Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Bug's Journal...

Hello. It's me, June Bug. Remember me? They put posters up telling the people at the vet's office and the grocery store my story, and how I got my name, and that I was free to a good home? Well, nobody called. So, lucky me, I'm livin' here with the nice man who rescued me from the store parking lot and his wife who came in the car and got me and wrapped me in a blankie and took me home and fed me, and the boy who smiled and played with me the whole first day when the doggies in the house were so ticked off because I came to their territory. CANINES! UGH! (And then at night, there's an older boy, too who comes home from work, and I love, love, love to sit on his lap and I climb higher and higher, and eventually I end up sleeping up around his neck. He's so comfy and cozy.) Meow.

Oh, they were scary to me the first few days. The first day I hissed and growled and I hated their guts! But I now have the inside dogs ALL UNDER CONTROL...the outside doggie, he's so fast, and so loud and he just is NOT my cup of tea; OH, NO, not at ALL. But the doggies in the house, well, I got them under control in just a couple days! (We'll be working on that outside dog, I'll let you know what happens with that beast!)

Yes, little old ME, under two pounds, fully commands the beastly red dogs who live in the house, one of whom could swallow me whole in one gulp in that HUGE mouth (he weighs 75 pounds! What would my mother say?) and the other little weenie dog who weighs about 9 pounds-- it's ME they OBEY. It took them a little over three days to understand just WHO was the boss now. What a week!

It hasn't been without its little pleasures, however. The little weenie dog is exactly the right size to play hide and seek with under the lady's kitchen table. I can fit underneath the couch, he cannot. I can climb behind other pieces of furniture where he will not fit. I can hop more easily to the seats of the chairs than he can, though, so I hold superiority there. I also remind him from time to time that I came equipped quite nicely with a great big loud hiss, a mean growl, and a sharp set of claws. He is learning my limits. MEOW.

I have a small jungle that I command (it's actually the lady's front garden and the hostas and large rocks there are just perfect for me to practice my cat-like moves). I jump from rock to rock, and I am good at quiety jumping from hosta to hosta barely being seen by the humans. I could be in the movies, I'm so stealth. And look, I hunt now! The man put me in a barrel with a beady-eyed mouse to teach me all about my new job as the kitty of the old farmhouse. I was a heroic mouse gladiator and I passed the test quite handsomely as you can see documented here. (The man took all these photos...wow!)

I've got a mouse by the tail, it's plain to see...

And, once I had played with it for most of an hour, I found myself a private and secluded dining area, and proceeded to devour my prey. I didn't like how that mouse made my mommy scream anyhow so I was more than happy to employ my hunting skills. TO THE HUNTER GO THE SPOILS. MEOWWW!

I am the mouser mommy had been wanting!

And tonight, when daddy took me out on the leash (?!!CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ONE?!!) I found another June Bug and ate it for my bedtime snack. (I tend to like crunchy snacks. YUM!)

This is your faithful bloggin' kitty, June Bug, until next time -- signing off.



KathyB. said...

June Bug has fit in purrfectly! And she is a good mouser...you and yours have struck it rich as far as kittens go. What a blessing for you AND June Bug...and the weenie dog and the big red dog will soon agree , right?

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Oh, I love Junebug, he has stolen my heart!!!! I love Junebug's post too, and wow, already a mouser!!! Sounds like he has a wonderful new home. Hope to hear from Junebug again.. ;)
♥ Teresa

Carol Murdock said...

Great writing Joni, I would have read the whole book if there had been one! Cute kitty too!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a precious little kitten.... my daughter is oooing and ahhing beside me. ;) And already catching mice!! I think you have been blessed.

Donna said...

A good mouser is handy to have around in the countryside!

blushing rose said...

June-bug, you have found a lovely new home & special 'parents' ... cute post, Joni! TTFN ~ Marydon

Rue said...

hehehehe... I'm glad June bug found a new home :)

Did we really need the dead mouse pic though... ewwww..... LOLOLOL

Oh and would you believe that I remember the milkman? We had one up until I was about 14 in California. Weird, huh?