Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dog Days of ... Winter!

"Mommy, when will it be over?  When can I go out and chase birds, butterflies, and roll with joy and full abandon in the green, green, grass?

"You say 'Soon, soon!'   And I keep a watch, and things still seem the same.  All white.  All cold.  It all makes my paws hurt!"  

I don't see the rabbits, the squirrel, all those friends who are so happy when it's green and pretty outside.  Just birds and birds and more birds.  I'm tired of birds!  

JuneBug doesn't even chase them much anymore!"

"But if you say springtime will be here soon, I will wait.

How ever long that takes!"

Yes, we are in THOSE days....the "dog" days of winter:  when the animals look like they cannot stand another minute of it.  

You must admit, it gets a little old.  Especially for creatures who must go outside to use the "facilities".  Crunchy cold.  Numbing cold.  

The good part?  We have snow to go with it, unlike brown winters--give me the white ones that brighten up the world a whole bunch.


Are you dreaming of a "spring break" with some warmth, sunshine, lapping waves to hypnotize you and the feel of those gentle salty breezes, too?  

(In the summer, Michigan is a great place to be, but NOW?  Not so much...)

So...if you could get away to somewhere warm that has all you crave this time of year,  WHERE would you like to go?  

(Our favorite beach getaway is Gulf Shores, Alabama.)  

Let me know your favorite sunny spot where you like to sit in the sand...


Laura said...

Both of my kids lived out of state for a while...one in Georgia and one in California. Michigan called them back though, so we have no valid excuse to fly this cold wintry coop!
If we had some extra traveling cash, I would love to follow the PCH up the California coast, making stops along the way. Beautiful.

Connie said...

My favorite spot is Charleston SC. I was only there for one day while passing through but I fell in LOVE with it's history and charm. I hope to make it back some day and for more than a day!

Tractor Mom said...

I live in North Georgia and I'm looking for warm weather so I can get started in them garden! We'd rather head to the mountains and leave the sand to y'all! Nothing like the Great Smokies in the spring...

PAINTORDIG.blogspot.com said...

I don't care where I go, just as long as there is water and sand and it is warm. Your sweet baby looks so sad. My doxies don't care if it is cold, they like to snuggle under the cover and I have to force them outside.

Penny said...

A cruise to Bermuda would be nice right about now! Love Horseshoe Bay!
My dogs LOVE the snow. I have to force them inside because I am cold and need the blankets! One dog is in and out about 25 times a day --romping, rolling, and eating the snow!

Mel said...

It would seem we are sharing the Artic air this wintery season.Had -35*F yesterday morning here in NNY.

I'm happy right here at home, just would love to see an early spring...

Cute Doxie, my daughet has a mini that looks like yours, I love her personality, ans she is a cuddle bug too. When she spend nights with her Grammy, she sleeps under my blanket, I just may have a doxie of my own one day.

Stay warm and just remember in 2 months or so we will be able to forget all about how cold we all were.


Amy said...

California in the summer or a warm cruise to the Bahamas or our favorite...Big Bend National Park for Spring Break. Yummy, warm sun.

Tanya said...

HI Joni,
Oh my, we have been to Gulf Shores one time and loved loved loved it! We talk of going back. Long drive but well worth it!
We have a spring break cruise to Caribbean planned and are really excited. 7 nights! It is truly what is getting us through this winter!
I just need some warm sunshine! ;)

Linda said...

We don't travel much....we are home-bodies...usually winter months are not real bad here in West TN but this year has been different.....more snow and colder temps. I have been to Charleston S. Carolina once and it does have a lot of history and charm as Connie said. I have been to Georgia twice and they are full of great hospitality. I do love the Great Smokie Mountains...Tennessee is a great place to live!!

Unknown said...

G'eve Joni ~ It would have to our fav's ~ Charleston SC or Savannah, GA
... awesome beautiful places & people.

Trust me with this arctic blast we are getting in MD, it has occurred to us to 'leave town' literally. Unusually bitter cold ... worst in 20+ years.

Good to visit with you again, I am soooo far behind in doing so.

Have a beautiful eve ~