Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hellooooo.....JuneBug here!

Hellloooo there, it's me, JuneBug! I haven't talked to you in awhile so here I am taking mom's spot for the day. I know she probably told you about the new puppies in the house: ohh....I am sooooo NOT happy! But, like before, I will show them who's the boss, and soon. I've already started showing them that I have NOT been de-clawed.

I love my doxie buddy, Little E. He and I play together in the sun from time to time. I am especially playful when I have the run of the house. Mom was no fun while the Christmas tree was up, she actually closed the door on me to keep me away from it!

Fully grown now, I've had that surgery they give to girl kitties when they don't want them to become mommies. I breezed through that like it was nothing, came home the same afternoon and was jumping around when they tried to keep me calm.


See there, he likes me, too, I can tell!

Every now and then I am simply adorable and mom just cannot avoid pulling out the camera and taking pictures. I just pose to indulge her thing for pictures and I'm getting quite good at this.

This is my "innocent" look. I'm good, huh!?

Did you know that they left me home alone for a over a week while they took off to see their daughter? I was a very good girl and didn't even eat all the food they left out for me. However, I did enjoy some jungle-gym worthy antics on mom's car while they were gone. I heard mom say she saw my footprints all over her car. But that's what they get for leaving me!


This is my first winter season ever. I have to say that I prefer spring, I was born in spring, or summer is good, actually even better. Fall was okay too, but this snow makes for some more difficult hunting sessions, I am a very good mouser. I've grown myself a nice winter coat and stay outside as much as I want to.

I entertain myself, though....I'm pretty contented especially when the sun shines and mom lets me inside to play in front of the picture window, and then take a nice, looooong nap on the rug while I slightly cook myself in the warm rays of light!

Speaking of naps, I think it's time for me to drift off once again, so if you don't mind...this is JuneBug, signing off.

I'll talk to you again soon, my dears.



Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Oh Junebug, you are one crazy lady!!! I can tell Mom loves you! My old Paws would be a bit miffed at your antics if you and he were to have a luncheon or something like that. He's old and slow, but still strong and very wise! Spring will soon be here, so enjoy the days you get to stay inside Miss Junebug! {o;

Julie Harward said...

I just love you June-Bug! You had me from that innocent pose you do! lOL Very cute Mom..I have some too..go see my Christmas tree with my kitty up in the top of it! :D

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

AT LAST!! I have missed you so Ms JB!! You have grown into a mighty fine lookin' kitty cat! I can see why Mom snapped some pix of you. Sounds like you will be busy corraling those new pups and showing them the pecking order at the ol'farmhouse!! Come visit soon,I sure enjoy your updates! Meow for Now!

sherry said...

Oh Junebug, you're beautiful! When your mommy tires of you, you be sure to come see Auntie jAne. I'll give you treats, cuddles and every good thing known to kitties. :o)

jAne *

Donna said...

Your Mommy's photos of you are Wonderful!!!

Erin said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Mitzi said...

Loved it!