Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Accident & Other Newsy New News!

A happy accident every now and then is kind of fun.  You ever have one of those?

Some of them have names, and birthdays, I know!  But that's not what I'm talking about here today.

I'm talking about this flag banner.

You see, my family are flag-flyin' people.  I take them down for the winter, but most of the time, the world is right only when I have two flags flyin' from the old farmhouse porch.   I just don't want anybody missing out of the beauty of that red, white and blue.  And, one of my favorite sounds in the world, is Old Glory crisply flapping so it can be heard several rooms away from the front porch!

Jamie asked for a flag for Christmas, so I, being the efficient person that I am, ordered her one online.

It came and I wrapped it, paying no attention to what that label said.  

When Jamie opened it, she said, "WHAT did you buy me this HUGE banner for?"  It's about ten feet long!

See the label on the package SAID it was a regular flag, but it was actually a banner.

I told her we'd get her the right flag and mail it down when we got home, and I brought this back to Michigan.  So instead of the hassle of returning it, I just looked around the house for a place to put it.  I decided I liked it hanging over a door.  This summer it can go outside on the pole barn, perhaps.  

But for now, I'd say it looks just right on my door to the living room.




Love it!

Little E says hello.  It's been awhile, and I thought you might smile if I posted a picture of him in one of his happy moods.  Happy, because he was curled up, in a quilt, on the couch, with me, who, it oddly happened, managed to sit still for MORE than an hour on Saturday and read a book.  He just cannot get enough lap time, and his mommy is NOT a sitter.  So, when he sees me sitting, he runs for it.  The quilt makes everything even better!

And now...the newsy new news...

...Here is Levi's latest billboard.  It's stickin' up high in the sky, right across from a nearby county's abortion clinic.  (Kind of "in their faces" I'd say!)    Jamie had posted this cute pouty picture of Levi on her facebook and a Right to Life president saw it and made up the slogan to go with it.  Of course, Jamie happily gave her permission to use it.

The sidewalk workers say this one is an eye-catcher and attention-getter.  We may never know if it caused a mommy to change her mind, but we pray so!!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


The flag looks great hanging on the door !

The billboard should be placed in every town, especially D.C.

Thanks for sharing !



Shirley said...

The flag looks great there! I am NOT a sitter, either (well, except at the computer :). The picture of Levi on the abortion billboard is super - praying that it does make a difference in many little lives!

Isola Artworks said...

I love the flag just where it is ~ perfection! And I am sure Levi has certainly changed a life or two with that beautiful face.

Unknown said...

Love the flag! Love the billboard! Hopefully, it's changed a mind or two. Regret is a terrible thing to live with--from one who knows.

Aspiemom said...

What a great "in your face" billboard and I hope it really makes a difference!

I really like the flag there. Glad you could put it to good use.

And your dog looks so cute cuddled in the quilt!

Kathie Truitt said...

Did you take Little E with you to Alabama? Sometimes we'll pack up Sally and Violet and take them with us - major pain, but I like having them with us.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

The RTL billboard is AWESOME- The look on Levi's face with the message are fabulous...hopefully, will make a positive impact.

Donna said...

Levi has already started his modeling career! LOL. Love your little pooch. Haven't seen much of her in your pics. And of course, the flag drape is priceless!

Anonymous said...

The flag/banner was indeed a happy accident!
Go, Levi! I join you in praying that the billboard will have a wonderful impact for Life!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Great idea for the banner! Levi looks so cute on that billboard. Praying a mommy sees it and it changes her heart. Blessings!