Monday, June 15, 2009

It's STORY TIME! Milkman Bill...

Let's read a sweet story...about the man who brings the milk to the door...okay?
I'll be sure not to turn the pages too fast, we need time to look at the pictures. Here goes!
(Written by Jessica Potter Broderick Illustrated by Jean Tamburine
Copyright 1960)
Click any photo to enlarge and see more detail...

Rand McNally Company
Chicago, IL
Established 1856
Printed in the U.S.A.
Can't resist these pictures and the little stories. I remember having my own tiny paperbacks and being so in love with them. My sisters and I played lots of "library" (we had no television and we played elaborate themes a lot.) We had detailed set-ups that we were allowed to keep up for days upstairs in our bedrooms and the hall during the summer. We had desks, telephones, made library cards, sorted and shelved all our books and took turns being the patrons and the librarian and just had a ball!

Have a lovely day...and I have to ask
do YOU remember the milkman?
barely remember that time, I would have been around kindergarten age when it ended...but I remember hearing the truck pull into the driveway!)


morninglorycottage said...

I remember the milkman. He not only brought milk but cottage cheese, cheese, ice cream and he would pull up beside the sidewalk. His name was Johnny and I'm sure he's probably gone by now. Foremost dairy. Oh that brings back memories. I was probably about 10 or so when the milkman quite delivering. How sad we don't have some of these things around anymore. Thanks for reminding me!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Thank you so much for your lovely visit! I LOVE it when you fabulous girlies pop over! :-)

I DO remember the milkman. My dad used to tell us that milk didn't come from the faucet because we drank so much milk. Still do. I passed that gene onto my daughter and grandson too! My dad built a little ice chest in the garage....the milkman would open the door from the outside and deliver the milk, then we could open a little door from the inside to pick it up! So cute! Loved your little reminder of days gone by...


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Love your story and looking at the book, I too had elaborate play set ups of my own, stores filled with saved empty boxes and jars, libraries where you would check out books to your friends, major tea parties, fun fun. The milkman was no more by the time I was born but my Grandfather and Grandmother WERE the milk "man" before I was born. They owned their own little dairy farm and I remember great stories about them delivering milk. and My favorite well worn and duct taped childhood book was Five Beds For Bitsy. My Mom would give me quarters and I would buy Little Golden Books at the store. Thank you for bringing back those sweet memories for me. ♥ Teresa

Martha said...

I barely remember the milk man and I think with today's lifestyle a milkman would be appreciated again (save all those trips to the market -- for milk!)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Yes, indeed I do remember the milkman. We had an insulated metal container just outside the door. It was a lovelier, simpler time then, wasn't it?

Angelina said...

i do not remember the milkman- but i have this book too! I started buying old books several years ago and I love them! I think it'd be fun to decorate with them somehow, but still working on that one.....

Fruitful Harvest said...

Sweet story~
We have a milkman that comes to our house!
Fresh milk from the dairy!

Cute blog!

Come say hi sometime!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've really made my day with this sweet story. I love old books like this and I grew up in the '50s so I DO remember the milkman. What a treat when we got ice cream from him on rare occasions!

Thanks for the memories! I loved reading this!

Chris said...

I love old books. Great illustrations in that one. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

I DO remember the milkman!!! Oh, how I loved the clank of the bottles against the metal crate sections. I liked seeing the cream separation. I liked saying, "The Milkman is here!" Once when at my aunt Lucille's house I heard a knock at the door of her breezeway (remember "breezeways?") and she said, "Oh, it's the Milkman." Like, everybody knew when their milkman was at the door!!
Woa, gotta think about this!