Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cozy @ Home: Home Keeping...


Some days keeping a home is just so satisfying and brings such contentment.  I find that especially true in the winter, with a pot of soup on the stove and some rolls rising on the counter.  

What a feeling it is to chop fresh vegetables, go to the pantry and take down a jar of canned tomatoes, and search for the green beans from the freezer for that pot of vegetable soup using leftover beef from last night's dinner.

Our blogs are kind of a way of keeping the crafts, recipes and happenings in our daily lives as a sort of history.

Thinking of that brought me to remember the passages from the Little House on the Prairie books--some that are just so sweet.  

I remember as a kid being mesmerized by Laura's pictures she drew for me with her words.  I felt like I was with Laura and I studied intently the pencil drawings by Garth Williams.

I thought I'd share one today with you--a passage that speaks to being cozy, home keeping, and winter.  

"Come on," Laura told Mary.  "We've got work to do."  They washed and wiped the dishes.  They shook the snow off their bedcovers and made their bed.  They warmed up again by the stove, then they polished it, and Mary cleaned the woodbox while Laura swept the floors.

(Don't you just love the way Laura Ingalls Wilder writes?)

So, as we blog, and tell our stories of keeping a home and caring for our families, could it be that someday...


People may read our entries and think "how quaint, how cozy"?

I do hope so.

Celebrate the daily parts of your life, and write it for those who come after and celebrate the simple. 

After all, while writing her first book as an older woman, Laura might have had doubts about it too, and perhaps she thought "who would want to hear about my "daily" life, anyway?"  

I --and millions more than me--are so glad she wrote about the seemingly mundane happenings in her little pioneer home.


hIWTHI said...

Loved this post :) I love Laura Ingalls Wilder...it's the day to day things that I do around my home that make me happy :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Amen! There's nothing like taking down jars of home canned food and preparing a nutritious supper for family and friends.
As you know, we've been living in the city for the past while and I wonder at all the hustle and bustle going on and for what, pray tell?
It makes me restless, restless to return to Thistle Cove Farm and the peace, quiet and joy of HOME!
Many thanks for your kind notes and prayers; you'll never know how they have ministered to me.

Cher' Shots said...

I'm enjoying this entry very much. Today I made home made chicken soup with egg dumplings and jalapeno cheese cornbread. We were just discussing how much we love using the vegetables we canned this past fall. 'hugs from afar'

Donna said...

I think us bloggers all like to hear about daily lives!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for sharing your love for simpler days. I raised my four children on "little house" books and now enjoying reading them with my husband in the winter months. As a former Michigander I drink-in the scenery of my old stomping grounds. Please keep sharing. If no one in the future ever reads it, know that many are enjoying your words now.