Thursday, August 13, 2009

Come With Me to the Fair, Summer at its Best!

The sights, the sounds, the breeze, which carries with it the smell of all the wonderful calorie-laden awfulgoodness frying within the walls of the little food kitchens...

Flags flappin, color all around, excited children yelling "I wanna go on that ride!"

Screams of the kids on the rides overhead, the excited chatter of those who just got off that ride..."It was awesome!" "Did you see that kid throwin' up?!"
(Glad I didn't!)

All the booths, all the choices, yes, even the bad ones that are SOOoooo GOOD!

I'm pretty sure these would be outlawed or heavily taxed first in the new "health care" plan...but "FATBALLS" really doesn't sound too appetizing, but it does make me curious...what ARE they? (Okay, I did my homework and investigated. Fat Balls are fat balls of bread dough, fried, then filled with custard: lemon, coconut, chocolate....alas, I didn't try one, someday, I will eat a fatball.)

Oh...the temptation! SO, do you want to know what I had for dinner that night? A corn dog, horrid in all its delicious greasiness with the promise of a breakout shortly, and for dessert? An ELEPHANT EAR! Yes...and when I go back tomorrow night, it will be another such healthy combination. I'll brave the biggest roller coasters that Cedar Point or anyone else has to offer, but NOT this one!

Ohhh....I think I feel SICK!

I like this one, how 'bout you?

My favorite producers...the dairy cows, resting in their nice, cool breezy barns.

If you look closely, you can see this little barrel with little teets on it, that the calf just loves!

Oh, honey, do you want to go home with me? Huh, do you?

He always enjoys his time in the turkey area...practicing his turkey calls! I enjoy it too, and do my best hen noises and watch those boys fluff up their feathers!

Happiness is ELEPHANT EARS!

Good night, fair...I bid you a fond farewell, until next time.


Sister Number Five said...

The first county fair I ever went to was with you... also my first ride was the Himalayas with you,
and that fip thing (???). I still like them, but somehow as you get older, you get dizzy easier! We no longer have a county fair; too few people in the county to attend it! We still havea 4-H Fair, however.
I haven't been to a fair in a few years, but maybe I'll have to go to a neighboring county fair that is this week. I'd forgotten all about it until your site. Thanks!

KathyB. said...

The fair! Our family has spent nearly every summer and early fall at the fairs for almost 2 decades, exhibiting poultry, rabbits, sheep, and produce. memories for a life time and times that helped shape our lives. Thank-you for the post that brings back these wonderful memories...and the craving for the fatteningly delicious elephant ears.

Kathie Truitt said...

We used to go to the Missouri State Fair every single year and stay the whole time. I loved it and I really miss it, too. By the way, those elephant ears look wonderful. Fat-free, I'm sure.

Suzanne said...

Oh yeah!! Jersey cows and elephant ears - beautiful.

- Suzanne

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Goodness! Looks like a Fine time was had by all!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Oh my! I have never heard of an elephant ear! It is just soooo yummy looking. Is it like a funnel cake?

Irma :)