Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adventures in Alabama....Little River Canyon

Each trip we make to see our daughter and her family in Alabama, we try to have one day set aside for an "Adventure" and find a new place to go explore.  The day before we left to come back home, we piled in Jamie's Suburban and went to see "Little River Canyon" which is a National Preserve, in the northeast corner of the state.  

While there, you're within spitting distance of Tennessee and Georgia.  These are the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and there is lots of natural beauty to see.

Beautiful any time of year, I truly think this area is better to visit in the winter or early spring, before all of the foliage is on the trees.  Early Spring would also be gorgeous, as the dogwoods bloom on the canyon walls...

With the foliage down,  you can see more of the canyon.  It's a beautiful drive and we took a picnic lunch.

I used Jamie's camera for a few quick pictures of her family, other than that, all these pictures were taken by Lem, or Luke or Jamie...

We went in on a day that was sunny and 67 degrees!  

All along the way were different stops and each had its own unique views.  The waterfalls are best after the heavy winter rains, which just happened to be the night after we visited, it stormed violently and rained hard all. night. long!  The next day would have been the ideal time to be there.

This is the view from the bridge above one set of waterfalls.  It shows the beauty and the depth of the blue waters of the river that flows through the bottom of the canyon.

(click on any photo to enlarge!)

Someone captured this picture of a hawk with the sun shining through his wings!

The drive is a winding road that follows the river along its path in the canyon.  

There are stop offs at different points to view the rock walls and the river and various waterfalls that come into the canyon.

It is a long, long way down!  

This is my guys walking on the stones right above the larger falls.  It made me just a little bit nervous, but made them oh, so happy.  What's an adventure without an adventure?

Come baaaaack!!!

I love this picture, and seeing Luke makes me realize that he's not a boy anymore, he's a young man. 

Levi says..."I loved Little River Canyon!"

"Come back and see us!"


Tractor Mom said...

These are a beautiful pictures! We will need to explore this park. Thanks for sharing the pictures of such a beautiful place...

Donna said...

The beauty of the canyon is only surpased by the beauty of your family!

That is a gorgeous area between Alabama and Tennessee, rich in geological wonders. Thank you for reminding me of this special place!

Shirley said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tips of when the best time to go is - we'll definitely be venturing up there sometime soon :)

aimee said...

WOW! Incredible! TY so much for sharing these--had never seen photos of this area before! Love the last photo of Levi--such a cutie pie:)
Blessings, Aimee

jamiely78 said...

I love "stopping by' your blog & seeing what pictures who have post. T absolutely love the one where you captured the hawk. Gorgeous!

PCovi said...

I love places like this!