Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

newborn babies::grandpas::grandmas::courage::clotheslines::the sound of Bible pages turning when the pastor announces the text::the way my husband's strong arms feel when they're wrapped around me::getting away::the feeling of satisfaction i have when all my kids are sleeping under the same roof::the smell when the farmer next door turns the dirt for the first time in spring::the way a fresh fall apple from the orchard sounds when you bite into it::my sentimental husband::the smell of the beach::the sounds of the waves::the good feeling after a hard day's work::crawling into bed when sheets are freshly-laundered and line-dried::rocking on the porch and visiting with a loved friend or sister or my husband::violin music::old aprons::a good dance tune::people that dance whether they're good at it or not, but smile the whole while::ladies who probably shouldn't wear bathing suits but do it anyway so they can play in the water with their children or grandchildren, bravo to them::sundays::coming home::freshly picked black cherries::work-worn hands::a long, warm hug from someone you haven't seen in a long time::the way a mother looks at her newborn baby::the way a father ruffles his son's hair::the smell of a horse barn::the way animals prance and run in the springtime::my husband offering to make dinner::campfires::a good hearty laugh::amazing grace::the first quiet magical and sparkling snow of winter::old-fashioned Christmas lights on a real tree::grandpa's plaid wool hunting hat::a hard-working man with a farmer's tan::payday::the look of concentration on a child's face when they're really trying to learn::blue eyes::my daughter's spirit::my sons' strong sense of right and wrong::fruit stands::the foam in the glass when coke is poured over ice::when my husband bakes cookies::the county fair::puppies::kittens::innocence of a child::a good carrot cake::newly refinished antique furniture::old rugs and linens::the feeling you get when riding on a roller coaster::loud fast cars::a good storm::the fourth of july and everything it stands for::the smell of corn standing in the field and all ready to combine::strawberries::big band tunes::old mustangs::a nice breeze on a summer day::riding with the windows open in the spring::toddlers just learning to walk::a crisp white blouse with jeans:: men who wear work boots::discovering a rainbow::a movie that makes me laugh and cry::finding the first ripe tomato::oldies music with the top down on the convertible::flip flops::boots crunching on snow::serving my family a good hot meal while we all sit at the table and talk::country churches that sit by the side of the road in a green meadow::fireworks::the look in the eye of a newly-engaged couple::a simple picnic::blue skies::my son and husband heading out to fish::the look of my canned garden vegetables::a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift::a thick milkshake::visiting the greenhouse in spring to pick out annuals for the yard::thanksgiving dinner::carving pumpkins::the excitement when one of the boys shoots a deer::the way a newborn stretches and squeaks when they wake up::potlucks::the anticipation of seeing my daughter again::

What are some of YOUR favorite things?


Jen said...

I love this list - it is perfect! and I love your blog too!

kelly Bergsing said...

I agree!! I love your list!! And the cookies look wonderful... makes me hungry!! :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely post about things to love.

Have An Amazing Monday
from Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl

Donna said...

Lovin' the list sweetie!!hughugs

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

This is such a great post - one lovely image after another appears. There are so, so many reasons to be happy and it is such a refreshing and uplifting exercise to take note of them from time to time!

I appreciated everything on your list! I've always greatly admired folks who just enjoy being the happy people they are and don't spend a second worrying about what others might think - as in your ladies who shouldn't wear bathing suits, but do - and those who might not be great dancers, but get right out there and have lots of fun. I really love big band music, too! Ah - and men who wear work boots, have work-worn hands and farmers' tans - just add a cap, flannel shirt, tool belt and worn blue jeans and that's my sweet husband - he's a carpenter. That first visit to the greenhouse in the spring - color at last, all the beautiful flowers and the sweet smell of dirt - it's heaven!! Oh, and a cold milkshake - now I wish I lived closer to Steak 'n' Shake - could use one right now!

This is so much fun - love this post!

ctgardengirl said... read my mind. I tried to slow down reading it, getting an image in my mind, or remembering a scent or a wonderful feeling. You made me remember things I loved that I've forgotten. Thank you!