Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Blogging....

Recently, I read a goodbye from a long-time blogger that I have loved reading: her entry explained why she was leaving the world of regular blogging.  I LOVED her personality, her deep faith, her beautiful family and her lovely home.  I will miss her.  She was from the deep south and had a way of writing that was warm and just drew me in.  She was down-home in every sense of the word.

If you are on the outside looking in, (unless you have a blog) you may not know how it works.   Pictures are taken.  Then edited.   Then uploaded.  Writing (and rewriting and more editing!) and photography can take a little time.  I probably spend an hour a day. 

I have the opposite problem of this blogger who left us, and I wanted to explain it.

Her blog turned out to be a burden, while she was at her computer, she felt like the whole world was passing her by.  She was tired of thinking of what to write about.  And, she grew weary of "staging" things or people for photos to blog about.

But blogging, to me, is a gift, that is amazing, (still!) to me, and I'm turning into my fourth year.

I am someone who has always had a camera with me anyway, and would be snapping lots of pictures whether I had a blog or not.  (Just ask my family, they can attest to this!)  I am more motivated to snap away, but it's nothing I would stop doing if I didn't have a blog.

I am a writer at heart, and cannot believe the good fortune that this is the modern age, and a day when I can be a self-published author through the wonder of an easy-to-use blog platform, (easy enough even for me--a techno-dunce to use), and that I have this web, with a network of blogs all around me, so rich in inspiration, ideas, thoughts.  It's a whole new world out there.

I am able be a part of it all just by jumping in-- and sharing what I hope you will think are beautiful pictures--because I enjoy finding beauty in the every day.

To me, blogging is just two things I LOVE --"snappin' and yappin"--seamlessly going together, now that is a gift, an outlet for my heart and my "art".   

To me, writing and photography is something awesome--and that they can go TOGETHER like this?  A marvel.  

I have more posts written than I have ever published, taken more pictures than I have ever uploaded to blogger.  It's rare when I stage anything, I may have done so once or twice.   If I'm putting up a recipe, it's photographed while I cook for my family.  If I have found a vintage item, it might be put on the porch railing, the dining room table, the grass, where ever the light is good.

One of the most surprising and wonderful things about blogging, and to be honest, quite to have found that my blog has been very good for keeping in touch visually with my daughter who lives in a state that is 750 miles away.  

This is a place for her to check in at home and "see" what's going on.  I feel it keeps us closer.  She can "come home" with a click of her mouse.  That's why I try really hard to keep this place warm and cozy.

(The worst part of blogging is wondering what your neighbors or family think they see me sometimes laying on my back in the ditch to get that sunset shot?  It's nerve wracking, only when I wonder what the people that I know think of it!)

Do they think it's strange to have a web address for my old house?  Or WHY people would read about my (BORING) life?  Do they want to shoot JuneBug?   When I gush about the big old tree out front, do they wish it would blow down already so they didn't have to deal with its leaves every fall?

I ain't stoppin' anytime soon.

I LOVE writing.
I LOVE taking photos.
I LOVE editing photos.
I LOVE to tell stories.
I LOVE to get to know new people.

Blogging is not a burden to me and I want you to know that I feel lucky that you stop in on a regular basis to check in and see what this bland Midwesterner might be blathering on about.  

I cannot believe that visitors stop in here from all over the world as well as the United States.  Just last week, my counter told me I had over 5400 visitors in that week alone.  Unreal.  Since I began keeping track more than a year into it, the odometer is clicking over to 150,000 that have peeked into this little magazine on the web.

I just feel so lucky to have an audience for all those pictures I would be taking anyway.

And, that you would read the words I write?  I am amazed.



YOU are the reason this all works.

Without readers, would I blog?

I don't think so.

I am so glad you stop in!
Come on back anytime.



Shirley said...

Your thoughts are mine exactly. I wish I could write as good as you. But what got me started was the love of photography. I take so may photos anyway and this outlet gave me an excuse to take even more. And different types that I had ever taken before. (Like food!)
I think if I write at a different time of day it would be better. I wait till late evening and then I'm too tired to think of the words!

BumbleBeeLane said...

I love blogging too.When I started it I figured I'd just have it set up and just look at other blogs like I usually did.Once I got started though it came like talking to a old friend and now so many friendships.Like you I feel blessed so many people take interest and care about me,my thoughts and life.Very nice post today.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Cheryl Ann said...

I'm entering my fourth year of blogging, too. And, for me, it isn't a chore! I actually look forward to getting up in the morning and doing a post on a couple of my blogs! I actually have ten!!!! And, like you, I carry my camera everywhere. I even have a little Nikon Coolpix that I keep in my purse! I LOVE BLOGGING!!!

Unknown said...

I have found that by reading your blog and others I'm not alone in this big world with what I love. From vintage finds to cooking, kids, values and love of country, we are the same. Each having our different life style but the core is the same. Keep going. While my blog is not fancy or has a lot of followers I'm finding my way around.

Laura said...

I'm glad you're not going anywhere soon! I love reading your beautiful words and looking at your wonderful pictures.
I love to write, but just lack the imagination. My plan is to blog more in this year. I find that I put it off, saving it for when my cumbersome work is done. Somehow my cumbersome work is never done. I just need to re-organize my time to be able to sit down and write.
You actually just gave me a push, even if you didn't think you were! Thanks!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love blogging! Someone posted recently about "some blogs having too many pics and too many words"!I can't blog without either! And my blog too is for family! Meeting friends along the way has been a very sweet bonus!
Joni, my rice bag is at the P.O.! They called, but will not be delivering any mail our way this week!
Stay warm :) xo, misha

Sharon in Carolina said...

Love your blog. I look at it each day and your photos and quotes are very uplifting. You have a gift and you are a blessing to me. Please keep posting. I live in the country and also live a "country " life. I hav used lots of your ideas in my home. Keep up the good work

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Joni,
Beautifully written! Blogging does take time and I don't always have enough time to post, but I'm not going away any time soon either. I always enjoy my visits with you.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Mindy said...

I love reading your blog so I'm glad you continue to writing it. You're good at both writing and photography. I love taking pictures too and have tons I never even show anyone. I love your house and how you decorate it! Keep up the good work!

Mabel and Edgars Early Goods said...

Keep it going...I love your Blog. Michelle

Becca's Dirt said...

Great post Joni. I appreciate you sharing this. I feel the same way about blogging. I love blogging. I am rather timid and a loner and this is an avenue that I can express myself and a little creative sometime. I think its neat that we can start our blog for one thing but we aren't stuck to that - we can write about ANYTHING. That's whats so great. I love your blog and you post some of the best recipes. Have a great day. Love the quilts on the line. Don't know when I'll get started on quilting.

Carmen S. said...

You truly have a gift:) I just recently found you but I enjoy all your posts and wonderful pictures! My son is in the Army and has my blog addy and although I doubt he would admit it, lol, I like to think he pops in now and then to see what I'm up to;)It is sad to see some bloggers go, I get attached to them and their stories,but for everyone who leaves a new one comes along:)

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

You are such an inspiration! I wish I could blog more. I certainly have too many pics n words... Just not always pretty w/out much editing! Time and a faster internet connection are all I'm lacking on my farm!
I always enjoy my visits here. Thank you!

Julie Hinds said...

Joni, yours is the only one I read every day, just too busy to follow others, I do look forward to it everyday too! Always amazed at how we like the same stuff, I'm glad you're not getting tired of it either. Have a wonderful day my friend!

Kathie Truitt said...

You better not quit! I'll track you down.
Alas, though, I am contemplating taking a very long break. It is a lot of work and I haven't been doing it justice. Expect an anouncement of my long break coming up soon. I need to find a way to re-group and re-define.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

I agree with you, although I will admit that I sometimes get overwhelmed due to lack of time, at certain times of the year and sometimes I can't think of catchy titles. I absolutely love blogging, it's a wonderful way to socialize with others how have the same interests or may theirs are different from mine but very interesting as well. I've shared a lot on our blog, but by and large I've learned far, far, more and have met some truly wonderful people in the process. It's a blessing for me.
Glad to hear you aren' stopping, we'd certainly miss ya!

Anonymous said...

No blogging for me. Just totally enjoy reading about similar God-fearing, American, old treasure-loving people. Your creative pics are enjoyed too. Truly do appreciate all the time and work that goes into your pieces. God bless. Peggy

Bring Pretty Back said...

I could have written tis myself! Taht is exactly how i feel!
Have a pretty day!

Kerin said...

Great post! It's fun to read your thoughts on blogging.
Hope you do keep on blogging and we'll keep on reading :)

Aspiemom said...

Some people have a gift for blogging. You are one of those people.

I don't have much time to put into pictures and writing - don't have a lot of computer access, so my blogging isn't very exciting. I also had to take mine Private because of my son finding his birth-mother and since going Private people forget to look for a post.

I always enjoy your pictures so much and I'm glad you find such joy in taking them!

Donna said...

I love visiting here because it's like visiting with my next door neighbor! When blogging gets to be a chore, then folks need to hang it up and give it up. But I have found it to be a great past-time and I have made many wonderful new friends!

mary your sis said...

I'm glad you enjoy blogging; it's even better than talking on the phone since we're so far away. The photo's are uplifting and you do have a gift for this! Plus, you get to choose your own blogging family, how great is that? Has it really been nearly four years? Congratulations!

lil red hen said...

I do stop by just about every day and really enjoy seeing your photos. Your home is beautiful. I'm new to blogging and get discouraged sometimes, feeling no one reads it but my children and they already know all I write about. I'm glad you won't be stopping!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Joni!

Love your words "snappin' and yappin"! Ditto! I love blogging and meeting wonderful people like you! Have a wonderful year blogging!


Midlife Roadtripper said...

The blogging journey is a strange one. After a year where I had a difficult time keeping up, I await the new year, a new chance. I love having a place for my thoughts, words, loves. Interesting post.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog Joni..and very happy you're not stopping 'chatting' anytime soon..also love all the photo's you is a way for this Aussie girl to see small parts of America, your part of America..simply adore it..
So a big thank you for allowing me to be apart of your life, which is never boring..
luv Ann.xx

Linda said...

When I was reading this I thought I was reading about me for a moment. I am new at blogging and I do love it. I also love photography, you can ask anyone, I always have my cameras with me, never go anywhere without them. I feel if I don't have at least one of my cameras with me I will miss something beautiful that God has created. I love reading what others write about and how people are living. Keep up the good work, hope to see more.


Kathleen Grace said...

--"snappin' and yappin" too hilarious Joni! I love blogging too, it has been a huge blessing in my life and set my feet on a path that I would have never found on my own. Amazing support and friendships are worth the effort. Keep on blogging friend, it isn't for everyone, but for those of us who truly love it, it's a life changer!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Beautifully written!! I find blogging something I wake up wanting to do. I have to put it away to attend to things around here and once in a while I take a few days break. It is so fun and I agree what a wonderful age we live in to be able to do this.