Thursday, January 6, 2011




UNdecorating the house.

I must get back to normal now that I'm all better and over that nasty flu!

Now, I don't know about you, but UNdecorating for Christmas is a horrible chore that gets me blue.  I love the results but don't like what gets me there.  Give me any other household chore, even dusting, which I hate with a passion and makes me grind my teeth just thinking about it...I would even rather do THAT than take Christmas down.



Can't explain it.

But I hate it.



Linda said...

I am the same way, I Love to decorate for Christmas but I hate to UNdecorate. I have been UNdecorating for a week now and I still am not done. I had rather be doing something else but I have to get it done! Good Luck!

Shirley said...

I must confess that I actually like to have the Christmas decorations put away each year - actually doing it ... not as much, but I keep the end result in mind.

Dusting - HATE IT!!! With passion!!!

Amy said...

I don't like it either. Makes me sad and I hate putting away all of that cheery color. It does seem nice and tidy when it is over but it is a sad chore!

Laura said...

Taking down the decorations always makes me sad. I was going to start last weeekend, but my husband asked me to leave them out a little longer. He is still enjoying them. That's never happened before, so I'm more than willing to leave it go for now.

Dusting? My most un-favorite housecleaning chore!

Kerin said...

Well, every other year except for this one , I have hated it.
This year we simplified, and it was all down and cleaned up in less than 30 minutes! I see a new family tradition for us :)
Best of luck, and just think... it will be done and over with for an entire year.

Faith said...

We always undecorate on New Year's day. I hate doing it but love when it is done. I have a real feeling of accomplishment, and a clean house.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I love getting everything clean and fresh, I will be posting on this tomorrow - I always feel so charged up when I get all the Christmas stuff out... at first I get teared up and nostalgic and then I get aggitated with the pine needles and the mess and I am ready to go!
It's like loosing ten pounds when it's all said and done and back in the rafters.

And... DAILEY! Barry is so transparent, why doesn't he just pick Bernadette while he is at it???

Cher' Shots said...

I get so excited to decorate for Christmas, but once it's past I think of 'undecorating' as a sort of let down. I try to focus on Christmas' true meaning to carry the spirit of Christmas through the year. 'hugs from afar'

birdie blue said...

couldn't agree with you more.


jamiely78 said...

Also hate it. I finally did my house yesterday. Very sad.

Deanna said...

I take my dear sweet time these days putting Christmas decorations away.
Partly because I don't want to do this and partly because I think the house looks drab without the decorations.
After a while I'm okay.

May you get to feeling so much better.
Head cold here...cough cough and cough.

Tanya said...

Hate it too...overwhelms me...makes me crazy....dread it....BUT when it's done I feel soooooo much better. I feel lighter! I feel like skipping!
Good luck.....go get um tiger!

aimee said...

I just leave some of it up all year--I call it Pacific NW Woodland Scandinavian:)
Good luck -- hope your job goes fast!
PS: I HATE dusting too!

LiBBy said...

I despise taking down "Christmas". It means winters upside is over and now were in for the long haul. Ugh.