Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patience Pays Off....

For a long long time I've needed a small-ish, plain sort of chair--one that can be slip covered easily by an amateur like me.  I didn't know that what I was looking for was called a slipper chair.  That might have helped me in my search!  So...there ya go, this is a slipper chair, people!

It had to fit a little corner in the living room that has to accommodate our Christmas tree in December.  There is only one spot that a tree can go in this old house!

Farmhouses were not designed with much furniture, or for that matter, a woman's needs in mind.  

I think they must have gathered more around the kitchen table as a family and gone to bed with the chickens, and they weren't, obviously, thinking much about sofas, chairs, shelves, lamps (and where they'd plug in when they had no power, no running water!)

And I know they weren't thinking about furniture placement and the inconvenience of the way they added on to the old place...with SIX doors and two gigantic windows they put in this old living room that is very much on the small side.

If you ever plan to buy an old farmhouse, DON'T buy the furniture first, or if you do, be prepared to use a lot of it in another spot, because you actually need to LIVE in an old farmhouse, with all of its quirks and idiosyncrasies to know what you're going to need.

We have not messed much at all with the footprint of the original parts of the farmhouse, because we wanted to retain the character of the place.  

Therefore, life isn't always easy when shopping for tables, furniture, curtains, shades (especially with window coverings.  NOTHING in this house is a standard size!).  

The cute, perfectly perfect farmhouses you see with never a cord showing must be the kind of home that was completely demolished inside and started over completely.

Not here!

This little chair fit the bill.  I'd been watching TJ Maxx for months and it finally paid off.  This little number was perfect and under $100 and it fit in the back seat of my Buick!  

(I have a plain-colored robin's egg blue quilt that I am thinking of cutting up to upholster it with!  It matches the little table perfectly!) 

Now I have one more part of this room that is just driving me nuts and I have to figure out what to do with it.

This, below, is too much darkness.

This is too much cord-ness.

I'm sure if I'm patient, I'll figure something out.

I know the guy that built this house had no idea we'd need to watch an occasional movie and play video games (that you dance to!) in here!


Linda said...

Your home is beautiful...I love old farmhouses and would love to have one. My hubby on the other hand....he likes them but not enough to own one....he looks at them as too much work! I say he is just a "party pooper".


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh how I know your pain, Joni!
Our home was built in 3 sections. The kitchen, built in 1897, was the original home. It is a Huge kitchen, but it would make for a small house! The living room was added in 1920; the bedrooms in the '40s! But, I adore its quirky,unique character!! The steps that go down into the kitchen from the LR, and the office were the original entrances to the home.
I think you picked a perfect chair!
So sweet! I can't wait to see it finished in "Joni~style"!
xo, misha