Saturday, August 8, 2009

Once DONE, Obama Care Cannot be UNDONE.

If you've always wondered, WHY THE HURRY? in regards to the OBAMA CARE bill, this video will give you your answer.

They didn't want you to know this. But now you do.

It's literally LIBERTY vs. TYRANNY

If you didn't see this, you should watch it and pass the link along to your friends. We have got to fight this with everything we have got within us, and remember all those who were willing to risk it all to fight the fight since the Revolutionary War down to this present time....all for OUR freedom. WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to fight this one, there is no army that can do it for us. This is a VERY SOBERING THOUGHT.

Aside from the fact that we cannot AFFORD this program, and that your life would be totally controlled by your government, there are many other ramifications of this program if it goes into effect.

(Please watch the video ALL THE WAY through because Hannan tells us that as poor as the system is in the relatively SMALL country of Britain, (their country is about the size of our state of Oregon!) their health care administration is the THIRD LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE WORLD...showing you the MASSIVE SCALE of federal employees: and think of it, we would have that scale only MULTIPLIED because our population and our land mass in this country is so much larger.)

This fight is that important because with OBAMA CARE, we not only seal our fate as far as our liberty, our very health and welfare, we also seal the fate of this country, because Obama is NOT ONLY after the CONTROL he would have with the massive state control he'd wield, but the LASTING EFFECT, POLITICALLY of the bureaucratic voting bloc, that COULD NOT BE UNDONE.

If you've never done anything politically before, YOU MUST stop this from happening or hope to God that Texas or Alaska secedes so you can move there.

For comparison's sake:
Great Britain's land mass: 93,000 square miles
United State's and mass: 4,000,000 square miles

Great Britain's population: 60.8 million
United State's population: 300 million

Our country's socialistic health care program would be the largest employer in the world and you would NEVER have a change of party in the White House or Congress again.

You knew he wanted to remake America.
You didn't know how he would go about it.
Now, you do.
And he's got every evil genius in the world behind him.
Can we fight this off?


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I am shocked daily how many do not read or watch the news. I am more blown away how many do not see the truth in this situation!


ctgardengirl said...

I haven't viewed the video yet, but I will. I lived in Canada for 16 years, and I can tell you, we don't want what they have. Been there, done that. And you are right about the # of federal employees. Talk about 'top heavy' in the government...
And someone told me yesterday that most countries with subsidized health care have gone bankrupt, and Canada is on the brink. I haven't looked into the truth of that statement yet, but it sure is worth checking out.

Deanna said...

Appreciate this post and watched the you tube video. Hope to watch the others about this as well by Beck.

So very glad I visited your site.
God help us and may we make a noise to get the word out before it can be voted in.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Scary stuff! There does seem to be a big rush to push this through. Our country really needs our prayers right now! Thanks for posting! -tammy

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I have watched Hannan several times. Love him! I love how straight he talks... maybe he'll be the PM? Hope so for the Brits. You are so right about what Obama has been all about the whole time. We are off to two townhall sessions with our local Representative this Monday and Tuesday ... although, living where we do in California, I have little hope that the few conservatives we have will be able to make him think much. At least, not unless more Dems join in... Amazing. A couple years ago, if anyone would have told me we'd be here... I would have thought they were nuts. But here we are, and its time to stand up. I am. (:


We must pray without ceasing about this serious matter!!!