Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Little Spring...

On a January morning with below zero temps with wind chills on top of that, I set out in the morning to get my five mile walk in (at the mall) and stopped on the way home to hunt for a few blooms I had my heart set on...

A few primroses for $2.50 each from the home center were brought home and wrapped in foil from the kitchen, set out on vintage saucers from a garage sale, then plopped in a tiered wire planter found at the Amish store years back.

It's just a little somethin' to tide us over until there are buds bursting on the trees and blooms coming out of the ground.

It makes me smile each time I walk past...

(And the primroses say:  "Any survival tips would be appreciated.")


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


The primroses are so pretty ! Just make sure the water can drain from the pot so their roots don't rot sitting in the water.

Such a dainty, colorful touch of early spring !

I need to walk our local mall more often !

Have a nice weekend ! Right now it is minus 3 and windchill factor is minus 15 ~


birdie blue said...

don't they look pretty!


Eileen said...

My gardening book says this about primrose care:

The biggest challenges of keeping this indoor beauty happy are its moisture and light requirements. Dry soil or direct sun will make primrose flowers wilt. Find a cool place for your plant. A bright sun porch is ideal. Pinch off spent blooms to extend blooming time.

Enjoy! They look so pretty! :0)

Anonymous said...

Very nice splash of color!