Monday, April 13, 2009

Come Here, Beautiful!

At Last....

Yes, she's arrived, in all her glory.....

She and I will have many good times together, I can just tell it.

I found her in a most unexpected place: an Amish Store up north where my sister lives, called Pioneer General. I flipped when I saw her, the heart started beating faster, and I had to choose a color: dark red, or this glorious blue.

The cashier, a demure Amish woman probably around my age, in her black and white clothing and cap with her hair in a cute bun, said that she wanted one, too. I imagine she'd go for the black one, but not me! This blue is IT!

$57.99 + tax and she was ready to ride home in the Buick to come in and live on my stovetop.

(Yee Haw!)
And my husband should be happy because what I really want is this:

(Anyone who has had one of these, {dutch ovens, that is!} can you tell me your favorite uses or tips and tricks for using it? At this point, admiring it is all I've done...and I've got no clue, I just know these have to be good because they're cast iron and everything cooks or bakes better in cast iron!)


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Can't wait for the cooking tips - I am clueless :-).
Love the way you negotiate with your hubby, lucky he is, indeed!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog (:

Guess what? I was born in Michigan!

I love cooking with cast iron!I don't have a nice one like yours. I'm relegated to the old kind that I have to grease up after each use, but I love them. I love that I can braise the onions and garlic in my dutch oven, add a roast and vegetables, and then toss the whole thing in the oven! I also have several frying pans... that are every bit as good a teflon! You're gonna have a fun with yours! Vicki

Kelly Bergsing said...

OOOh!! What a great deal!!! I am sure that you will have a long and happy relationship!! :)

Unknown said...

Yep, she's a beauty alright, both of 'em. I say get the car too, no sense in supporting those bailed out car used...thats my opinion.;D

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing my mom talk about these, but I don't know any recipes or tips. It is really beautiful!

Donna said...

What a DEAL!!! Great looking pot!!! Don't have one...too many $$$'s here!!hughugs

Sue said...

Love your new blue friend! Enjoyed reading your blog!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Ouuu I want the red one you left behind! :-)

Hubby has been drooling over that car since he first saw it in the dealer ship.....
I bet he'd say you buy the pot, I'll buy that car! lol

Blue is a very popular color in the amish community!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful find!

Hugz & Blessings,