Monday, January 25, 2010

We Believe...

We believe...

In the

Second Amendment




We appreciate that our forefathers saw the wisdom in the right of the individual. And even more their wisdom that the right of that individual included one to defend itself and its family and belongings.

It is not possible to regulate guns or outlaw guns for the citizens, and those including the outlaw and have good results. A criminal will always find a way to get a weapon. Therefore, we should always have the right to defend ourselves.

I find it complete ignorance to listen to someone try to argue away my right to a firearm. There is no defense for such a thing. None. I look at people who want to do away with gun rights as ignorant, weak cowards. It's a leg under our freedoms, without it, our freedoms are gone.

My little 5'2"sister once had to pull a revolver on a 6'4" nut that was at her door, threatening to burn down her house. Her little children and mine were in that home. She had no reason to believe this individual would not make good on his threat. Am I thankful she believed in the second amendment? You betcha!

I will always be thankful to my sister because she went and pulled out that revolver, loaded that sucker and pointed it at the violent piece of rage that was at her door and told him if he touched that door she would blow his head off, and she meant it. She was protecting her babies and mine; that big guy had no other reason to be afraid of my little sister. Thank you God, for the wisdom of our forefathers for preserving that right for us!

Did you know that in Sweden, every able young man must serve his country for two years?

(Not a bad idea at all.)

This is my heat-packin' daughter who's now 27, married and expecting her little boy this summer. She got her CCW back when she had to work and drive in a very undesirable location in an old industrial part of town. She has learned to shoot from dad since she was a little girl.

And that EVERY soldier is sent home with his automatic weapon upon honorable discharge?

THAT is why their crime rate is so low, because every criminal is guaranteed to meet up with an automatic weapon and therefore his life may be taken if he dares to break in and enter a home that is not his. Not a bad way to keep the peace.

Our forefathers knew that armed citizenry is sometimes the only thing that will keep a government (and a roaming criminal!) honest.

These are some good words from John Adams:

"Be not intimidated....from publishing with the utmost freedom whatever can be warranted by the laws of your country; nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberty by any pretenses of politeness, delicacy or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery, and cowardice."

Remember Autumn? My sweet, artistic tough-as-nails, newly married niece took this 4 x 5 South Dakota mule deer with a Vortek 209 x .50 muzzleloader. She will have stories to tell about this adventure for the rest of her life and can tuck away those memories that no one can take from her.
(Not to mention a full freezer with the best meat there is...venison that is organic and fat free!) Way to GO, Autumn!

Without firearms, stories like the one above would not be possible. I told you once that my niece is quite the hunter....and I am so proud of her and wanted to share this magazine article with you and show you the trophy she took while taking advantage of the freedoms we have in the great outdoors!


mary your sis said...

Nice post, Joni;
Thanks for your kind words. I'm sure it would have been a MUCH different outcome had we not had an accesible firearm. The police officers were on their way, but couldn't get there in time; I would NEVER have guessed that I'd ever be in the situation I found myself in that day with your children and mine. I'm proud of your family that they've taken concealed carry classes. They may never need to use thier handguns for self-protection, but the mere fact they know how to use them responsibly is a deterrent to crime!

Julie Harward said...


KathyB. said...

Yes I do believe this and hold it dear. I am going to be taking shooting lessons soon from my husband, this here old lady has decided she needs a small gun around the place, especially since the criminal element has become even more bold in this blue state~

Sue said...

Amen to this post. I too have been thinking about learning to use a gun. Perhaps it is the idea that the right may some day be taken from us that has spurned me on. Also as Kathy mentioned, the criminal element has become bolder!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

This country has sadly made a big deal of defending alot of so called rights and freedoms that our forefathers would drop their jaws over! Protecting what God has entrusted us with is DEFINITELY a MUST!! By the way, did Autumn have guys lined up at her door 50 deep??? Her hubby is one blessed fellow!! Great post!!

Donna said...

We agree! We have guns and practice shooting them. My dad taught me how to shoot before I was even a teenager. Citizens have a right to protect themselves!

Donna said...

Card carrying member of NRA here as well!!!hughugs

Brooke said...

The VanNorman's believe!!! Wayne has his CCW and I'm wanting one too! Love this post :-)

morninglorycottage said...

My grandfather often said that if you outlaw guns then only the outlaws will have guns. Our right to bear arms was very important to our Fore Fathers. King George had already put into motion the removal of all weapons. Guns don't kill people, people do. The gun is merely the weapon. So if we start killing people with say forks will we remove all the forks? Also Australia outlawed POWs (personally owned weapons - what we armorers called the guns we kept in the armory that were not owned by the military) and in the first year alone armed robbery went up 30%. That's a huge jump. Thanks for this post Joni. Tell your niece great job on her kill. I have a daughter very much like her.
{{Hugs}} Amanda

Anonymous said...

New follower-- Kristeen (The Gough Inn)
I agree, I agree with all my heart! thanks for the post - a good read!

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Always have believed and always will. Great post. Sharon

Kim Clemons said...

I am a NRA member and always will be. My husband, daughter, granddaughter and I are going through a nasty divorce and custody battle right now and there is a TRO out against our son0in-law. When he came tapping on our rural house window one night at 8:30 (full dark out!), my husband pulled his weapon and went out to see who it was. He safed his weapon when he realized it was our son-in-law, but my husband has been berated in court for that incident and we now cannot have our weapons in our home while our granddaughter is there. Where is the justice in being within his rights to protect his family? and against someone who has violated a TRO? I don't get this country sometimes... seems it just needs to be turned over to the criminals and we good citizens need to leave... but where? I will always maintain our right to protect ourselves against the scum on our streets.

Poppy Cottage said...

Oh this was so well put! What a wonderful post I can not wait to share with my DS hubby. I obtained my CWP two years ago at (are you ready for this?) a quilt retreat! My DS hubby was jealous so he was next. As soon as my daughter finishes school (4 mons) she will go for hers. We come from a long line of military men in our family that have been proud to serve our country. We don't "carry" to hurt, we "carry" to protect. Times have changed and it just seems to be the responsible thing to do.

Thank you for this!