Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've GOT TEA! Believe You ME!

Here is your TEA PARTY REPORT...From your faithful blogger who drove to Lansing, Michigan.
Right away I found a Revolutionary War I had to help him out with his look and my '76 Flag.
My sis came down from up north last evening, and after supper, we sat down and made up a bunch of signs. Boy, howdy, did we ever.
The turnout was great, the weather cooperated and although it was chilly, at least it had stopped raining (it rained ALL DAY yesterday and was windy and cold) so at least we had sunshine! I have no idea how many showed up but there were people as far as I could see in four directions. We saw people in the windows of the capitol building four floors up, so perhaps they were trying to estimate the crowd. Everyone seemed so happy (relief that the day was finally here!) and friendly, and FUNNY. (I didn't see ONE radical nut job that Janet Napalitano warned Homeland Security about!) There were so many funny signs! Americans, even in the bad times, can still have their sense of humor!

The sign on the left made me snicker. I did a lot of snickering today!

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

My sister taking a phone call...her husband called to tell her they owe more taxes ... and no, I'm not kidding! They're small business owners trying to make it in this state that really "socks it to" the businessman.

See this little grandma here? She ducked under her sign just before I shot the photo...little stinker!

Just had to get a photo of the papparazzi taking pictures of me....
This is my sis....she's so cute. She's standing on the Capitol steps making her opinion known. We decided to go as housewives (hehe....what a stretch that was for the two of us! Hehehehahahohoho!) and we made signs to coordinate with that idea....we felt like celebrities, we had our pictures taken so much!

I found this sign about Geithner particularly humorous!

I made this sign, and it was extra, so I shared it with this young guy. He didn't bring a sign and I felt sorry for him...the flip side of it said:

"SAY WHAT? THE U.S.S.A.? UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA??" And pictured with those words was the hammer and sickle.

Teabags deposited upon the steps of the Capitol....

This guy brought a constitution with him...I imagine he might have very willingly shared it with any politician that may have shown up!

Listening to speeches...and at one point, the speaker had all of us take out our cellphones, and we dialed, and hit send so that we ALL CALLED WASHINGTON AT ONE TIME! It was HILARIOUS! I do believe we probably shut down the system. I've been calling Washington a lot lately, so I knew the number without being told because it's programmed into my phone! (My bad...)

Even the canines protest!

These signs got a lot of attention, my niece's was drawn by her...and was so cute and so true. We made my sister's because we'd heard that ACORN was going to show up and disrupt...we have a system down, my sister does the artwork, and I do the lettering. So we're all set for the next Tea Party.

My sister, my niece and myself standing in our positions waiting for the rally to begin. We had a lot of fun, and it was sunny and windy, kind of chilly and our feet got cold. We had quilts, chairs, a packed lunch and cold cokes and water, (And I'm so glad we did!) all our signs and our '76 flag. We didn't sit down from about 10:40 until 1:00, and at one o'clock we couldn't stand it anymore and we all sat down and ate our lunches while the speakers gave their speeches. Joe the Plumber was there and he spoke to us. I am so glad we went, my niece just LOVED it and we had a lot of fun taking pictures of other people's signs and they loved our signs.

And that is the end of my public service for today. I'm "tard"...I know I'll sleep well tonight! How was your tea party?


Sue said...

Left my comment on Restless Patriot...
AWESOME!!! So happy you were there!

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

I wish I could have been there ma!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I am laughing! You should have done coverage... for HGTV in your housewife get ups.
Thank you for standing up for those of us who were sitting down (behind my desk all day working!)

Stand up for the small businesses!

Sue said...

Yea for you! My Dad in Arkansas went to one today with the sign he made yesterday. My Step~Mama didn't want to go. If I had been there, I would have gone with him! Keep up the good work and the good word!!
P.S. I am sending my Dad your link so he can see all your pictures!

aimee said...

Awesome report!! I SO wish I could have gone to one; hopefully the next time!!!

Donna said...

Three cheers for you! Loved all the great signs, LOL! We didn't attend any since we are on vacation, but we sent in our tea bag tags & letters over a week ago to our representatives, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama. It's about time for the hard-working Americans to take back their country!

Kelly Bergsing said...

I am looking forward to see how many of the liberal media actually cover it. I know Sean Hannity and some other conservatives were, but I wonder if Obama will address it at all. I doubt people will vote for him again. I think he is a one term President. I don't know anyone that thinks he is doing a good job now. Every promise he used to get votes is already broken... and he hasn't been in office for 100 days yet!! I am glad you were able to go! I would have, but couldn't find a babysitter for my 5. :)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Would have been to the one in Grand Rapids, but grandson was home sick with flu. Watched it all on the news, with Fox (Hannity was live from Atlanta) having the most exposure. We might be able to make the ones planned for July 4.
Wonderful photos, and what a great job on the signs!

Linda said...

From this "right wing extremist"--AWESOME!!! Blessings

Kathie Truitt said...

THank you so much for sharing and all the pictures. As I watched tv last night I thought about you and wondered if you really did go.

I am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I love your post...your signs were great....we,too, were at our local TEA PARTY. I've not felt that patriotic in years.

I'm orginally from a little town south of in California for lots of years...and long for that small town feeling once again...and I felt that last night at our rally.


Sit A Spell said...

I did not see many of the signs you took photos of! (I missed some good ones!) I didn't see the tea'd off housewife...I would have joined y'all!

From the Old InkWell said...

Great post! Preach on, Sister!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Woohoo! Way to go! I love, love, love all the clever! Can not wait for the 4th of July protest.

The Whistle Stop said...
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RobinfromCA said...

Excellent! My daughter hasn't sent any photos yet but she went to the Sacramento rally. It was warm there so she wore her swimsuit top with her jeans and had her shirt hanging out of her pocket. Her sign read "Out of money. Would you like the shirt off my back?" She said she had her picture taken a lot." In the unusual bi-partisan spirit taking place (especially in CA) there was a great sign saying "Republicrats & Demicans are responsible for this mess." Clever.

Loved your signs and photos. I heard Michigan had one of the larger gatherings in the country!


Tracy said...

I love it that you were able to go. I wish I could have gone to a tea party. All of the signs are fantastic and it's always so good to know that I'm not the only one who is fed up with this nonsense. Love the post! Thanks!!