Friday, April 17, 2009

Thrifty Teaday Funday

Thrifted: a beautiful blue vintage Pyrex bowl, this one patterned. And...

...a vintage spring-green Pyrex bowl...and a lovely vintage striped dishtowel. Can't wait to use the bowl to put together something like this....

...A vintage bowl wedding shower gift: my sister's idea. In this gorgeous aqua bowl, she put a homemade apron (isn't her embroidery great?) various small kitchen untensils, and a gourmet cake mix. It's a great idea for vintage bowls, as something to have on hand to make up and use and wrap in cellophane (add a tag that is also your favorite recipe using a cake mix) for an affordable and adorable wedding shower gift! And, most of the fun is the search for the vintage bowls!

And, I found this: it's black enamelware, but I have no clue what it's a deep tray containing two rectangular dishes with lids. I think it may be a refrigerator set of some sort? Anyone that knows, please tell me! I think I'll use it on top of my front-loaders and put my homemade powdered laundry detergent inside. If you've seen other clever uses for a set like this, let me know. When I find out what this is, I'll try to update the post and tell the proper name of it!

Such an exciting day. Going to the tea party. Enjoying our freedom, driving Dixie, the sunshine and blue skies. Being with my sister and my niece, being able to visit on the way to and from the capitol. Stopping off for an hour at the thrift store. It would have been more than enough fun for one day. But, when I got home, a beautiful package was sitting on the table that had come in the mail that day: inside, wrapped beautifully and tied with a gorgeous sheer ribbon with daisies was this beautiful APRON that I'd bought-- made by a fellow Michiganian: Kathleen Grace, over at Kathy's Cottage; who is Hensindaisies on ETSY. She makes gorgeous items....go check her out!

I was thrilled with this colorful apron! It's well-made, nice and heavy, crisp with a saucy little ruffle on bottom, so that I when I walk outside to the clothesline, it flutters in the wind! And, it's got nice roomy pockets all the way across the front to hold my cordless and cellphone, which I take outside so I don't have to run all the way back inside if I get a phone call. (I can't wait to use it in a couple of weeks to wear during my spring garage sale!) It may end up being my favorite apron of them all and it will definitely be worn to a tea party in July! Thank you, Kathy!

Bye for now...and probably for the whole weekend. We've got good weather and lots and lots to do I'll visit with you again next week! I hope that you, too, have sunshine this weekend!


Michelle said...

Hi there! Just discovered your wonderful blog! Your house is SO GORGEOUS! That would be my dream home. :) I love the vintage bowls and aprons. :)

Nice to meet you. :)

Kathleen Grace said...

I am so glad you liked the apron! You got some great finds, those black covered dishes are wonderful, I don't think I've ever seen anything old like that in black. I am not sure what it is but I like your idea for using it as a container for your detergent:>)

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a perfect day...Good for you! Such great finds and good company too!
I had emailed my Dad the link to your Tea Party post and he told me today, he forwarded it to a bunch of people saying you said it better than he could and that the Tea Party he went to was basically the same kind of scene as yours. I told him to keep his signs...We will probably need them again later!

Anonymous said...

I love your bowls and the way you photographed them. What a cute idea for a shower gift and yes, the embroidery is precious. I also love the colorful apron you received. Hope you have a great time in the garden this weekend.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have 2 of those green bowls! Use 'em all the time. Old bowls are my favorite.
Also, vintage aprons...full ones not the half. I am NOT a clean cook and the full ones keep me fairly neat!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. If anyone is wondering where to get nice quality cellophane for wrapping the bowls, I've looked everywhere and most is thin and cheap. I've found good cellophane wrap at my local Ben Franklin, where all the employees make vintage style aprons to wear at work. (I'll tell them about your Patriot Apron Brigade next time I go there.) Now, I think my daughter and I will spend some time making signs and taking pictures to send you. We respect the contributions our moms and grandma's made to our lives and to our country. It's time to pass the importance of knowing and abiding by our Constitution on to the next generation, so I'm going to start there. It'll also be a good mother/daughter time since my older daughter wasn't able to go to the tea party with me!

Rue said...

I think the black ones are grease catchers?? I could be wrong... it wouldn't be a first for me LOL

LOVE that apron!!


Susie Q said...

Your blog is just wonderful! Your home is beyond lovely! Not only are the bowls perfect but your photos OF them are amazing!

I am new but I will be back as often as I can! Now I am off to read more here!!


Susan @ The Good Life! said...

I love all of your finds! Beautiful!

Charity Grace said...

What a great idea! I know a lot of young couples who are getting married and I've been wracking my brain for creative, frugal but fun gifts. This is perfect!

Anonymous said...
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