Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CFL Light Bulbs: Government Mandated Danger!!!

Are you in danger?

You just might be if you have these CFL (compact flourescent light) bulbs in your home!

The other day, I needed to change a light bulb. From the shelf I pulled down our little fabric tote where I store our inventory of new light bulbs. A couple of bulbs fell out because I accidentally dropped the tote (I've never been known to be particularly graceful!).

Well...folks, I've been in the DARK!!

A major disaster was diverted because the bulbs that fell out and broke all over the place were NOT fifteen of these CFL bulbs. I may be in danger if I were to break only one, but many? I'd have been in a real big mess. An evacuate the house mess.

The only reason I have these CFL bulbs in storage is that we used them throughout the house at one time for a very short time but pulled them all out of our fixtures because we hated them. I didn't know where to get rid of them.

What I didn't realize is that they are a danger to us even if we're not using them.

The thought had never entered my mind that I might break them all accidentally while I was storing them until I found a place to get rid of them!

AND...to dispose of them you have to find somewhere that will take TOXIC household items. They are not to be thrown in the trash like a regular bulb.

(I have read since online that major home centers like Home Depot will take them, I'm planning on giving these bulbs a ride to their eternal resting place and hope that I don't get in an accident on the way!)

Are you aware that not long ago Congress passed a law that will REQUIRE THE USE of these dangerous bulbs in just a couple of years? If I had dropped the whole bin containing about ten to fifteen of these little toxic bombs, I'd have had to call the HAZ MAT team!

All that danger lurking in an innocent looking "green" energy item.

All that danger lurking in an item that the government will soon REQUIRE you to use, taking away your choice for plain, old-fashioned, non-toxic light bulbs!

Go ahead, if you dare and read about the dangers these spiral Chinese-made nightmare-bulbs pose. I've listed some resources below to read so you'll at least be an informed consumer if you decide to keep them or planned to get them.

I'm surprised at the carelessness with which these bulbs are sold. As dangerous as they are, you should NOT have them around children, heck I don't even want them around ME! And believe me, all consumers AREN'T going to be taking these used bulbs to a responsible site for disposal, they'll be throwing them into the trash exposing us all (and the garbage men) to the toxic mercury!

Tree Hugger
WorldNet Daily
Scientific American

I can't wait to get rid of these. And...I'm stockpiling my favorite household light bulb, the Edison bulb (clear glass) before they outlaw them. Because believe me, people should not blindly follow along and go with the government for everything and most especially on this dangerous item that will have to be all through your house when the law takes effect.

We really didn't need more evidence but this is another instance of proof that your government really doesn't look out for you at all.

Tell everyone you know and feel free to email this link around or to link it to your blog. I think CONgress should wake up to the danger they are putting our children into. They regulate blind strings, slats on baby cribs, and yet our houses should be FULL of these things with extras lying around for anyone to poison themselves with?!?!?


English Cottage in Georgia said...

I am very aware of the danger of these bulbs breaking inside a home. My hands do not work very well and screwing in lightbulbs is awkward for me. I have not purchased these bulbs yet and hope that sanity will return and regular bulbs will remain.

Amy Kinser said...

Crazy, isn't it? Thanks for all the good info.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I too am going to be stockpiling regular bulbs...can you imagine those hideous looking things in my 12 antique/crystal chandeliers!!!!
sorry I missed your call tonight. Thanks for the toxic update - I just thought they were ugly, I had no idea.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Yep, we got rid of all of ours, too!
We are dancing a jig, after hearing Scott Brown was elected in Mass! Time for a revolution!

Julie Harward said...

I've never heard of that...crazy world for sure! :]

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I am glad you posted this about the light bulbs, I have read about
the dangers of these bulbs before.
I don't like them, either, besides
being dangerous, you can't see worth
a flip with them on! I recently found your blog,
I was born and raised in Michigan & I like finding bloggers from my home state!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Lynnae said...

I've already begun my stockpile.

Did you know if you break one over carpet you are supposed to cut out that piece of carpet and dispose of it? Do you think all the ten year old boys who knock lamps over and don't tell mom and dad are going to do that?
They used to worry about mercury in the water supply...does no one care anymore?
Thanks for the great post!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

With ya all the way on this one!!The only thing GREEN would be my face if I dropped one!!

FHCS said...

I was talking with my husband just the other day about replacing our bulbs with these (?)green(?) bulbs....how they could be considered "green" is beyond me...I had no idea they were so dangerous. Especially with a household full of children who can run through a house like a stampeed of elephants! Oh my, I think I will stockpile as well. Thanks for setting the record straight!

Unknown said...

You just have to hope that you live close to a store that you can get deposit them, the stores can sell them, but not take them back after they wear out!

Unknown said...

I had no idea! Thanks for sharing this. My husband is big on these bulbs because they're supposed to be so energy efficient--wait till I show him this! Are all the bulbs dangerous or just the swirly ones?

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Joni.

Thank you for the info on these ugly, good for nothing lightbulbs..

I will definitely be stockpiling the regular non hazardous ones ! I have no intention of using those swirly toxic monsters .

Instead of messing with controlled health care, why doesn't the gov't. take these bulbs out of *our hands* ...


mary your sis said...

Not only does it prove the government isn't looking out for our best interests, they're also just plain stooopid! I'm going to begin stockpiling regular bulbs, too. But, NOT GE BRAND BULBS! GE was behind this horrible law. For this, their corruption and many other reasons I will no longer buy a GE product.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Thank you for this Post! I was aware, but only after breaking one accidentally. I have gone back to the old trusty ones too and am stock piling them! But I'm with Mary... nothing with GE!

Donna said...

Yes, after working many decades in an environmental career, I know too well how dangerous these bulbs are. I twittered about them during the summer. We have a couple of them in lamps that we keep on for long periods of time. But they do not give a good light for reading, and disposal issues are huge. You can take them to the big box hardware stores for disposal, but they must NOT be broken. For our new home being built, we are using old-fashioned bulbs. We will buy and stockpile enough to last us for the end of our days too.

The legislation mandates an energy level and so far the CFLs meet that level. But there is some promising research that shows the incandescent bulb can be modified to meet the energy standard. LED lights are also an alternative, but they are very expensive at the present time. In 2012, the legislation prohibits the sale of bulbs that don't meet the energy standard. There are exceptions, such as Christmas tree lights and ornamental lights.

Mel said...

Lets allow the Government in to make more decisions on our behalf; NOT.
Unbelievable isn't it, I just broke one of those wonder bulbs next to my head (wall lamp) did I scramble out of bed in a hurry, rushed everyone out and hubby returned with a plastic bag and a mask to recover all the hazardous material. Let's just say, even after he clean the area "extremely well" and according to the directions, I didn't sleep well that night.
Thanks for sharing.

annie said...

The major companies make more $$$ with these bulbs. At the same time, they use more energy to produce and obviously there is the whole mercury predicament as well. So how energy efficient are they REALLY???
How do we lobby? How do we get to be heard?

Stephanie said...

This is ridiculous! How can they mandate that we use these dangerous bulbs. One more thing to add to my list of frustrations with government. I appreciate being informed though.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Yeah..........they are simply yukky.....I am stockpiling (read: hording) the old fashioned bulbs. At least I'll have normal light for awhile.........maybe they'll reverse this law? I am hoping.

Warm and BRIGHT blessings,


I have read your post with interest and total agreement--I have not used these bulbs--came close -- but had heard some "rumbling" bout them being dangerous--but wasn't sure "why" now I know why so I thank you for your information and I will be sure NOT to bring any into my living space and I will be stockpiling too!!!
I also agree with the gals on the GE--but my reason had been because they are not made in USA and other regular ones are--so now I have two reasons not to buy them!!!
Thank you soooo much for this post--
have a great week end
Hugs, Di&co

Unknown said...

Yup! They sure are looking out for us!!!! I despise these bulbs, period, government or not.

I try to buy ONLY USA stamped made in USA bulbs ... actually I look more & more for this stamp.

Great write. TTFN ~Marydon

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Wow this is insane! I think they look ugly, but then again I think most modern inventions lack the style and durability of older things. They don't make things the way they used to that's for sure! I will be buying old lightbulbs in bulk! Thanks for the info ;)

Anonymous said...

I will not write much - just a thank you:)!