Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Bit O' Green...

A bit 'o green for ya.

The dullness of winter can get to a person.  Well, at least it does to me.

That's why I'm glad I have a little green sprinkled around the house in the winter time.

 I'm not really a green thumb, but these ivy plants seem to stick around in spite of my abuse.

This one begged me to take its picture because it said the light was showing off its features perfectly.  I asked it to sit up straight but it said no.

I didn't press the point because, really, I'm mean enough to the poor little thing!

This neglected but still pretty ivy plant has lived on the porch or in my home for over three years now.

It's a versatile plant.  Thrives, but never gets re-potted.

Just gets a little drink every now and then.

And a nice spot of filtered sun for the winter months.


And a friendly neighbor, that lives just upstairs and is, amazingly, still alive too.  

They both continue to marvel at their good fortune.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Ahhh...yes....a bit 'o green to make you smile! Your header makes chills go down my spine!!

Happy New Year, Joni!


lil red hen said...

I bring in my gerbera daisy every winter and it looks pathetic; but when I put it out on the porch in the spring it shoots up and blooms pretty for me. The only other green I have is a mother-in-law's tongue. I don't think any amount of neglect can ruin it. Spring will come before we know it.