Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All in the Perspective!

There's been some target-shootin' goin' on around here lately. This is my husband teaching our youngest to shoot a pistol.

Now, before you start worryin' about me doing something so dangerous, I wasn't taking these while the gun was loaded but after the fellas were done, I asked them to pose with their empty guns.

They looked at me like I was nuts when I dropped to the ground and laid on my back, but I'd have to say this perspective was pretty neat. The clouds that day were extra fluffy and big, and the sky was just extra blue....one of THOSE days.

When you're taking your photos, don't always have them posed and squared off, with the landscape for the background. Sometimes, the skies make any subject look more interesting.

I shot a little too, and I must say I hit the target nine out of nine tries in my new little .22 pistol my hubby got me, and I really liked it: easy to load, easy to shoot, easy to hit the target. That's what a pistol should be like, right?

(I have to say I'm glad no one dropped to the ground to shoot my picture when I was shootin'.....not a good angle on me. If they had done so, the delete button would've been used before those could've seen the light of day!)


❀~Myrna~❀ said...

The sky is beautiful! I have a.25, but I never practice . I need to.

KathyB. said...

You have inspired me. I do need to get some target practice in.....and maybe under blue skies!

Sue said...

I haven't shot in years. I would hate to think how badly I would do at this point.
I like the angle you shot the photos at. The sky is so beautiful.

Donna said...

Great pics and good idea on the angle! We have a new shotgun and I haven't shot it yet. My leg isn't stable enough. One of these days!

More than Survival said...

Fun angle! We are a target shooting family, too... however, primarily with our bows/arrows.... Fun family time!!!