Friday, January 29, 2010

Vintage Quilt Update...

How much is that doggie in the window??

Here's a closer look!

Little Joey looks through the french door at the goings on...and wonders why he can't come in and be with us....poor Joey! (Joey is the sweetest dog EVER. But don't tell my dogs or the grandpuppies that I said that!)

I had told my good friend Shelley about my vintage quilt top I got from my sister and had her check it out on this blog the other day. She loved it and called me and asked me if I'd like to come to her house and tape down the quilt and get it pinned.

Oh, yes!

This job is always so much more pleasant to do with a friend!

We took our first quilting class together several years back and she has just taken off on it and has become a quilter extraordinaire! She thought she'd hate quilting and ended up getting so excited about it and being really good at it and she's done gorgeous work.

(Actually sometime I should take my camera over and just do a whole story on all her quilts and wall hangings. But I digress.)

I have an old house, and it might look like a big old house, but what is it really...?

This farmhouse is just a whole bunch of smallish rooms with tall ceilings, giving the illusion of big. The only floor that's hardwood with a big enough open space to lay out and tape and pin a big quilt is in a room where the PUPPIES LIVE. Ugh.

So, today we figured would be a good day. It was sunny and bright and a perfect day to get it done. I told her I'd be over around noon. While I was talking on the phone with her, going over everything I'd need to get the job done, I went in to the family room and found the puppies chewing on my son's Red Wing work boots.

I rushed in to save them from the pups and stubbed a toe on the coffee table leg. Not just a regular toe, the one next to the pinkie toe. Well, I growled to myself and kept on my morning routine so I could get my quilt stuff together and head over to Shelley's house.

But, this toe hurt unlike the other million and a half stubbed toes I've had in my lifetime. Every time I took a step, I felt and heard a distinctive crunching sound. That was not good, so I went and took some Advil. It wouldn't stop hurting and the pain was now radiating up into my foot. Hmm....this time I think I really did some damage. OH SNAP!!!!

I'm cursed with big feet. I am also in possession of very long toes. Add those two together and it's a terrible combination. I am always stubbing my poor toes and have probably broken them all at one time or another.

But this time was different. I called the doctor, and they sent me to an emergency clinic and so I got my quilt stuff loaded in the car and headed over.

To make a long story short, after some x-rays and an exam I learned that I've broke my toe AND the bones connected to it that go up into the foot and the break is in a spiral pattern. NICE!

So, the remedy? Be off my foot for a month.




I'm so very, very disappointed. Besides being a busy mom, I had really got back into walking on a very regular basis after I had gotten out of the habit over the holidays. I had finally worked my way up to fifteen miles this week, and next week I was going to shoot for 17 or 20.

So... now it looks like March is the next time I'll be earning my sanity while hooked up to my iTouch walking at the mall.

It was helping me sleep better, feel better and I just had more energy.
So...POOF! All that is OUT THE WINDOW.

But it could have been worse so I am going to try not to feel sorry for myself. Besides, I had already decided to HAND QUILT this vintage quilt top!

So guess what I'll be working on for the next month?!

I had decided after reading all of your advice yesterday to use muslin for the back and to hand quilt it. So this afternoon when I got done at the emergency clinic, I went to Shelley's and she helped her hopalong friend get this taped and pinned. I actually liked it more and more as we worked on it and I stopped to take a few pictures so you all could see it!

She's a beauty, even though the lady at the quilt shop called her "gaudy". (Sniff!)

I got some really wide muslin as the quilt top is larger than a full and just a hair smaller than a queen. I got the higher loft batting because it works better for hand-quilting.

Interestingly, the gal at the quilt shop told me that a quilt top that is old like this one has more value without being finished than it would have if I finished it with new fabric.

Since I'm not a collector, the value isn't anything I'm worried about. I want it to be a useful item so I'm finishing it.

I hope to show you soon the finished quilt. But that's a lot of hand stitchin' and I've got hobble upstairs to my sewing room and find my quilting thimble!

Wish me luck, my friends!

Wanting to see this through to finished may be the only thing to keep me off my feet for the next month!


Anonymous said...

An empathetic ouch on your broken toe and foot. It's hard, I know, when life events change our goals and dreams. Hope the time passes quickly for you and that you find lots of creative diversions to undertake and enjoy during your 'down' time.
Wishing you luck on your quilt project and...
Blessings always,

Ali said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear about your toe, yeee-ouch!! But that does kind of work out nicely that you have your quilt to work on while you have to stay off your foot, I can't wait to see the end result. Have fun! =)

Donna said...

Ouchie! I'm so sorry that you broke a toe! I've done that too, but not in such spectacular fashion, LOL. See, it's meant for you to be stitching! Love that quilt - it's a beauty!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I love the quilt, and how perfect that you decided to hand stitch it!
Sorry about the toes business...such bad timing with all your walking, too.

Hollace said...

Sorry to hear about your tootsies. This bright quilt should cheer you up.

mary your sis said...

Don't be too hard on yourself for breaking your foot, you know clumsiness runs in the family: you come by it honestly. What a lot of work you got done with a hurt foot! It'll be fun to see it when it's done, and you'll have a story to tell your grandbabies about finishing the quilt in their toy room. It looks even prettier spread out, thanks for sharing the photo's!

mary your sis said...

At least the colors are cheerful and bright on the dreary winter days, and it's cozy to quilt in the wintertime I imagine. I don't think I'd want to hand quilt that in the blazin' hot summertime! I'll send you some old Judy Garland, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant movies I have to keep you company!

mary your sis said...

P.S. (Me again.) I think Shelley's hardwood floor may be called a federal style floor. We used to have floors like this in our old house. When we pulled the carpet out, we were surprised to see that the oak flooring went around the perimeter of the room, like a picture frame. Inside that wide border of hardwood was a square of pine, which only ran lengthwise. I was told this was an effort to save money and this was sometimes used in homes built in the early 1900's. People then just placed area rugs over the cheaper pine sections, leaving the hardwood border exposed for people to see. I haven't seen many others like this, but hers is finished beautifully!