Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow as Molasses in January

Is it just me?

Or are you as slow as molasses in January?

Do some of you have trouble with the decision to take down the outside lights and greenery?

It makes me feel....strange to take it down.

Because when it comes down my house looks






It takes too long for spring to come and color up the house again.

So, it's almost mid-January, and the lights are still up, still burning from five until midnight. My neighbors must think me a bit eccentric. (But I DID take the Christmas tree down!)

Are your outside lights up?
Or down and put away?


Julie Harward said...

Mine are down sadly...but I've put some lights on my mantle amid the greenery to stay there year illuminates the picture of the Savior so beautifully. But I do miss Christmas...looking forward to Valentines day~ :D

adsgram said...

We didn't have lights this year, but the wreaths are still up beside my two doors with just plain red bows...(no C-mas'y stuff)... on them. As long as they are green, I will keep them up until the end of January and then down they come. They look festive and 'wintery'. If I had had lights (white), I would have left them up until then as well, but they didn't get hung this year!


Darla said...

Everything is down and tucked away for another year!

hIWTHI said...

I just undecorated the tree yesterday, but it's still up. I'm slowly working on getting things put away. The outside lights are still up because the weather here in southwestern PA was so bad...hopefully they'll come down this weekend.

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Ours are put away and my house does look cold and lonely. It looks bare and boring, I can't wait to bring it to life again! Your home is just too cute to be ashamed of anything, Christmas decor or not, it looks lovely.

mary your sis said...

I leave my outside lights up until the end of January. Living in a winter wonderland, I feel the need for cheerful warmth and without them, it feels too cold and empty. I've taken down all my indoor decorations, though. Usually I leave my snowmen up, too. This year it was too big a hassle to put some decorations away and leave others out. So, I've left the outdoor lights up with no guilt!

Donna said...

I'm SO bad...I Just took down the tree TUESDAY!!Hahahaa
I Love the greenery on you house!!
Leave just that!Hahaa

peggy said...

a lot of my neighbors are still using some of their lights, I'm sure they feel like you do. Also it's just to cold to think about taking them out. Can we just say they are valentine lights, if anything is needed right now it would be love.

I loved the barns and your husbands pictures were wonderful, tell him for us.

Heather Lee said...

I think your house looks great with or without the Christmas decor. Do you do anything special for Valentine's Day?

morninglorycottage said...

You could just leave them up all year like the people in my area do. ;) Just kidding though the people do leave them up. We call it being dalian. We live in a part of town called Oildale. Can you guess it's origins and why it's named that? I just love your snow pictures. We don't get snow here except once every 5 decades or so. Your place is just so pretty. Pass the hot cocoa please. Have a great day Joni.

judy said...

I have tiny green lights and white lights that stay up year round.When we spend time on the patio,he green lights in the green bushes in the summer are so pretty.
judy j

Lori said...

The lights and greens are still up but the lights are not turned on. It's just been too doggone cold out to take everything down. PLus I really hate the nakedness too!

Jenny said...

oh, my gosh your home is gorgeous. I say leave it up. Yep, our tree is still up and now looking sadly out of place, but we still put the lights on each day and I have to say I love the look of small white lights glowing at night even out of season. Maybe just take down the bows and leave the greenery and lights as a winter decorative to accent the white landscape.

Sue said...

Ummm, The lights are still on and everything is still up including the Christmas tree. I am still liking all of it. Not in any rush.