and wrong::fruit stands::the foam in the glass when coke is poured over ice::when my husband bakes cookies::the county fair::puppies::kittens::innocence of a child::a good carrot cake::newly refinished antique furniture::old rugs and linens::the feeling you get when riding on a roller coaster::loud fast cars::a good storm::the fourth of july and everything it stands for::the smell of corn standing in the field and all ready to combine::strawberries::big band tunes::old mustangs::a nice breeze on a summer day::riding with the windows open in the spring::toddlers just learning to walk::a crisp white blouse with jeans:: men who wear work boots::discovering a rainbow::a movie that makes me laugh and cry::finding the first ripe tomato::oldies music with the top down on the convertible::flip flops::boots crunching on snow::serving my family a good hot meal while we all sit at the table and talk::country churches that sit by the side of the road in a green meadow::fireworks::the look in the eye of a newly-engaged couple::a simple picnic::blue skies::my son and husband heading out to fish::the look of my canned garden vegetables::a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift::a thick milkshake::visiting the greenhouse in spring to pick out annuals for the yard::thanksgiving dinner::carving pumpkins::the excitement when one of the boys shoots a deer::the way a newborn stretches and squeaks when they wake up::potlucks::the anticipation of seeing my daughter again::

What are some of YOUR favorite things?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thrifty Teaday Funday

Thrifted: a beautiful blue vintage Pyrex bowl, this one patterned. And...

...a vintage spring-green Pyrex bowl...and a lovely vintage striped dishtowel. Can't wait to use the bowl to put together something like this....

...A vintage bowl wedding shower gift: my sister's idea. In this gorgeous aqua bowl, she put a homemade apron (isn't her embroidery great?) various small kitchen untensils, and a gourmet cake mix. It's a great idea for vintage bowls, as something to have on hand to make up and use and wrap in cellophane (add a tag that is also your favorite recipe using a cake mix) for an affordable and adorable wedding shower gift! And, most of the fun is the search for the vintage bowls!

And, I found this: it's black enamelware, but I have no clue what it's a deep tray containing two rectangular dishes with lids. I think it may be a refrigerator set of some sort? Anyone that knows, please tell me! I think I'll use it on top of my front-loaders and put my homemade powdered laundry detergent inside. If you've seen other clever uses for a set like this, let me know. When I find out what this is, I'll try to update the post and tell the proper name of it!

Such an exciting day. Going to the tea party. Enjoying our freedom, driving Dixie, the sunshine and blue skies. Being with my sister and my niece, being able to visit on the way to and from the capitol. Stopping off for an hour at the thrift store. It would have been more than enough fun for one day. But, when I got home, a beautiful package was sitting on the table that had come in the mail that day: inside, wrapped beautifully and tied with a gorgeous sheer ribbon with daisies was this beautiful APRON that I'd bought-- made by a fellow Michiganian: Kathleen Grace, over at Kathy's Cottage; who is Hensindaisies on ETSY. She makes gorgeous items....go check her out!

I was thrilled with this colorful apron! It's well-made, nice and heavy, crisp with a saucy little ruffle on bottom, so that I when I walk outside to the clothesline, it flutters in the wind! And, it's got nice roomy pockets all the way across the front to hold my cordless and cellphone, which I take outside so I don't have to run all the way back inside if I get a phone call. (I can't wait to use it in a couple of weeks to wear during my spring garage sale!) It may end up being my favorite apron of them all and it will definitely be worn to a tea party in July! Thank you, Kathy!

Bye for now...and probably for the whole weekend. We've got good weather and lots and lots to do I'll visit with you again next week! I hope that you, too, have sunshine this weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If You Feel Like a Tea "Party Pooper" .... then do THIS!

This cute lil' guy Jonah (the son of my friend Amanda) had his own tea party, right at home! What a great smile, and an undeniably adorable little guy. What kind of Congressman could open a letter with this picture in it and not pay attention??
If anyone feels like they missed out by not being able to go to their local Tea Party...take heart! You can still make a difference! (Yesterday was JUST the beginning, and there will be plenty more opportunities!)

Get your cute lil' chickens out (or even your not-so-little kids, or the whole family out in the front yard and have a neighbor take your photo) and make them a my friend Amanda did. Take a photo ...after all this is our children's debt, as well as our own.

Then get the photos printed up at home on your printer on regular paper and send your own typed message with it: whatever you would like to say to these representatives who aren't listening to us, and make copies to send by mail, fax, or email to:

Your local or state representatives
Your governor
Your Congressional representatives
Your President
Your local news media
Your national news media (Treat it as if it were a press release!)

Tell them you wanted to be at a Tea Party but you weren't able to make it because you work or have little ones but that you're protesting straight to them.

Finding the addresses to mail or fax or email them with a copy of a teabag, and doing so is as easy as can be with a search engine...and I have an email address to Congress (click over on my sidebar).
Don't feel bad for not going, it was a weekday, (I think that all future ones should be held on weekends) and it's hard to be in large crowds with little kids....

It's nice to know that there is something moms with young families, or families or individuals that must work can DO!

Remember: not all patriots could make it to Boston or Philadelphia.....but they did anything they could do, and as history shows us, it all helps!

Traditional Media: In Bed with Obama

This sign was the BEST of the day....and it says it all!
click on any picture on my blog to enlarge

Put Cindy Sheehan with fifteen of her friends in a ditch in Crawford, Texas and all the media flies in full crews to cover every move and give in-depth, fawning coverage and interviews, updates by the hour--for WEEKS ON END!

Octomom has a following of the major networks and, for weeks, that's all the television and print media could concentrate on!


Sarah Palin's daughter and her boyfriend break up and it's national coverage, and ABC sends an ambush interviewer all the way up to Alaska to get the lowdown for this important news to beam across the American airwaves, as IF you were dying to know any of the details. (I'm proud to note here that the boyfriend didn't dish any dirt for these parasitic "news" people.)


Yet, thousands of people (the taxpaying citizens who pay the way in this country) who ORGANIZE THEMSELVES into a body that would like to tell the government that they are unhappy with their gigantic spending and out-of-control, out-of-touch governance, and they REFUSE TO SHOW UP. And, if they happened to send out a token interviewer and crew....the coverage was blasphemous and an insult to freedom loving Americans everywhere.


There is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: the so-called "fourth branch of government" is totally out of touch and might as well be--and probably will soon be--a state-run media. (Bailouts are in the works, I am sure!)

Big Traditional and some of the newer media like CNBC and CNN are pimps for this administration as they were for the Clintons. They are actively promoting their utopian ideas along with Obama. They believe that they helped put this man in office, are proud of the fact that they helped trash Sarah Palin (because they feared her) and that anyone who disagrees with themselves or Obama, (after all, he is their KING!) is not fit to deal with.

No one can deny in seeing the pictures of highly attended rallies that polka-dotted our country yesterday that something big is happening. It's the second American revolution in its birthing stages, and they deem it unworthy of coverage.

Who's looking out for you?

You decide.

As for me, mainstream or traditional media will no longer--IN ANY WAY-- be in my sphere of influence.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've GOT TEA! Believe You ME!

Here is your TEA PARTY REPORT...From your faithful blogger who drove to Lansing, Michigan.
Right away I found a Revolutionary War I had to help him out with his look and my '76 Flag.
My sis came down from up north last evening, and after supper, we sat down and made up a bunch of signs. Boy, howdy, did we ever.
The turnout was great, the weather cooperated and although it was chilly, at least it had stopped raining (it rained ALL DAY yesterday and was windy and cold) so at least we had sunshine! I have no idea how many showed up but there were people as far as I could see in four directions. We saw people in the windows of the capitol building four floors up, so perhaps they were trying to estimate the crowd. Everyone seemed so happy (relief that the day was finally here!) and friendly, and FUNNY. (I didn't see ONE radical nut job that Janet Napalitano warned Homeland Security about!) There were so many funny signs! Americans, even in the bad times, can still have their sense of humor!

The sign on the left made me snicker. I did a lot of snickering today!

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

My sister taking a phone call...her husband called to tell her they owe more taxes ... and no, I'm not kidding! They're small business owners trying to make it in this state that really "socks it to" the businessman.

See this little grandma here? She ducked under her sign just before I shot the photo...little stinker!

Just had to get a photo of the papparazzi taking pictures of me....
This is my sis....she's so cute. She's standing on the Capitol steps making her opinion known. We decided to go as housewives (hehe....what a stretch that was for the two of us! Hehehehahahohoho!) and we made signs to coordinate with that idea....we felt like celebrities, we had our pictures taken so much!

I found this sign about Geithner particularly humorous!

I made this sign, and it was extra, so I shared it with this young guy. He didn't bring a sign and I felt sorry for him...the flip side of it said:

"SAY WHAT? THE U.S.S.A.? UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA??" And pictured with those words was the hammer and sickle.

Teabags deposited upon the steps of the Capitol....

This guy brought a constitution with him...I imagine he might have very willingly shared it with any politician that may have shown up!

Listening to speeches...and at one point, the speaker had all of us take out our cellphones, and we dialed, and hit send so that we ALL CALLED WASHINGTON AT ONE TIME! It was HILARIOUS! I do believe we probably shut down the system. I've been calling Washington a lot lately, so I knew the number without being told because it's programmed into my phone! (My bad...)

Even the canines protest!

These signs got a lot of attention, my niece's was drawn by her...and was so cute and so true. We made my sister's because we'd heard that ACORN was going to show up and disrupt...we have a system down, my sister does the artwork, and I do the lettering. So we're all set for the next Tea Party.

My sister, my niece and myself standing in our positions waiting for the rally to begin. We had a lot of fun, and it was sunny and windy, kind of chilly and our feet got cold. We had quilts, chairs, a packed lunch and cold cokes and water, (And I'm so glad we did!) all our signs and our '76 flag. We didn't sit down from about 10:40 until 1:00, and at one o'clock we couldn't stand it anymore and we all sat down and ate our lunches while the speakers gave their speeches. Joe the Plumber was there and he spoke to us. I am so glad we went, my niece just LOVED it and we had a lot of fun taking pictures of other people's signs and they loved our signs.

And that is the end of my public service for today. I'm "tard"...I know I'll sleep well tonight! How was your tea party?