Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Reminder to Put the Squeeze on 'em!

Okay now, stop snickering over what it says over the top of the memo pad ... !

It's the first of the year, and now's time now that I take care of annual annoyances like those on my list here...ewww! Who even wants to THINK about that?!?

Tisn't fun,
but must be done.

You see, I have a family history of breast cancer and have been having yearly squeeze-the -mamms since I was in my early thirties, after having a lump show up and having a biopsy done. It was all benign, thankfully, but when your family history is like mine, you DON'T miss these appointments.

*My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer in the 1940's when she was in her forties.

*I've had aunts on my mother's side with breast cancer.

*I have girl cousins on my mother's side that have had it also and they were reasonably young when it happened.

So the day the nice technician smiles, tell me to hold my breath and not. to. move. and then squeezes my mammary glands into the exact size and shape of platter-sized pancakes?

I endure it.
Tit's just SMART.

(Oops, did I just say that?! I never can resist a pun.)


Simple Home said...

My mom had breast cancer last year, but at almost 84 is doing pretty well now. I'm pretty diligent about getting my tests too, I had mine last month. This is a great reminder though.

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

Thanks for making a serious and important topic a little funner to bare errr bear HA!! Can't help the snicker..that note pad is FUNNY but scarily true!

June said...

Hi Joni,
Yep it's time. Rats, I just hate it, but it has to be done.
I love your blog and I'm so glad you came by my place and left the sweet message.

Donna said...

Great reminder! I get one annually and already have my appointment lined up for next month.

mary your sis said...

Hope your mammo goes well. Did you hear that Sarah Palin has signed on to be a FOX News contributor? I'm very happy about that. Maybe soon she'll take over at least one of Shepard Smith's time slots! We can only hope!