Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red Dog, Red Dog, Red Dog....

The puppies are growing up...they will move to their new home this weekend! We've had them since Christmas and have become quite attached. They no longer look like puppies, our adult dog is on the right, and Dan is in the middle; Ann is the one on the left. (They are so beautiful if I do say so myself!)

Soon Dan and Ann will go in for their "surgery"...and I'm sure their Nana will help them recover and baby them an extra little bit, and check in on them several times a day.

Tonight was the final load (I think!) of stuff moved to Mark's house and he's now out on his own. We were down there tonight helping finishing up a few things, and I made sure he had his favorite cereal in the cupboard, milk in the fridge, the bed made in sheets and blankets that smelled like Downy...that's my part as a mom, to make everything like home as much as possible for the first night. I don't care how old they are when they move out, Mom just wants to make up the bed for them.

I hope when he pulls back the covers tonight he knows how much we love him and how proud we are of him.

One upsetting thing is that when we took the last load, there was a police cruiser in the driveway next door. I thought, "Oh dear! What's this all about?"

We soon found out.

The neighbor's home had been broken into and her flat screen television taken, nothing else. Whoever did it had kicked in the door in broad daylight!

(That was NOT a good feeling at all.)

The police think that someone had stopped to look at a boat for sale in their front yard, found no one home when they knocked, and just kicked in the door and took the television real fast and got out. They came over to ask if we'd seen anything. Not exactly the way you want to meet your new neighbor, she's a young mom who is newly divorced....thankfully she had her parents there to help get a new door up and stay with her awhile.

It's a "safe neighborhood" and the houses not very far apart: the boldness of those who would take what others have never ceases to astound, and I think with times only getting worse and worse, it will be even more prevalent, sadly.

This is the stuff that makes moms pray!


Sit A Spell said...

Love your red dog, red dogs! I know you will miss them.

As for your son...glad he's all moved in with all he's mama's special touches! I pray he feels at home, despite the issue you mentioned. Let's just pray a hedge of protection around his new home! I sure he is thrilled to be moved in with fresh sheets on the bed!

Angela said...

Those dogs are just too beautiful..makes me want to have a red dog..since red is my favorite colour to boot,lol.

Thank God they only took the tv,,SIGH...yes,,,praying mama's...As Sit A Spell stated,,a hedge of protection around our family's...

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

As BoPeep says in ToyStory.."I FOUND MY MOVIN' BUDDY!" You are a GREAT Mom and I am praying with your boy being BURLY and Ann and Dan on the patrol that his home will be A-OK from prowlers and the like! OK,My guys are Fruity Pebble fanatics,what is his fave cereal?? Have a Great and RESTFUL need it! Housewarming Hugs,Sue PS Thank you for your daily dose of inspiration..I look forward to it like coffee each day!!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Congratulations to Mark... but I sooo know how you feel Joni! No matter how old they are, they are still our kids. Funny how those "Mother Bear" feelings stick with us all our lives. In her 90's my grandma told me it was still true for her. Nothing better than bein a Mom~ (:

jamjar said...

love your dogs and their picture!!
With re: to the break in next door to your son's...Good Grief. I can't believe people do things like that in broad daylight.
I sure imagine how Mom feels, at least I know how I'd probably feel.
Praying for protection under His wing for you and yours.

mary your sis said...

I'm glad Mark has an early warning system with Ol' Dan and Lil' Ann and a handy shotgun nearby! Another good protection is to have an NRA sticker on his front door... but, of course the best protection of all is the heavenly Father, watching over our kids before we even know there's a worry. I hope the single mom next door has a family to pray for her too. Can't wait to see photo's of the new house. Is your youngest missing his big bro and neicedog/nephdog yet?

Gena said...

Beautiful pups! And believe, me, I'm a praying mom, too. My two oldest have been out on their own for a while and my daughter's car has been broken into twice and my son's once. I am constantly praying that the Lord will watch over them and protect them wherever they are.