Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thriftin' on a Thursday... I Hit the Motherlode!

Service for 16 with cups, saucers, bread plates, dinner plates, two serving bowls, sugar bowl and creamer circa 1962-ish (I talked to a lady while I was loading it and she said her mom had some in the early 60's...these were grocery store premium dinner service sets!)

I know all my bloggy friends will understand my joy and excitement at finding this cool set of old dishes. I had high hopes for my niece's retro-housewife wedding shower, that I could find her an appropriate retro gift and that it would be difficult, there are no garage sales right now, there's only the thrift stores.


And, because she had hopes for some cool retro gifts, I really wanted to see her get something retro, not necessarily just things from her department store gift registries.


I went out today to do all the grocery shopping for day of cooking I had to do for the shower...and on the way by, I thought I better stop in at the Salvation Army thrift Store, just in case. WELL...what do you know, the dishes shown above were in the front showcase in my quick route that starts there each time I go! My heart was pounding, and I guarded them (so no one else could grab them!) as I called my sis and described them to her because, wouldn't you know it, my cellphone battery was too low and the camera power wouldn't be there for shootin' her a picture through the phone. She described them to my niece and she said "They sound awesome!".


Well....I hope she does love them, (I'm sure she will) but since she's into aqua and had already registered for some aqua accessories and cobalt blue drinking glasses, I think we're all set for a happy bride-to-be.


These don't look too bad for being as old as I am! And to find a set of sixteen....I think it was meant to be! They're all freshly washed in bleach-y suds-y dishwater, dried, shining and sitting in a nice, new clear tote with green handles that match the little accents in the dishes. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it! (I hope I can take pictures of the shower for you to show all of you next week!)


elma said...

LOVE those dishes!!! What a find:)

Ali said...

O wow, that is awesome! She is sure to love them, sounds like a perfect match!

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Way cool! I am envious.


Susan @ The Good Life! said...

Those dishes are beautiful! Love them!

Kelly B said...

Wow!! You are so lucky!! I never find service for 16!! I am so jealous!! There are 7 of us and anything less than 12 is just not gonna work!! It is a great thing you stopped in real quick!! :)

Sincerely, Emily said...

Great Dishes. What a find. Emily

Donna said...

Cool Dishes Sweetie!! I Know she'll love them!!! Happy weekend!hughugs

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a wonderful thing to have everything work out so well. They are really sweet dishes.

Have A Fabulous Friday
From Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Love the plates...retro does not fit in with my stuff but love it nonetheless.
I cannot wait to see your pics from the shower. The blue with aqua...well just can't wait.
An yes, service for 16 is unbelieveable. :-)

Betty Jo said...

Great find and I'm sure she is going to love 'em. Isn't it fun when what we need just shows up! ♥