Sunday, January 9, 2011


Something that remains from the old homestead and from the days when this was a working family farm:  old fence posts.  

The old wire fence strung between the posts is falling and rusty.
But we love it anyway.
The weeds and wildflowers love it, too, in the spring, summer and fall.
And the small wildlife enjoys having a place to hide.  
(Kitty likes to hunt in this rich hunting ground!)

In winter, the birds perch on the fence posts and the wire in order to wait their turn
at the full bird feeders on that side of the yard.


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, I LOVE old fenceposts! When we visit the Sierras, I'm always on the lookout for them! Sometimes I'll stop the car, grab my camera, and run over and take a photo of one! Thanks for sharing!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Beautiful frosted fenceposts, Joni! Winter in Michigan...isn't it grand? (well, isn't it "pretty"????)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, Joni!

Teresa said...

I love scenic Sundays! That is a gorgeous shot, Joni.