Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cozy @ Home: Make A Simple & Sweet Valentine's Gift

Would you like to make a sweet, simple Valentine for a good friend or a family member?  I have a fun little one to show you today.

It involves a little hand-stitching.

All you need is:

quilting thread and needle
felt in two colors
cookie cutter or something that you can trace and cut the shape out
pinking shears
ribbon for hanging
a small amount of  stuffing, I used very little just to barely puff it.

The recipient of this little periwinkle heart with a Scottie dog on it loves the color periwinkle and Scotties, so she'll be pleased, I think.

Cutting with the pinking shears seems to help the thread to have a place to rest when the stitching is done and makes it look a little bit neater, I'm not the best hand-stitcher.

I cut the dog out first.

The heart shape (cut two) I first cut with a piece of paper--free handed--then cut the felt with the paper heart pattern, AFTER making sure the shape would fit nicely inside the heart.

First, stitch the shape onto the front of one heart.

(Tiny buttons could be added at this point for accent if you'd like.)

I secured the ribbon to the back heart on the inside before starting to stitch the hearts together.

Start stitching the hearts together.

Sew almost all the way around, stopping on a flat side on bottom to gently push just a little stuffing in before finishing your stitching.  

Words could be stitched on, but I thought the simpler, the sweeter.

They're almost as fun to decorate as a Valentine's cookie!  And I don't think you'll be able to stop with just have fun!

Simple + Sweet = LOVE!


Penny said...

So cute! I think I'll be trying this project real soon! Thanks for sharing.

Eileen said...

Adorable! My granddaughter would be thrilled to get one. I love the color of the one you made too. :0)

Peggy said...

So cute! My daughter loves scotties too. I made her a felt key chain scotty.

Unknown said...

So sweet and darling! What a great idea....I may make a few to use year-round!

Anonymous said...

Darling! All of them!

Tanya said...

How cute is that! I think that would be an adorable craft for my 3rd graders to make for their Momma.