Sunday, March 7, 2010

Corners of My Home: Master Bedroom

Today I'm showing some corners of our bedroom.

I have worked and worried over this post, I don't know why, it just wouldn't come together. But I'm going to just put it out there...and let you look.

The cool porcelain doorknobs. None of our woodwork has been refinished and is in original condition, showing 112 years of use.

This vertical lock goes up into the door casing to hold the french doors closed from the inside. I love the designs on the hardware.

You see, my house is so imperfect, that I'm sometimes baffled that anyone would care what the rooms in this old place look like, that you'd actually like seeing corners of my home.

The hinges on the doors are all ornate and original to the home.

Our bedroom doors, just off the living room. Our room was once a parlor.

You enter it through a set of double french doors. This bedroom is now a master suite: but was once a formal parlor with a long narrow closet under the stairs; and it also had its own door leading out to our front porch.

We had to close that door off during a remodel because it was quite breezy...the house had settled and a lot of air came into the room through that old crooked entry door.

We remodeled and cut a door through the closet wall and made an entry to an already-existing bathroom. (Then we added this bathroom.)

Here again, we had to order a bed that would "go with" our old dressers...since it's so hard to find a new bed made of new wood to match anything to do with an unmatched pair of antique dressers. This is a "garden gate" bed that we ordered after I saw a picture of it in a magazine.

Like I told you, none of our old dressers exactly match, I just try to put dressers together that are the same wood tone.

This was my dear grandpa's dresser, given to my mom and then she in turn gave it to me. It was painted at one time and Mr. Farmhouse refinished it. It's a big, bulky and plain dresser and I love it.

The mirror here is from a stash of old treasures my father-in-law left in our first little house we bought from him. He didn't want it and I have treasured it and used it in every home we've had.

This is the closet under the steps that we cut a door through the back wall to make an access to the small bathroom. Here you can see the shower curtain I made and a curtain on the immediate right here disguises a set of shelving in the closet that extends from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

Here's our little television cabinet: an old dresser! The drawers hold all the dvd's!

The bathroom has none of the original woodwork to the house, so we "made do". I did add an old shelf under the window that was made of found architectural salvage woodwork, and I love it. I had a towel bar cut to fit exactly the space under the little shelf so it looks sort of like it belongs.

To give this bathroom a feel of "old" I also added an old mirror instead of a new one, in tones that match the shelf under the window.

This bath is so tiny, the pedestal sink gives the feeling of more space instead of a boxed-in sink. Having no cabinet storage makes for a creative solution for towels and toiletries...

I always keep this old egg basket for magazines or catalogs for browsing...

This shower curtain was made using an extra set of king-sized sheets from Target that matched my bed set...I still have the fitted sheet left that I can use for other projects as needed.

Mr. Farmhouse kindly helped me add all the grommets that the shower rings fit into...we laid the whole thing out on the deck one sunny afternoon and pounded them all in.

My sister gave me the idea of ditching the usual toilet brush holder in favor of something found in the gardening department of a major chain...I love that, so that's the only reason I have for sharing this photo with you: you may like her idea, too!

This little piece of cork on a frame came from the Pottery Barn outlet and Mr. Farmhouse installed these little cabinet knobs on it for me to hang my necklaces from...isn't he clever?

This old kitchen cabinet was put to work to hold the towels and toiletries, so they're hidden. There is glass in the door, but I installed fabric behind the glass to hide the everyday "clutter"....

Thanks for stopping by...

Enjoy this late winter day and the sunshine it has brought!


Anonymous said...

your pictures are beautiful! I love your old style bed and your bedding is beautiful - so clever to make your shower curtain to match out of sheets! I love your molding, its beautiful.. you have a lovely home!

Julie Harward said...

I love it's all of what I grew up with. People try to re-create this quaint look and here you have the real thing! Come say hi :D

Faith said...

Thank you so much for inviting us into your room! Your bedroom is lovely. I would much rather have a room with family treasures and memories than the "magazine" rooms. Your garden gate bed is great!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Great ideas! I love how you have used that garden gate as a headboard. My house is filled with miss matched furniture and we love it. No matchy matchy here!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

First off, the headboard is awesome! Years ago I used a piece of picket fencing for our daughters headboard, with white twinkle lights running over and through. I love using the unexpected! The bathroom is perfectly sized! Your cabinet is perfect for towels, and the shower curtain is a wonderful idea! I have used a vintage lace tablecloth as a shower curtain in the past, and your idea is very similar! Love the old farmhouse nooks and crannies!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Joni! I am impressed! I love your bedding and sweet bed frame! And that shower curtain! Now how clever you are! So pretty!


Linda Stubbs said...

I love your room and all the pictures. Do you know you have the same fabrics that I have in my bedroom and front room! We are twins! Enjoyed myself so much here on this post. Very beautiful!! Love the gate headboard. You are so clever!!!!

mary your sis said...

Love your garden gate bed. your rooms are always very warm, homey and inviting!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Just beautiful, Joni!
This is why I love your home so much, it reminds me of mine!

I adore untouched woodwork. To think who else touched it, so many years ago before us, huh!

xo, misha

Simple Home said...

Everything looks wonderful. I love all of the old wood. I don't have matching furniture in my bedroom either, but have never liked anything new that I see. I love my old dressers. I don't have a headboard though, and I'd love to find a garden gate bed like yours.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your room pics,love the fabric you are using. The toilet brush holder is a brilliant idea. I've been re-decorating my room the last few days. Thanks for some more ideas!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that bed!! Old houses and antique heirloom furniture have so much character! Oh and I love, love, love the photo at the end of the post---it is beautiful:)
Blessings always,
Aimee (of the PNW)

jamjar said...

I'm new to your lovely, lovely blog. It is as beautiful as any I've seen. I couldn't agree more with your side bar quotes, etc. I'm jealous of your wonderful old home...and your gorgeous flowers...but not the snow I see in today's pix. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mary - Love Front Porches said...

Joni, I sure do love your decorating style. It's very warm and full of love and memories. I especially like the red and white colors on your bed and throughout. I could make myself home at your house in an instant. Thanks for sharing with us.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What a wonderful job you've done honoring your gorgeous old house. I love it all! We've done many of the same types of things to our roughly 200 yo house... Cut thru for access to baths, closed off other odd hallways and made them closets. Made similar grommet curtains to hide shelves and I even have my Grandma's small old china cab in my master bath. But I'd never thought to use such a pretty bucket for the toilet brush - genius! Thanks AGAIN for all you share on your fun blog.