Monday, April 20, 2009

The"Bowel" Cabinet

Ayup! You read that right.

That's the label on one of the cabinets in the church kitchen.


MmmmmHmmmm....appetizing, isn't it? I know it makes me silently cringe but then I can't help but giggle every time I see it!

It's actually the BOWL cabinet.

Poor Bowls.

I don't have the heart to bring it up to anybody...who knows who did it?

(It had to be a man with a runaway DYMO labelmaker, remember those?)

Cracks me up.

But it shows....that ONE LETTER can change the whole meaning of a word!

That's the funny for the day....

PS: What movie is the "Ayup" quote from?

Did you remember?

Sarah, Plain and Tall!

Ayup! Now you remember! (LOVE those movies!)

PSS: Now, you may be wondering if today's adorable photo and "The Bowel Cabinet" have anything to do with each other. Could it be a strange coincidence that I posted a cute picture of our big redbone coonhound, who was once a former cutie patootie puppy?

Or, perhaps there is a remarkably ridiculous story about this puppy's bowels when he was a mere babe on his de-wormer medication. Do you want to hear it? Are you SURE?

It's not for the faint of heart. (Don't worry, no pictures...just a description, I was way too busy muttering various things under my breath while I was doing the cleaning and scrubbing to think about a camera, aren't you lucky there!?)

Okay, well, I don't want to run on...pardon the pun! I know you're dying to hear it.

Well....I discovered one day very vividly that the de-wormer gave him very liquid bowels..if you know what I mean. And, one day, he had a sudden urge and with absolutely no warning: squirt! It hit the wall! Squirt! It hit the carpet! Squirt! It blasted against the baseboard, AND then squirt! It ran down into the heat vent that was in the FLOOR! Now THAT was fun to clean up! It took a lot of love not to throw that puppy out with the mop water that day!

Poor baby.

Poor Bowels.


Donna said...

HAHAhahahaaaa....OK...Got it! Poor puppy dog AND YOU!!! the way...Now I'm seeing "An Amish Coloring Book Giveaway"...title....HAHAhahaa
One of us has been in the "hooch" again!!!hughugs

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Thanks for providing the good belly laugh of the day! The "bowel" cabinet at church - haha!! Oh I remember those label makers from the 1970s. They were so much fun to use everyone had to go around just looking for things to label - whether they needed a label or not. What a hoot!

And poor doggie . . . and poor person who had to clean up after poor doggie!!

ctgardengirl said...

I laughed out loud about the poor puppy - got a 'visual' if you know what I mean! I can just imagine the vent issue - poor you!
You have a sweet blog and I love all your photos. I am a midwest farm girl myself, transplanted to the northeast. I sure do miss living on a farm.
I love your farmhouse, by the way.
Ps: Love your playlist too!