Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kitchen Update: ALMOST there...

My goofy son, Luke!


The remodeling and all the stuff related to it sittin' around here is really gettin' to son said to me one night, "Mom, look: new bling!" I turned around to look and cracked up. He had the counter top sample chain around his neck. You can see in the picture all the sticky notes I had stuck to the different possibilities!

I had to take his picture since the kitchen looks pretty much the same as in the knockdown post and there's not much new to show you...

I hope to have another update in a couple days and a final shot before the end of the week before we move back into it and begin using it as a kitchen once again.

The positives about this job:
The weather has been AWESOME throughout the whole project
The stove and fridge were able to be in the kitchen throughout the whole project
So far, no big surprises dished out to us as old houses & kitchens can do
Safety for all concerned during the job, nothing more than a cut or a bump on the head
We had ordered more than enough cupboards, as opposed to ordering too few (we have had these cabinets for TWELVE YEARS! I know... it's a long story and I'm not sure you'd want to hear it!)
There's a lot more room in the pole barn, now! YEE HAW!

Still to do:
Prime and paint ceiling and walls (hubby has tomorrow off and started the paint job after church today)
Install refrigerator cabinet and walls

Install new appliances (they're on order)

Install toe kick board trim
Install the big pantry and the small cabinet units beside it
Install new light fixtures

Install counter top (hired that out.)
Install new sink and faucet
and last but not least....

ORDER MY NEW KITCHEN AID MIXER...I've been waiting years for it and now that we re-did the kitchen I finally can get one! I'm thinkin' RED!

The counter top decision was made. We wanted to pay cash for everything and we went with Formica. I did not go with my original instinct: which was a plain cobalt blue. After much thought, I decided to go with a Formica version of granite. My reason for that was that everyone told me I would hate the solid color counter top. Every other counter top sample in the blue family was too gray, or too fake looking (ie: marble!), and they were a color of blue that I knew I would quickly get tired of and perhaps even irritated by. the end, I hopped on blogs and flew around browsing at kitchens and saw
this kitchen and knew that with this type of counter top I could paint walls any color I chose and that chances are it wouldn't become tiresome.

I am still planning to have cobalt blue and bright red in my kitchen and at some point I would like to paint the cabinets cream color. But right now, I think it would be over the top to ask my husband to do a long tiresome job like that on the brand new cabinets. So in eight or ten years when it's time for a face lift, the cabinets will be painted (and then it will probably be out of style to have painted cabinets!

We're nearing the finish line and may still have some time in August to get away for a short vacation, because we haven't done that yet this summer!

MEANWHILE, have you registered for the drawing for a jar of my seedless raspberry jam yet? Time's up tomorrow evening!
(all you need to do is click on the jar of jam in the upper left hand corner of the blog then leave a comment on that post!)



KathyB. said...

Like the bling on your son, and what fun , a son who makes you laugh.

I have a red Kitchen Aid mixer and like the red touch it gives my kitchen. I am partial to blue and white with red touches, and as much as I love blue, I know I would tire of the whole counter top being blue...great decision.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh yes, we have a solid color counter top in the kitchen and it SHOWS everything! Smart girl you are!
Cannot wait to see it finished!

p.s. Really enjoying your other site, too!

Carol Murdock said...

Joni it will be beautiful I'm sure and I love the kichen on the Farm Flower blog!Can't wait untill you show us the reveal! I clicked the jam jar and it did nothing! Am I too late to get in on it?

Marie said...

The new kitchen sounds wonderful. You will have to show it off when finished.

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