Sunday, January 3, 2010

How To Spoil Grandpuppies!

We just got home late Saturday from a holiday trip to northern Alabama, where our daughter lives. We arrived Christmas night; opened gifts and enjoyed a HUGE dinner Jamie worked on all afternoon. (I was so hungry, I didn't even stop to take pictures...and I'm getting hungry just typing about it!)

We visited about nine days and stayed through the New Year and had an adventure one of those days, like we always do. We are glad we had a safe trip both ways, it's always an amazing feeling to know that you covered over 2,000 miles and did it safely once again! I miss my girl and her little family, but it's good to be home.

We had a really exciting visit because while we were there, were able to see the baby she's going to have in June on an ultrasound monitor and, as you know, learned that baby will be a BOY! We're over the moon with excitement about that. It will seem like forever until we get to see him!

BUT...until then, we have these pups to love. Jamie's sweet girl Redbone Dixie, gave birth to nine puppies in October. And, what beauties these babes are. Dixie and one of her pups has died since then, sadly....but before she died, she gave the world more Redbones to love and they've gone to families all over the deep south --in Alabama and from Mississippi to Texas -- who love them VERY MUCH!

Two of them, a brother and sister pair, have made the long journey to their new home to come to Michigan to live with our 25-year old son, who is in the process of buying his own home (so excited for him!), so since it's a short sale, while he waits on the bank and all the other paperwork to be done, they will be living with us.

(So....if you can STAND it, you will be inundated with puppy pictures for the next month or so! That okay with you?)

So, taking our job of doggie grandparents seriously, we've broken them to the leash, are potty-and crate-training and are introducing them to the joys of life: like ice cream. So.

Down to business.

First, they sniff.

This is an undertaking worthy of grandparents: it's fun to spoil grandpups and you can let your children deal with the consequences later!
(Rubbing hands together and laughing wickedly...)

And after "pawpaw" is done with the main issue, it's time for puppies to be trained to move in for the "kill".

Ya gotta have a long tongue to "lick the stick" and Redbones meet that requirement quite handily!

Dan has the whole thing to himself for a while, and then...

A while a longer, even!

"Oh, Ann, Ann, where art thou, Ann?"

Oh, there you are Ann! You sweet pup!

Important new puppy lesson: Ice cream is tail-waggin' GoooooooooD!!!!!

I hope to be able to catch up with all of you soon...there's a mountain range of laundry and I'm working on taking "Christmas" down...!


Julie Harward said...

What a fun trip and to get to bring home puppies...they are so beautiful and I will love seeing them again! Have a great year and come say hi :D

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

I miss them already!! Looks like they love it up there already! OF course! They have daddy spoiling them like our dogs here. They are still pouting becausde you guys are not here anymore!!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

OOOOOH those pups are gooood practice for spoiling the lil' guy when he is here!! Never met a doggie who didn't love a good icecream bar! My grampa's dog would pout for days if he forgot to bring one out for him at the Piggly Wiggly!!! Had to turn the car around more than one time HA! Glad you had a great time and are home safe. Was your boy as UNanxious to go back to school as my 3!!! Hugs from Sue

Lara said...

I'm all for spoiling pups! So cute! Looks like they enjoy icecream! :o)

mary your sis said...

Glad you had a good time and made it back safe and sound. Can't wait to see Ol Dan and Lil Ann in person; have fun spoiling them!